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Rewarding Myself

I have wanted to get a facial piercing since I began getting modded around two years ago, but it never seemed to happen. In the weeks leading up to getting my eyebrow pierced I gained a job at West, a telemarketing company. The training was 5 weeks long, involved getting up at an ungodly hour and was the most boring thing that I had ever been through. In fact, training was so boring that I managed to write almost 100 pages of a pen and paper role-playing game that I have been working on. I promised myself the moment that ... read more

The eagerly awaited Earl/Bridge

At the time being I have 15 piercings, with the Earl being the newest one. Piercings has become one of my many one true loves since I got my first piercings done (the day I turned 18) in 2004. Just as the title says, this piercing was eagerly awaited, the thing that kept me from doing it was the fact that I started to wonder, "Will this look good on me? Will it be to much?". I have no idea when I decided that I wanted one in the first place, but I do know that last tuesday (February 28, ... read more

My first "real" piercing.

Ever since I got my nostril pierced nearly two years ago, I have been completely obsessed with piercings. Last year, a friend said if I really want to check them out, to go to BME. He gave me the URL for it, and I immediately went to check it out. After a couple months, getting something slipped my mind. About two months ago, my friend and I got talking about piercing during class. She was saying how she had pierced her lobe last night, and my obsession returned. That night, I went back on BME and flicked through the pictures. ... read more

My Eyebrow

Ever since I started watching WWF (now WWE) when I was a young preteen girl, I've wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. Which wrestler was I crazy about? Yep. He was The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman... or, the Dead-Sexiest-Man-Alive as I liked to call him. I had to have been about 11 or 12, and I not only fell in love with him, but there was just something about a barbell through the eyebrow that, as I like to say, 'made my loins tingle.' It didn't stop there. Between the ages of 16 and now, I heard an Evanescence ... read more

Virgin Thirsts for More

I have been talking about getting a piercing (other than my ears) for a couple of years now, but never figured that I would actually do it. I went with a friend of mine to Skinworks in Monroe, but I chickened out when it came time to do the actual piercing. Plus, I hadn't actually put much in to where I was going to get the piercing anyway. Now to sit down and think this over - where do I get the piercing??? My boyfriend suggested I investigate on BMEzine since he has been lurking here for the past 5 ... read more

the piercing I had long awaited

I had considered getting my eyebrow pierced from the time I was thirteen years old. I had seen many people with this piercing and I found it really cool looking. I had been debating between the tongue, the lip and the eyebrow for some time, and decided I did not want any piercing near or in my mouth. I looked at the different piercing related to the eyebrow: the vertical, the regular, the ring, and the anti-eyebrow piercing. The ring became my final decision. A friend had told me that her sister got the barbell and it pulled itself out ... read more

My double piercing experience

Well to start off, I'm 19 now but I was only just 18 when I got my eyebrow pierced. Before I got it done, I had no facial piercings at all. The only piercings I had were in my ear lobes and I'd only had them done about 1 and half earlier because when I was younger I had my ears pierced and used those cheap plastic backing earrings (big mistake) I left them in overnight and woke up to find one of the backing's and gone into my ear lobe, yes literally into my ear lobe and I had ... read more

Coming of Age with a Bridge

Since middle school I have wanted a bridge. I think I first saw it on my friend's poster plastered wall. I never told anyone that I wanted it, but secretly I longed for it. I drew (crappy) self portraits of my older self with that piercing and hid them from the world, but day by day my wish took seed and grew. As time went by, my life changed in ways I could have never imagined. I was growing up and taking responsibility for my life. I was able to confront my mother and tell her that I no longer ... read more

Mapping the Face

I've been through enormous changes in the past year, and I've been without modification for that same length of time - moving temporarily to the US from Canada and living on a small stipend doesn't allow for a lot of extra 'movement' when it comes to financial shuffling, and I couldn't justify living on bread and water for a month in order to get the ink or piercing I craved. And then, late in January, the Alberta government finally mailed four hundred dollars to each and every one of its citizens. Mine mostly went towards food and other household supplies, ... read more

The Little Earl That Couldn't

The little earl that couldn't Back at the end of July last year I got my bridge pierced at Cold Steel in Camden. As I reported in the original experience I had no problems with it; after three weeks of healing there was no swelling, no redness and only a small bit of crustiness, caused by lymph from the then-healing piercing. In fact there had been no swelling at all, which surprised me somewhat as the bar that Julie had originally put in was a pretty long one (18mm I think) because it is a piercing that swells a lot. ... read more

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