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The rise and fall of my anti eyebrow.

For the longest time Ive been facinated with the anti eyebrow piercing.I saw it while going through my piercers portfolio and fell in love. It even looked amazing bloody and bruised. growing up in a piercing shop I grew up getting pierced at 12 starting with my lip. My dad was good friends with the owner of the shop, and it became my favorite place to hang out, all the artists were used to seeing me hanging out there once and a while and I because close with many of them. I finally decided to get an anti eyebrow piercing ... read more

Lucky 13

Here I am, with a shitfaced grin, a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol, a piercing needle, and an eyebrow ring. No, I am not drunk, the shitfaced grin is just in anticipation of what I am about to do. I have brushed my teeth, drank a bunch of water, eaten, washed my whole face with rubbing alcohol, put the kid I was babysitting to bed, and sat here reading about the supraorbital nerve (the nerve that is the reason that countless web pages and people and such say don't pierce your eyebrow unless you're a trained professional, cause if you ... read more

Shopping around is always good!

The other day I went out in search of a good shop to get my inner conch punched here locally in Humboldt, California. I stopped at four shops around town and out of town, none of which would do the piercing because it is illegal here in California to use punch's. So I continued my search and finally found Primal Decor, the best shop in town. Here I ended up deciding on getting two anti-eyebrows since the punch was out of the question. The shop was clean, well organized, a member of the APP, and all sterilization techniques were well ... read more

Horizontal bridge

I've always loved the look of a bridge piercing, but it was never one on my 'list'. I hadn't really considered that it could be for me, being such a prominent facial piercing. I have had a good number of piercings but nothing prominent facially; 18g nostrils are barely noticeable and a septum can be totally hidden – which is why this experience was a significant step for me. I don't know what brought on the itch but one night I lay awake thinking about bridge piercings – and I started wondering whether it could be for me. By the ... read more

I Recommend; Eyebrow Piercing.

Okay so about 6 month back I was trying my best to persuade my mom and dad to let me get my tongue pierced. After weeks of moaning and pleading they finally gave in and said yes.. Take note that I am only THIRTEEN. Anyway, more weeks past and I was on YouTube and Google searching questions that might tell me how much it hurt and how to look after it. A few months past and after looking at everything to do with tongue piercings I eventually knew, how they did it, how to look after it, how to change ... read more

My beautiful original, but cranky anti eyebrow.

For the longest time I was obsessed with anti eyebrow piercings. I saw one on BME when I was 13, I was young and wanted a lip piercing really bad, and saw a girl with an anti eyebrow piercing. I had NEVER seen them before and I thought it was gorgeous, very feminine, and best of all original. Now a days, when you are young and surrounded with teenage girls and dramatic boys, its hard to be original when they want all the attention. My dad built a shop for a tattoo shop he used to work at before it ... read more

My Anti-Eyebrow

Last December I got really mad at my mother and decided to get a piercing, because I knew it would piss her off. I didn't want to get something typical or something that she'd like, like a nose piercing, so my friend suggested that i get my anti-eyebrow. I researched it and decided that it was the one I wanted. I went to Transformations to get it done because people say they're really clean and good, but when I went they refused to give me my piercing. I wanted something really bad so I settled with my monroe. I had ... read more

My First Piercing

Ever since I was thirteen, I had a strong desire to get my eyebrow pierced. All the people I noticed with this piercing really seemed to stand out in my mind. The piercing gave them a sense of individuality, in my eyes. I never thought to even bother asking my parents at this age, because I knew their answer would be 'no'. After letting a year or two go by, I finally decided to try asking. Of course their answer was 'no', but I never gave it up. I continuously asked and begged, daily, until one day my mom finally ... read more

Lovely eyebrow piercing

My friend Vicky has wanted to be a piercer for as long as I could remember. Back in 8th grade she started piercing herself. Over the years she started piercing more and more people. She then went on to pierce her friends. One of those friends happen to be me. One day Vicky came over and like any other time, we end up getting a piercing. We were thinking about it and she decided she wanted her eyebrow pierced. We weren't completely stupid with it. We did sterilize the needle and the rings with rubbing alcohol. Piercing yourself is not ... read more

Excellent first time experience - Eyebrow piercing.

I went to have my eyebrow pierced in Manchester the day before my fifteenth birthday. To make sure I got it done, and to save trouble and arguing (probably ending up with me getting kicked out because I can be pretty violent) I took my mum. I warn you, "Holier than thou," another piercing studio in the centre of Manchester, do not pierce under sixteens due to company policy, its not illegal they just like to be awkward. So, because of this, I had to walk to Afflecks Palace around the corner. I had looked up videos of people getting ... read more

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