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Here's a Story, of an Anti Eyebrow!

To begin this chapter in my epic piercing escapades, I will start off with a little of my piercing history (chronologically), I don't know if that's interesting or not, but hopefully it will be. It all began when I was four, of course I got my ear lobes pierced about five times because I couldn't take care of them properly back in my youngin' days (now stretched to an 8 gauge), from then on I've had four navel piercings, two industrials, one tongue ring, and my very favorite and brand spanking new, my anti eyebrow (vertical). About two weeks or ... read more

From tongue frenulum to trinities

I am a mad piercing fanatic. I just can't have enough. So I went to the city one day wanting to get my tongue frenulum pierced. I'd heard at uni one of my friends, friends, boyfriends' cousin (or the like) got it done and since I already had my tongue pierced regularly I thought it would be a good idea. Think you clicked on the wrong thing?? Anti-eyebrows not tongue frenulums?? I will explain... So here I was in The Piercing Shop waiting for a consultation and Lynette Rose comes out and starts talking to me. "I hear you want ... read more


Mid-November of 2005 I was visiting my cousin in Wisconsin. I am from Jersey and had never flown before, so flying alone and for the first time was quite a trip. I got there on a Wednesday and left on a Sunday. Saturday night, I had decided I wanted to do something a little crazy before I left, to remember the trip and all the fun times we had. I had always wanted my eyebrow done, but the glamour of a tongue ring distracted me from it. I had eventually come to terms with not ever getting my tongue done ... read more

15 and ready to be pierced

When I turned 15 I desperately wanted my belly button pierced. I pleaded and begged for days on end, finally I had given up. When later it came to me to ask for an eyebrow piercing, why would I ask for a piercing on my face when they wouldn't let me get one in a place that wasn't noticeable? I don't know my reasoning, I had wanted one, but figured my chances with the belly button were better. I asked my mom first, she has no problem with piercings of any sort, "No problem, I think they look cool, ask ... read more

The bar underneath my skin.

I always doubted whether I could pull off a surface piercing. They seemed something only the 'hardcore' piercing enthusiasts could get away with, and I honestly didn't think I could heal one. But over time, as I browsed BME month after month, accumulating piercing after piercing and reading experience after experience, I fell in love with anti-eyebrow piercings. I spent the next month or so pinching my cheek every so often, pondering this piercing possibility. It seemed a crazy idea, me, with a surface piercing? On my face? Visible scarring if it rejected? But after reading every experience I could ... read more

My personal eyebrow piercing

My experience happened when I was 13. Pretty young I must say ( or what you're thinking ), I've looked around BME and I know that the people located on this site are older. No matter the age I like to promote getting piercings. My own experiences of being pierced have mostly been done by myself, starting from the age of around 11 I'm guessing. I currently have 3 piercings, but at one time I had 12 ( ears x 6, eyebrow x 2, lip x 2, sternum, navel ). I've only had I'm sure 2 professional piercings, but I'm ... read more

My first piercing, an eyebrow - lookin' good!

For a while now, I've been considering getting a piercing. I wasn't really sure what to get, but after looking at the eyebrow galleries on BME, I knew just what I wanted - nothing too fancy, just a plain barbell through my eyebrow. So when I learn a bunch of friends are all going in to have assorted things pierced, I decided to join them. I made a point of telling everyone what I planned to do, so I didn't have the choice to back out! Several days later, after visiting numerous banks since they don't take debit, we walk ... read more

My first piercing ever. Intimidating? A little.

About a year and a half ago I decided I wanted a piercing. I'm not sure why I just HAD to have one but I did. I had been to a few concerts and seen some piercings around, and I just decided that people looked more beautiful sometimes with a piece of metal adorning their body. I decided right away that I wanted my tongue pierced. Well my mother quickly put my dreams of a tongue piercing in the trash-can. She said there was too much of a risk of an infection. I am allergic to all but two antibiotics ... read more

It Didn't Even Hurt!!

I had wanted to get something pierced for the absolute longest time...my boyfriend has his lip pierced and all I had was my ears. My mom is what you would call "conservative and protective" so I did not really have many options. I really wanted to get a ring in my nostril, but my mom would have none of that, so we worked out a deal that if I got just a tiny little stud in my nose, I could get my eyebrow pierced as well. I did not really think that I would look that great on me because ... read more

My first step into body modification

Since I don't know where to start from, I'll just say that I was fascinated by strange-looking people since I can remember. I admit,it was influenced by the media in the beginning. You know, seeing some "kewl" bands on TV having a piercing or two on their faces. And they look so great,you like them so much, it just starts welling up inside,the desire to become what inspires you,to be something you admire. I remember I used to listen to a band called Mudvayne a lot.Their vocalist had a ring in his eyebrow,and there was something in that ring that ... read more

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