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My very first piercing.

I made plans to spend a weekend during spring break with a couple friends. We were going to go with one of my friends, Cassi, when she got her new tattoo. She offered to pay for my other friend, Dave (her cousin), if he got something too. So he decided to get something as well. I don't happen to think having somebody offer to pay is a good reason for a mod, but hey, it's his body. Anyway, I have always been interested in body modification, and I wanted to get something. Now, quite obviously wanting to do something and ... read more

I was expecting more than that!

I've been into piercings for approximately 7 years now & I'll only be 17 in July. I got my nose pierced in March 2005 and have since gotten 6 others, including the one I'm writing about here. I had the money for about two weeks,and was considering/wanting my eyebrows/an eyebrow done for a long time.So when my Mom told me she would take me to get it pierced Easter Monday 2006 (04/17/06), I got excited and immediately got nervous. Why after 6 piercings? Who knows, but I got nervous. At around 8:00 PM I decided it was time to go ... read more

The long awaited eyebrow ring.

I'm going to start this experience by saying, what I did wasn't exactly the right thing to do but, I am a very impatient woman and I hate to wait for things. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to have my eyebrow or my nose pierced. I saw my sister's friends with piercings and I thought "I want those things!". I've had my dumb points where I pierced my lip or my ear with a safety pin(not a bright idea). I got over that faze after my first piercing experience in a shop(my navel). Of course, ... read more

One quick, painless, eyebrow piercing

For a while know I have been quite interested in body modification especially different types of piercing, also with my cousin having 8 herself including her Eyebrow, labret, lip, industrial and tongue and a few other ear piercings I spoke to her about them and asked a lot of questions. After that talk I made up my mind... I just had to get one, either my labret or eyebrow But there would be one problem, my mum! At first she kept saying no but I spoke with my Aunty and she convinced my mum to let me get my eyebrow ... read more

finalmente mi primer verdadero piercing

Hace bastante que me keria hacer un piercing y dejarmelo.. siempre me habia perforado por mi cuenta, desde el labio al tragus, la nariz, el ombligo, la oreja y los pezones.. Pero el piercing en la ceja me lo keria poner para tenerlo con migo.. empeze a pensar seriamente en el cuando hablando con una compañera del colegio descubrimos que ese piercing nos gustaba a los dos.. y que teniamos q ir, cuando terminaramos de cursar, a hacernolos.. Antes de decidirnos por el piercing habiamos pensado en un tatuaje.. pero la idea de tener algo indeleble en la piel no ... read more


I'll try and keep this short and simple. The bridge piercing was one that I had lusted over for a dreadfully long time, so when I finally decided to take the plunge I was pretty psyched. I looked around on websites, and got the opinions of others, and thought yep...this is the one. I had done a bit of research, regarding the place I actually wanted to get pierced. I popped in and visited their studio. It was bright, clean and the staff seemed very friendly. Unfortunately they weren't available to pierce me till a later date. This was a ... read more

My Beautiful Bridge

At about 15, I started to really like the different piercing I saw in magazines and on the internet. I believe the first one I wanted was the tops of my ears, and my mom said no. So out of anger, I pierced my ears 16 times one night. That night I discovered that I absolutely loved the feeling of the needle. So after much contemplation of what my first real 'hardcore' piercing was going to be, I decided I wanted my bridge pierced. Again I asked my mom if I could get it done, and she said not until ... read more

She used a nail to pierce my eyebrow and it healed fine.

For the past couple of months I had been researching about getting my eyebrow pierced (mostly on bmezine and asking around people on myspace who had it done). I was looking around at pictures, etc. I decided it looked really nice, and something my parents might actually accept, unlike my other body mods. Since I'm out of work, I figured i'd just get it done when ever I got money. Until one afternoon my friend Kristin and I were sitting around my friends house. She was telling me how she recently pierced her own eyebrow without any problems. It always ... read more

Rewarding Myself

I have wanted to get a facial piercing since I began getting modded around two years ago, but it never seemed to happen. In the weeks leading up to getting my eyebrow pierced I gained a job at West, a telemarketing company. The training was 5 weeks long, involved getting up at an ungodly hour and was the most boring thing that I had ever been through. In fact, training was so boring that I managed to write almost 100 pages of a pen and paper role-playing game that I have been working on. I promised myself the moment that ... read more

My lovely eyebrow...

When I was a little girl, I wasn't interested in piercings. My family, especially grandparents and aunts, always told me about the nice earrings they would get for me if I had piercings. I simply refused until I was about 11. Finally, in fifth grade, I got my cartilage done, and in middle school my lobes. Around age 16, body piercings started to interest me. I started dating someone who had gauged ears, and used to have a tongue piercing, and it sparked my interest. My parents, although I pointed out that plenty of people have safe tongue piercings, wouldn't ... read more

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