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A Bridge from the Past to the Future.

Things where changing in my life. My ex-wife and I where not doing so well and we where heading in opposite directions. I decided it was time to spread my wings a little and get a new piercing. I wanted something I had not had before, not something I had taken out and wanted to redo. I decided it was time to pierce my bridge. My trusted piercing parlor was an hour away in Oklahoma City. However a year or so before I had gotten a job working in Oklahoma City and found myself hanging around from time to time ... read more

Piercing in a foreign language

The small word "kas" (pronounced like cash) in Turkish is not really a word I tended to use everyday, but last June, this little word became one I would not forget. What does it mean? Eyebrow. Why would I not forget it? Because I decided to get it pierced. I'd been in Istanbul for a few months, studying Turkish, and somehow the subject of piercing came up in conversation with a Turkish friend. I don't know how and I don't know why, but we ended up promising each other that we would go and get something pierced one day soon. ... read more

I finally earned my devil horns!

I never thought about getting an eyebrow piercing done, but that day I was at the studio, in walked this girl with the most beautiful face. I could not put my finger on it at first, but then I saw it. She had an eyebrow piercing. I never thought that it could bring out so much in a person. I told her what I thought and she was very flattered. I asked her all about her experience and she was more than happy to tell me. It really wasn't new to me, I have my nipples, tongue and hood pierced, ... read more

The Straightest Bridge Piercing I Have Ever Seen.

It was a dark and stormy night, but not really. It was late August 2005 when I decided I wanted my bridge pierced. I had been humming and hawing about it for the past few months, until I found out that there was a two for one sale (get one piercing, get the other free, except for jewelry I think it was) on at Transformations. I decided I needed to take advantage of that since I'm addicted to body mods, so I started asking around within my friends, seeing who else wanted to get pierced (I only had enough money ... read more

Patience pays off with a lovely present.

It seems for as long as I've had facial piercings in (many years at this point) I've been intrigued by the idea of surface facial piercings, in particular the anti-brow or variations on this design. It's beyond me why it's taken me so long to finally do such, I think partially because of the ease of access to other forms of piercing I have adopted as well as this idea that it would be a long drawn out procedure that more than likely would fail. Horror stories are what I was told and what I read the most of, due ... read more


It all started with an infatuation with the fact that I was going to college and could finally get the piercing I had always wanted to get. Namely, an eyebrow ring. I had just moved to New Orleans to begin school and I wanted something to commemorate this new found freedom. I asked around and talked with a few locals, and was steered in the direction of Crescent City Tattoo. I walked into the shop, it is on a fairly popular street, and is an eye catching building with bright blue walls with red letters proclaiming the name. As soon ... read more

My Very First Eyebrow Piercing

I think my story of the first time I got a facial piercing is one to remember forever. I know I'll never forget it, and neither with my mother; none of my family will forget for that matter. Even my friends, to this day, still make fun of me for it! First, I had always wanted a facial piercing done, whether it be my nose, my lip, etc. So one day (or night I should say) I got the bright idea into my head that hey, I should just do it myself like all my friends did! But being the ... read more

Multiple eyebrow

It was a Friday afternoon. I had been hanging out for this for so long. I was so excited that I ran home from school, not caring about the on coming traffic that I just annoyed by running out in the middle of the road. After a lot of car horns and rude gestures I was finally home, ready for my mum to take me downtown to get my eyebrow pierced. Mum and Dad thought I was only getting my eyebrow done, so I kind of got grounded for a while, but it was well worth it. When Mum was ... read more

This is Why I Respect My Piercer

Since I was fourteen I liked the idea of facial piercing. I don't know what started me on the idea, but it has always intrigued me. From the start the three that I wanted were labret, eyebrow, and industrial. The other day I was having a bad day, I won't go into any details because that's not what's important here, but since my bad day happened to fall on a pay day, I decided that a good thing to do would be to get a new piercing. It wasn't my first piercing; I've already got the labret. I knew the ... read more

The Quest of the Piercing of the Flesh of Betweenst Thine Eyes

T'was a recent occurrence, barely three moons have passed since I acquired a new addition to the temple that is my body. I was to visit a piercer of the flesh, a young wench that goes by the name of Gillian. T'were a sunny day, and upon my awakening in the early hours of the morn, husband exclaimed: "Thou hast been pining for new holes, and I shalt travel with thee in my horseless cart to the village of Carlisle, and we shall visit a piercer of the flesh. T'is a day of leisure for thou and I." I was ... read more

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