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Experience of A Lifetime

iend Deserey and I were in Florida thanks to a graduation gift from her parents. I had been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for as long as I can remember and she wanted to get her belly button done! We decided, what better time to have it done than when we're in Florida on vacation. That Thursday night we arrived in Cocoa Beach. That night, Deserey and I looked up all the body piercing and tattoo places in the area. Melbourne was the closest town that had more than one shop so we thought we would call them Friday ... read more

Stupid People Do Exsist!

I had been wanting my eyebrow for about 3 months before I actually had it. My parents were always uptight about that sort of thing, but thankfully they like the idea that I like to express myself. So about 3 months before my 14th birthday (Oct. 5th) I brought it up to them. Of course, as any other parent would say, the answer was "no".. at first. Over the next few months I drilled it in that it was all I ever wanted in my whole life and if they didn't let me then they'd be supressing me as modern-day ... read more

my first hole in my head

6/m and this is my story (wow that felt like i was on the real world)well i wasnt really planning on getting my eyebrow pierced but i got bored one day and i wanted to go with my brother who was gonna go to a piercing shop to get his tongue pierced but when we got there, some guy was getting his eyebrow done and it looked really cool and he was into it (plus his girl was there and she was really hot)so i was like really into it after seeing him for one or two sec. i mean ... read more

Pierced in New Orleans

5 years old. This piercing was something I've waited a lifetime to do. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted it and how I wanted it done. I was a little jittery because most of my family thinks I'm an idiot anyway, this would only confirm their suspicions. I wasn't at that time even sure how to choose some one to do the piercing for me. I wasn't aware that most of the tattoo shops started to specialize in piercing. A local shop called Ultimate Ink hadn't been opened to long, but I did get one of my larger ... read more

Happy eye-brow girl

first let me tell you I am 14 years old and a female and I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for the longest time , I seen people that had it done and I LOVED it, everyone was saying I don't like it and it would look stupid and all that other non-sense, but of course if you knew me that would encourage me MORE ! I mean im the type of person when people hate things I do it on purpose, I asked my mom like when I first start noticing it and liking it alot and she said ... read more

hiding my brow piercing

i was in the very funky room of my best friends house on a friday night with no parents and about 5 other people.I was bored and had always craved an eyebrow ring,i was also feeling very up to it. i totally had my mind set on it looking wicked in the end and never thought about hitting a nerve,but i excitedly grabbed a saftey pin,sterilized the pin and where i wanted to make the peircing and told everyone that i was gonna do it,they all thought i was crazy!..being the chicken shit i am and how i HATE pain ... read more

hmm... interesting...

ummer, i decided to get my eyebrow pierced for shits and giggles.... i was visiting in boise, and my boyfriend had come to see me the weekend i got there. i told him i had an appointment to go visit patrick, my piercer, the day after he arrived. he was surprised but pretty excited. me, on the other hand.... i hate making appointments... the anticipation kills me! =) so, the fateful saturday arrived. we went to caliente and patrick was waiting for me, with a selection of jewelry to choose from. i wasn't sure as to what i wanted, but ... read more

A needle-wouss gets an eyebrow piercing

were a Spice Girl, I'd be dubbed "Woussy Spice". I have way too many fears for my own good, and one of them is needles. However, I've always wanted to get some sort of a piercing (besides my ears-even I can handle that). I think that in many ways body piercing can be very attractive. I'm not a big fan of the really wierd piercings, though. To me, an example of a "wierd" piercing would be pocketing or plugs. Besides those, I think most of it can look really cool. So, of course with this opinion you would wonder why ... read more

My eyebrow piercing experience

7 year old male and living in Finland. I was one day in Helsinki (which is capital city of Finland) with my friend, he wanted to get his septum pierced, so we headed to piercing place called Harness and we noticed that the piercer was Yazka, she is quite well known in Finland, seen her on TV and so on. Well after my friends septum was done (he looks like a bull, no offence :) I got hitten by a piercing bug, i wanted my eyebrow pierced and some spike/barbell to it. Well we left after my friend was done, ... read more

eyebrow at home

two months ago, I was looking for a web site about body piercing, because at the time, I wanted my navel pierced. I had seen a really cool looking one on a really good looking girl earlier that week. Somehow I came across BME and realized that that is not the only piercing that a whole bunch of people have. I stayed up all night looking through probablly every photo gallery in amazement. I saw some really cool stuff, but I thought the coolest one overall was still the navel piercing. Being stupid me, I went and found a saftey ... read more

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