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Why I am not a standard mom, or daycare provider

I have never considered myself to be an average mom. Yes, I am 33 years old and have 3 children, but I am not the 'leave it to beaver' mom who bakes cookies and takes her kids to story hour at the local library. Though I do home daycare as a job, I have always been a little more 'out there' than most other women my age. I have four tattoos, 7 ear piercings and a high cartilage piercing (that I actually wear earrings in every day!), had a nose piercing in high school until it got infected, listen to ... read more

Watching a needle penatrate my skin...

Hey my name is Jonathan, and I live in Ft. Washington, Maryland. For some time I've wanted to get my bridge pierced, I've had my ears stretched 1/2" and a snakebite done, and I thought that the bridge would match me good. I couldn't imagine it hurting at all, because it is just a chunk of skin. On a Friday afternoon, my brother, our friend Pat, and me went to a place called Exotic Pleasures in Glen Burnie, Maryland. We went in and I told a guy at the desk I was there to get my bridge pierced, and he ... read more

There's a piece of metal in your face!

For about six months prior to my 18th birthday I'd suddenly become obsessed with the idea of piercing my eyebrow. There's just something about it that is appealing, maybe it's the way that a barbell with gems just makes the eye look that much more feminine. But, in my house, the rule is no body piercing until you're of age. No fun! The last three months before my B-day, I did a LOT of research. I checked up on all the studios around my area and went to the website that lists all certified piercers to make sure that my ... read more

my pretty eyebrow

About 2 years ago, I went to my parents with this whole thought out little presentation on why I needed an eyebrow ring. I even had pictures and everything. Well, that didn't work. But my mom figured since we had been arguing lately, that if she gave in finally, my "attitude" would improve. Yeah, okay, sure, whatever as long as I get that piercing. We looked around and I talked to some people and decided that I would go to Squirrelly's Skin Art in Hubbard Pa. They said it would be $60 dollars jewelry and all. So finally the night ... read more

My first facial piercing

Intro I was a couple months away from finishing up grade 11, and for some reason the mood really struck me to get pierced. At this point, I only had my lobes done, so it was pretty out of the blue. I talked to my mom about it, and my choices were septum, or labret, which she, of course, did not agree to. I mulled it over in my head for a while, and one day in the car, "eyebrow" just popped into my head. I'd never thought of it before, and luckily for me, my mom agreed! Back then, ... read more

My Eyebrow Ring

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted my eyebrow pierced. So one day, after I'd just turned 15, I finally asked my mom. I didn't think she would take me seriously, she wasn't the type of mom who would. She hesitated, and after a few random questions, she talked with my step dad. After a little while, they agreed to it, as long as I paid for it. I had a good job at that time, I worked part time at a restaurant, bussing tables. I didn't mind paying sixty dollars, I was getting my eyebrow pierced! ... read more

my bridge piercing

Being someone who's never fit in adequately and loves it, I thought it was about time I got a piercing that didn't really 'fit in'. One that wasn't very common. Having been 15 at the time, it was a bit of a challenge to get my moms permission beforehand. I'd done my nose by myself as well as a few holes in my ears. She decided she better let me get something done professionally before I went and did something dangerous (more so than my nose) myself. I guess it was a bit of a spontaneous decision to get my ... read more

Knowing When to Say When

Back in November of 2004 I got my eyebrow pierced and I thought it was damn near the coolest thing ever. What could be more awesome than a 16g barbell through my eyebrow? Looking back however, there's a lot of better things. Trust me. Welcome to the adventures of rise and fall of my 'beloved' eyebrow piercing. It all started one rainy November day. Nothing too special, just another Ohio day. I'd been lusting over the idea of getting another facial piercing to go along with my nostril piercing, and since I work in somewhat of a conservative, family oriented ... read more

Dirty South Bridge Piercing

Dirty South Bridge Piercing So it was May of 2005 when I finally decided what my first piercing was going to be, my bridge. It took me a good few months of research and thinking. I was considering getting my bridge, septum or lip pierced. I decided that my septum wouldn't bee a good choice for me mainly because my girlfriend had a 4 gauge septum, and me being the macho guy that I am, I wasn't about to have my first piercing be the same as my girlfriends, and at a smaller gauge too for that matter. And as ... read more

2nd stab at my eyebrow

For many years I had longed to have my eyebrow pierced. My first attempt at it came earlier this year (March 2005). I had my left eyebrow pierced and wore a 20 gauge CBR in it. I was soon to learn that this was way too small a gauge for any piercing, and any reputable piercer should know otherwise. Live and learn I guess. That particular piercing only lasted a nasty, puss-filled, 3 weeks before I removed it due to it beginning to reject as a result of the jewellery being way too small. Fast forward to Wednesday of last ... read more

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