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Nursing School Drop Out

My eyebrow piercing came as a certain celebration. It was a reward to myself so to speak. While I had managed to work around my previous 14 piercings in my first year nursing program, there was no way I could heal a new one or keep a facial piercing, regardless of how badly I was feeling that familiar itch to get poked. I was halfway through my second semester when I decided that I would finish off the program, but that I would choose to drop out and fail the clinical component and switch majors the following year. While I ... read more

my long awaited 2nd piercing.....

I had been wanting to pierce my eyebrow for the longest so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. I had been telling people for the longest that I was gonna do it so I decided I better do it instead of just talking about it. There was a weekend long party at some friends house about 2 weeks after my 20th birthday and I heard there was gonna be a piercer there so I figured then was the chance. On the second day the piercer and his apprentice showed up and I sat around for hours thinking ... read more

My first "real" piercing

My first "real" piercing was my standard eyebrow. I say that is my first real one 'cause I got my ear cartiladge pierced about two years ago, and even 9-year old girls have that. Anyway, I was curious about the world of body modification, and I was eager to get my body modified, not because I wanted to be cool or something, it just felt like it fitted me, I love piercings and tattoos, so why not give it a shot? After all, you can regret a piercing, so I started with a piercing. My parents was a little against ... read more

It Could Have Been Worse

I have always been interested on body modification and piercing but never did I think my parents would actually allow me to have either/or. I finally got the nerve to ask my Mom if she would let me get my eyebrow pierced, and to my surprise, it was a-"Sure I think they're cute." Well after I got over the shock of just getting a yes...I called my sister who also wanted her eyebrow pierced, and bragged about it. My sister especially did not like that fact that I was 14 and allowed to get something pierced, and she was 30 ... read more

A total wimp finally gets an eyebrow piercing

I've always wanted an eyebrow piercing. They became the thing to have when I was in college (over 10 years ago. I know, I'm a wimp!), but I'm from the Southern US, and in my state it was illegal to have tattoo and piercing places. This meant that conditions at these black market places wasn't the best, and it could be downright dangerous to get a piercing. Very unlike here. I'm also a big wuss when it comes to pain. It even hurts to get my hair cut, and tickling me can cause a pain reaction. I'm not exactly the ... read more

To Russia With Love

As an exchange student I am finding out a lot about myself. I have known for a very long time that I am interested in body modification through piercing and tattoos. When I was a baby my parents decided to get my standard lobes done. When I was about 14 I went for the double ear piercing, but it didn't last. When I was 17 I got my belly button pierced as a birthday present from my mother. That was the last piercing I got before leaving the States. I decided not to do anything to my body while I ... read more

They said it would be weird, they were wrong!

Okie dokes, here we go.... It all started a couple of months ago when my parents asked what I was doing for my 16th birthday. Having recently been in a fight and looking to piss them off, I told them I was going to get my lip repierced. I had it done a while ago, but had to take it out. My mom hit the roof, naturally and my dad was surprisingly calm. He said he would be fine with it as long as I didn`t pierce my nipples, but how would ever find out.... So a little while later, ... read more

My first steps at body piercing

When I was a teenager, I didn't know many people that had body piercing, but the few I did know I was envious of. My mom always told me if I ever got my ears pierced she would disown me. When I was about 19 I met this young lady at work that I was attracted to and asked her out. She had several piercing. That was part of the attraction. I secretly hoped that she would introduce me to body piercing and encourage me to get something done. At the very least I hoped I could ask her to ... read more

My Beloved Bridge (R.I.P!)

By the time I was 17 I was already really into piercings. I had my labret done and was simply aching for another hole. Luckily, my father was really supportive about me expressing myself. My mom was less than thrilled, on the other hand. but she always decided to just stay out of it. I had been interested in bridge piercings for a while, but I never thought I had the guts to do it. I was the quiet girl, the unassuming one who people wouldn't expect it from. Maybe that's what attracted me to it most. I kept trying ... read more

My first piercing when I was 13 years old- my eyebrow story

I got my first piercing, besides my ear lobes (which were simply just the norm, what little girls would do to emulate their mothers or older women, for fashion and jewellery), was my eyebrow. I had been wanting it done since I was about in grade four or five when I was first captivated by body mods, seen second handedly through movies where the people were portrayed as these punky rebels sorts. I was intrigued about how they worked, felt, and I loved how they looked, so I started researching. I nagged my parents for years, and when I was ... read more

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