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Horizontal 'Brow Piercing... Más que el miedo a hacerlo...

Hace mucho tiempo que tenía ganas de ponerme un nuevo piercing. He leído que al tener el primero, te haces adicto a ellos, cosa que no creía hasta que me sucedió. Hace alrededor de tres años me hice un piercing en el labio, pero esa es una experiencia que contaré en otra ocasión. Esta, fue mucho más pensada que la otra, y no comenzó el mismo día de la perforación. Sino que varios días antes... Esa fue una semana de locos... Me la llevé pensando desde el día lunes si hacerlo o no... También, averiguando locales y precios por internet, ... read more

Double Brow, the more the merrier!

Well I wanted my right eyebrow pierced twice for a while. I don't remember what made decide to get it, the only thing I do remember is think "I want that so bad!". I live with my dad (parents are divorced) and of course he immediately said no. (he has a huge problem with facial piercings) We fought about it a lot and he never ever agreed to it, so I said I'd get Brenda (my mom, I call her brenda because she did some stuff to make me literally hate her so I didn't think she deserved to be ... read more

My eyebrow piercing (first piercing)

My name is Vasco, I'm fourteen and I live in Portugal in a cool town near the beach called Cascais. I've always liked piercings, but my interest for them was only revealed about one year ago. Before that, I lived with my mom, my sister and my grandparents and they weren't very fond of piercings, though they didn't disapprove them. Last Summer me and my mom moved into a new house and now we live there, just the two of us. About two months ago I got the wish to get a piercing. I started searching on the internet about ... read more

Lucky number, 16!

I've always been obsessed with body modification, mainly piercings. I always get nervous before getting pierced, but the adrenaline rush you get from the needle going through your flesh is like nothing else. I just started school at Brooks Institute of Photography where I get new projects every week. The last project we got was a photo story. You basically have to take photos and play a song that some what relate to each other. The first thing I thought about was taking photographs of tattoos and piercings. So that afternoon I began searching the phone book for local tattoo/ ... read more

I lost a few hairs but it was totally worth it! yeah!!

I have been wanting some kind of piercing since I was about 11. The first time I went to the "Electric Chair" in Huntington Beach I wanted to get pierced. But my dad wouldn't let me get one saying "When you turn 18 you can do anything u want but until then...." Luckily he didn't let me get any because I wouldn't have taken care of them the right way. So I finally turned 18 and about a week after my birthday I got my license. The same day I got my license I went to celebrate by getting my ... read more

First bridge piercing

I'd been contemplating a bridge piercing (known as an erl) for a while; about 6 months or so – I'd seen some pictures in BME and Savage tattoo magazine and thought it looked both pretty and relatively unusual. I also thought that it would suit me, but the one concern I had was that I wear glasses and I wasn't sure if there'd be enough room for the piercing to sit properly against the bridge of my specs. Coupling that with my nearest piercing studio being in Bristol, and my lack of money, I decided to put it off until ... read more

My Piercing Didn't Last

Last July, when I was 13, I decided I wanted to get my belly button pierced, as well as my eyebrow. My mom however did not like the idea of me getting my eyebrow pierced. She hated it and thought it was ugly. I told her I wasn't going to get a ring, but a barbell and that helped make her give in. One day, my sister got into a car accident and wrecked her car. Perfect time to get your mom to blankly say yes . . . right? Well it was. I asked her, and she finally gave ... read more

My first real piercing, my eyebrow!

Figure I might as well give some background information before I tell you about the piercing. I'm fourteen, and all I had pierced before my eyebrow was my ears. My friend Sierra (IAM: ConcreteAngel), is pretty big on body modification though, and she's been bugging me to get an IAM account, so I might as well give this a shot. I've been wanting my eyebrow pierced for quite a while, but I was always afraid of my mom's reaction if I asked her, so I didn't ask. Then, one night, I finally managed to work up the nerve to ask. ... read more

My eyebrow piercing

I always wanted my eyebrow pierced. Ever since I was about 11 years old. I loved the way it looks on anybody, and it was a little more unique then getting your ears pierced or belly button pierced. My mom was absolutely dead set against me getting it. She always told me that when I turn 18 I could get it, figuring that by the time I turned 18 I would be over that whole phaze in my life where I wanted a tattoo and/or piercing. At the time 18 seemed like a long ass time away, but as it ... read more

My Rockin' Eyebrow Piercing

All of this began in May, on my birthday. I don't have many piercings, just two on both ears, so I was going to get my lip pierced as a birthday present. But, when my mom called up to the piercing parlors, they said that I'd have to be at least 15 for them to pierce me. So it seemed as though my dreams were all crushed and that I'd have to wait restlessly for another year to pass in order for me to get my beloved piercing. Three sad months passed by, when I finally brought up the piercing ... read more

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