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Piercing With Safety Pins

here it is. This is my at home piercing experience. I pierced my nose at home with a safety pin back in May of '98. So by the time the new school year rolled around in August I felt it was time for another one. I had always wanted my eyebrow pierced anyway. So here I was sitting in my bedroom looking in the mirror depressed as hell. I was listening to something that made me remember things I try not to. Then I got to thinking now's a better time than any to pierce my eyebrow. I found a ... read more

My new *favorite* body part!

started a few weeks ago while chatting with some friends online who were planning on coming and visiting me from Michigan. I had mentioned that I found a couple of tattoo places in the city in which we would be spending the majority of our time. They were extremely excited about the concept of getting inked and I was excited about maybe getting a piercing since I already have 3 tattoos. I also once had my tongue pierced back in April but I didn't like it much plus my parents just about died when I told them about it, so ... read more

my eyebrow peircing experience

llow my self to introduce.. well um my self ummm im 14 years old from framinghm mass and ummmmmm ya whatever. n e ways today i got my eyebrow peirced and like i had really wanted it done for at least 1 1/2 2 years and i finally convinced my parents to bring me to get it done. well heres the story. i woke up this morining round ten (probably the earliest ive gotten up this summer) and got ready cause i had to go to work later so my mom says to me " do u wanna get your ... read more

brow experience

there... I have been considering getting my brow pierced for what seems like a life time. But I have just moved to London from Australia and my ex girlfriend in oz wanted me to get my brow done before leaving the country.. and so did I... But I was concerned with what customs or immigration might think and if it would cause problems in entering the country.. so I piked it.. So now I have been in London for 8 months now and the thought of getting it done has never left my mind. My new girl friend also wanted ... read more

My piercing experiences

ays wanted to get a piercing I got my ears done when I was 6 but that wasn't all that great. when I was like 12 I wanted my nose done. But then for some reason I changed my mind. So a year later a friend of mine showed up with a eyebrow ring and I thought it was the coolest thing. So I begged my mom for awhile and she said no. I stopped begging her for a couple months. Then I brought the subject up again. Finally after six months of consant nagging she said yes. So I ... read more

My "illegal" eyebrow piercing

been wanting to get tattooed for a long time but my problem is that I want it now but will not want it when I am a grandmother(I don't have kids now, but maybe one day...)So I have been hesitant to do it. The people I have talked to say "You can always have it removed later." Sha! I heard that lasering it off hurts worse than having it put on. So getting my eyebrow pierced was the solution.I had talking to the girls that I work with(I work for a bank) the week before I went on vacation and ... read more

My brow piercing!!!

thought about getting an eyebrow ring ever since I saw Elka get hers done on Real World Boston. My only other piercings are my ears, but I really liked the way the eyebrow rings looked on people. I finally decided to get serious about it and I began my research into it right here on this site!! I learned so much from reading what others had to say that I was completely ready to have my eyebrow pierced. My friends thought it was a great idea and having no boyfriend, I didn't have to worry about what he would think. ... read more

Eyebrow piercing at 17

o start this off I was going down to toronto with my friend, so that he could get his dick pierced, which I thought was cool but I couldn't get over the thought of the pain of it. On the trip down it was a bunch of friends together getting all excited that he was getting his dick pierced, we live about 2-3 hours north of toronto so it was a pretty good road trip we had going for ourselves. So we get to toronto and we get lost, so about an hour later we finally find the road where ... read more

at-home eyebrow

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990801/eyeathom.html"> I've been wanting to have my eyebrow pierced for quite a while. I was worried about what bosses would think, the pain, etc. I have my tragus pierced and I have four tattoos, but I was still afraid of the pain involved in piercing my eyebrow. I met a friend here in town who pierces just out of his home, not his main source of income. His wife has a pierced brow and I asked her a million questions. I decided to do it and asked a friend to go with me. She said sure, since she'd ... read more


ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990801/eye14.html"> When I was 12 I was looking on the net and found BME. I went to their eyebrow piercings and instantly wanted one. After about a year (I was 13) it was a couple months 'till my 14th b-day. I decided to ask my mom for an eyebrow piercing for my birthday. After 60 long days of trying to convince her with helpful information from bme she finally agreed. I was almost finished with jr. high so i decided to wait 'till summer. Finally on May 27 1999, the last day of school, we went to a ... read more

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