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After much hesitation...

And so the story begins of Sarah and her magnificently, fabulously, amazingly, awesome eyebrow piercing experience. Once upon a hot summer day, after sitting for quite some time watching TV, my mother looks at me and says "Do you still want your eyebrow pierced?" I think my answer was obvious, but I stuck with a simple "Of course" so as not to piss her off and have her change her mind...again. "Get up and put some shoes on." I couldn't believe what I had heard. I looked at her in disbelief as she said "GO! And get your student ID!" ... read more

Mas bonita con mi nuevo piercing

:) Despues de casi un año sin una nueva experiencia tenia la necesidad de hacerme algo bonito, los piercings faciales me parecen de lo mejor, pues depende como los uses embellecen, solo que por mi trabajo se supone no debo traer ninguno, tengo el nostril, pero porque mi jefa tambien tiene y no puede negarnos eso. En una ocasion sali a comprar piercings para mis pezones :D y encontre una pieza muy bonita, en lugar de la tipica bolita o piquito era como un tornillo y la compre, un curve barbell 14 ga, en ese momento no sabia para que ... read more

It made a ripping sound !

It all started when I was in seventh grade. I had always been the kid with piercing's my whole life, until middle school. I pierced my own nose earlier that year and everything turned out fine. I was now ready to focus on a new piercing, when I decided my eyebrow was something I really thought would look good, I asked my mom. It took some convincing but then she gave in. On the night I was to get it done my uncle came with us and we were gonna go to dinner afterwards. Finally Christmas vacation came, which meant ... read more

I feel nakie without my eyebrow

I had wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was about 14, but I knew that convincing my parents to let me get it done wouldn't be an easy task. It took more than a year's worth of nagging and bribing my mom, but eventually she gave in when I promised to remove 9 of my 13 ear piercings and that I wouldn't get any more piercings after my eyebrow. I didn't quite stick to my part of the deal, but that's another story.. My mom had heard that Instinct Adornment was a good place to go to for piercings, so ... read more

Finally! Got my eyebrow pierced!

I'd been considering getting my eyebrow pierced for a long time. I decided it was the right thing since I'd wanted it for a while, thought it would look good, was still acceptable, and -everyone- else was getting their lip or bellybutton pierced. A while ago I searched some stuff about piercings and found BME, I love this site! I read a bunch of stories that gave me confidence and helped me decide that now is when I wanted to get it. I had asked my parents and my dad was fine with it, but my mom wasn't sure, but ... read more

14 years old with an eyebrow ring, sweet

So, when i was fourteen years old, for some reason or another, I decided that it was a good time to introduce my body to piercing. I think it was one of those youthful curiosity things, combined with a little or a lot of a budding "why not" attitude about life. The truly different part to this is that I somehow convinced my mother that an eyebrow piercing was harmless, and that I had a right to do what I wish with my body. I'll tell you, you have to love being raised by hippies. So although she objected to ... read more

Was bracing myself for a world of pain...

Ever since I was first acquainted with a friend and his eyebrow piercing, I'd wanted one of my own. At first I was just kicking the idea around and imagining what I would look like with one in. I started out asking my mother when I was fifteen, just sort of testing the boundaries really. I hadn't really decided to get one done. I'd walked in to plenty of piercing shops with friends and kicked around the idea of going ahead and getting one done without permission, but just figured I didn't want one badly enough. For two years I ... read more

The Turning Point in My Life

So far I have written in and shared a few stories of some of my more recent piercings. This is the story of how it all began, my very first piercing, the eyebrow. I come from a very conservative family so the thought of piercings and tattoos was completely unacceptable. So much so that my mom doesn't even wear earrings because they are unacceptable. So if a woman can't wear simple earrings, you know a guy with an eyebrow ring is out of the question. I have been fascinated by piercings and tattoos for as long as I can remember. ... read more

Needlephobe takes the plunge

I grew up a very "normal" child, always eager to please and to fit in, very shy, very much a follower. I went grunge in high school and started thinking about tattoos, but still never considered anything other than lobes when it came to piercings. At 18 I got my first tattoo, and two more quickly followed. I didn't feel especially different, cool, rebellious or punk--I just felt happy to have artistic expression displayed on my body. I wish more people would realize that those with body modifications aren't usually doing it simply for shock value, they're doing it because ... read more

My Short-Lived Eyebrow

When I first started getting into body piercing, I never really thought about getting my eyebrow pierced. It is certainly one of the more popular piercings, and I go for ones that are a little more unique. I was watching T.V. one night and I saw this guy on there that had his eyebrow pierced, but he didn't have the general 3/8 curved barbell. He had a long barbell, and it looked like it was straight. If you can imagine this picture, it was a normal eyebrow piercing, but there was extra barbell showing down to the corner of his ... read more

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