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By Thine Eye

Had I waited a few more days it would have been one year and four months since I had acquired any new body modifications. Sitting at the 32 mark for piercings I had almost abandoned my desire for any additions, mainly working on stretching various ear work and my septum for the past year. Flipping through magazines and exploring the wonderful world of piercings across the internet has both captivated me and caused me to fall in love with them all over again. Unfortunately I'm not one for crowding and am particular about the piercings I sport. Many of my ... read more

Loving my new eyebrow piercing

So my name is Tiff and I'm 15 years old.. I've wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was about 13, and I got it about a week ago. I got my belly button pierced when I was 13, and didn't think anything of it.. I actually had to ask him if the needle was through cause there was no pain involved! (love that no pain, great piercing thing) I always get nervous before I get piercings before I go to get it pierced, but I think that happens to everyone. So if you happen to be reading this story nervous ... read more

"I was bleeding all over my eyeball"

This is actually a pretty funny experience. And when I say funny, it's because I trusted the piercer, and was too busy talking to her and messing around that I let her stab me twice. Here's how this happened, I went in, and saw the head honcho of HTC. I don't remember his name at the moment, but he's always there. It was about 8 p.m. and it was sort of an emergency that I got this done. I was getting ready to leave town again, and I wanted something original and not trendy to take back with me from ... read more

Bridges ain't shit but ho's and tricks.

Just kidding! After a week, I've decided that it'd be pretty swell to tell the story of getting my bridge. On the day I decided to get my bridge done, I called my regular piercing lady Stephanie of Too The Point Body Piercing (in Grants Pass, Oregon) to let her know I'd be stopping by to get my bridge done. She informed me that the shop was closed (I was bummed, because I thought I would back out of getting the piercing later) but that she would be having a customer appreciation sale the next day -- all piercings are ... read more

A bridge to far?

Ever since I had my bridge piercing taken out due to hospital regulations I have been dying for another one. The hospital I attended for my operation didn't allow for piercings and so I had had to take all of my piercings out. By the time I was discharged from the hospital the bridge, along with my eyebrow and labret had healed over so I couldn't get the jewelry back in, which was such a shame Fast forward a year on.. I had been thinking of getting a new bridge just because i thought it looked great and was pleased ... read more

My first piercing.

Firstly, let me say that I've been wanting my eyebrow pierced since I was in middle school. Like other piercings I wanted, I figured I'd never get them and they'd be just something I'd always long for, but never actually have. After all, I was deathly afraid of needles and was (well, still am) a total wimp when it comes to pain, especially pain inflicted by needles. But as my 16th birthday approached, I figured I'd get an eyebrow piercing since it was the first piercing I ever took interest in. I heard it was fairly easy and not painful, ... read more

My Eyebrow Piercing

So, I'm 16 years old and not long before I turned 16 I got my helix done. For absolutely ages after that I'd been thinking, well that wasn't so bad, I wondered, hey I wonder if I'd suit any other piercings, so I asked around my friends and got a mixed reaction. Some said no, I don't think you should get anymore, others were like oh yeah, how about your eyebrow, or your lip. I had a huge long think about it, and thought to myself, oh god will I look butch with an eyebrow piercing, will men find me ... read more

First facial piercing- Bridge

I've never been a fan of massive amounts of facial piercings. One or two are nice, but overall I find that if you get too much or cross the line, it doesn't look nice. I didn't think I was going to ever get one until I saw a bridge piercing somewhere. I don't even remember where I saw it; it might have even been this website. So, my cousin, knowing I wanted it done, recommended getting it done at Tattoos and Things II, as they're really cheap and the guy is really nice. I took the bus there on a ... read more

My First Eyebrow Piercing.

Hey guys. I know it's a pretty common piercing these days with it being the "In" thing at the moment, but I thought I'd write about my experience anyway, on accounts of I'm going to be writing about my other piercing's as well. I got my eyebrow pierced about 2-3 years ago, (when I was 17 because I remember having to get a parental consent form) at a place called "Jazz U Up" in Campbelltown, NSW. A nice clean looking place, separate room for piercing, all the usual things you would expect to see in a piercing parlor, except this ... read more

sweet eyebrow piercing

It all started when I was about 11 years old. I loved the look of facial piercings and wanted one REALLLLLLLLLY bad...and everytime I asked my mom, of course she said no and that I could do whatever I wanted when I turned 18. I was pissed. So I kept asking, and asking. After months of begging, and I had to make a longgg list of why she should let me get it pierced, my mom let me get my eyebrow pierced. I had to tell her how it wasn't like I was getting my lip done or something, which ... read more

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