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My eyebrow

I got my first piercing besides my ears Jan. 3 2005 it was an eyebrow piercing. I'd been asking my mom for a long time to get it done. About every month I'd come up with another way to try to get my mom to take me. Every time I asked she said no. But when my oldest brother got his tongue done my mom had no choice but to say yes. So a month after I turned 15 I went straight to a Sterling Dragon. I wanted a tattoo, but I was under age. I was pissed but I ... read more

Mon premier ''vrai'' piercing

Voilà maintenant longtemps que je désirais un piercing à l'arcade. Depuis l'âge de 12 ans j'avais cette idée qui me trottait dans la tête, mais j'étais beaucoup trop jeune pour m'occuper d'un piercing. Plus le temps passait, et plus l'envie de le faire était grande. Donc, je décidai de passer à l'acte. Mais avant de le faire, je souhaitais passer faire un tour au studio de piercing, histoire de me rassurée et d'en vérifier la propreté. Donc me voilà à l'entrée du petit studio vers la fin de l'après-midi, j'entre et me dirige vers le comptoir, derrière lequel se trouve ... read more

just for a week...

Well for some reason I started to like a lot the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced, I don't remember where I had seen it but it was appealing and I started talking about getting it done with a friend of mine, she told me that she had also had the urge to get it done, which surprised me because shes the kind of person who can't even stand to see a needle but anyway we decided to get it done at the same time. So I started to research a lot about the piercing and asking people who had ... read more

It's about time!

Last year, I got my left nostril pierced and my mom warned me that I wasn't allowed get another piercing for two years. Despite the above condition, I was really interested in eyebrow piercings. I wanted mine done a lot but was unsure if it would suit me. I checked out the cost and the legal age and found out that you could be fifteen with parental consent or sixteen with ID. I am only fifteen and realized I couldn't even sneak off and get it done so I would indeed have to wait until the following year for it. ... read more

The gateway to my piercing addiction.

In the tenth grade, at fifteen years old, I was starting to learn more and more about myself and the way I wanted to look and act. Like many other teenagers, I wanted to stand out in some sort of way. I only had one piercing on each ear and I decided that I needed more. That was the way I was going to show my individuality. The idea of having my eyebrow pierced came to me through my mom. My mom had her eyebrow pierced for the second time(the first time it rejected) and because too many girls at ... read more

My long-lost eyebrow piercing

On December 6, 2004, the day after I turned eighteen years old, I was extremely excited about getting my first facial piercing. I had wanted an eyebrow ring for as long as I could remember, but my parent's would never sign for me to have anything done unless it was an ear piercing. I was finally old enough to have it done by myself, and by God, no one was going to stop me from doing it. This was my day! I met with my friend Rebecca, who had recently had her nose pierced by Chris at Dogstar, and we ... read more

The Tongue That Turned Into An Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

One of my I-AM buddies just had a birthday, so, I decided to give him a birthday present. He'd originally went to someone else for a vertical labret, which had to be taken out. Firstly, it was crooked and secondly, the jewelry that was inserted, was too short. He should have come to me in the first place but hey, we all live and learn, right? I knew that he'd been wanting his tongue pierced for a while and when he had to remove his vertical labret, I felt a little bad for him, so, I offered to pierce his ... read more

My Eyebrow Peircing Experience...

I had thought about getting my eyebrow pierced a few times, but never really seriously because I knew my mother would be really mad about it, so I just assumed I would wait until I move out in a month before I started to seriously consider getting it done. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't already have a lot of piercings, but my mom was never happy about me getting them done, and I knew another facial piercing would be really bad in her books (I already had a nose ring). A couple days ago my friend ... read more

I am a changed person!

I will be honest with everyone, I never had the deep passion for piercing that so many of you have confessed to on BME. I am very much a live for the moment person, and I then find that my love for something grows and grows as time goes on, and this is the same story with my body piercing. I did not want my eyebrow pierced because I thought I was being 'cool' and following fashion, I just wanted to do something rebellious that I have never would have dreamed of doing before. I had always been a sensible, ... read more

Double Left Eyebrow that wasn't

In September 2003 I received my 3rd and 4th piercings with a month, both on my left brow. Both piercing were done by my friend Brian, whom apprenticed at Mouse and Poncho's in Maryland. The first eyebrow took place on the second Saturday in September after a car club meet and before the usual after party. I sat back and relaxed as Brian gathered the supplies together, 16ga hollow needle, 16ga curved barbell, gentian violet, toothpicks, clamps, and of course sterile rubber gloves. I sat in the usual spot as he prepped everything, and people gathered around to watch me ... read more

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