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Life Goal #7 Fulfilled!

e been waiting for months to get my eyebrow done. I finally arrived at college in August, and decided it was the perfect time. I found a very safe, very clean place in downtown Washington. I gathered some people who also wanted to get pierced or tattooed that day for some moral support. So my roommate and 2 friends came along, with my roommate planning to get pierced (she didn't, but she will on Sun.) Anyway, I was really nervous about pain. I've read other people's accounts about how it doesn't hurt and thought "yeah right". Then the piercer told ... read more

no, it didn't freakin hurt, now stop asking me

t know when i decided i wanted my eyebrow pierced. Ever since i first saw it on some chick in the mall. There's just something about getting metal put through one's face that intrigues me. Ever since i got it done, i've wanted more. I'm a really big non-conformist and this seems like the way to express that. "if god wanted us to have metal in our faces,we would have been born that way". thats why i got it done. it goes against family values and organized religion. you don't see it on everyone everyday. I'm not gonna stop with ... read more

My eyebrow Obsession

where should I start. I'm 17 years old and from CT (which sucks because you have to be 18 to get a piercing, unless you have permission from a parent). I have an ongoing obsession with eyebrows...mine are virtually perfect and it drives me nuts even if one hair is out of place. So I decided to make them look fancy and get a silver ring in one of them. The only problem was convincing my mother to sign for me. My mom is very cool for her age but she is perplexed by the whole piercing thing. She doesn't ... read more

eyebrow ring for a day

I had pierced my ears myself a couple of years ago and it wasn't too bad at all, and I decided it would be cool to give myself a lip ring for my sixteenth birthday. I figured I could save money by doing it myself, which was NOT a good idea, so I got all ready and sterilized the needle (as best I could) and tried to just poke it through my bottom lip. I was going to call a couple of my friends to help me because they said they wanted to, but it was about 1:00 a.m. when ... read more

for a Friday the 13th. Piercing! it was aight!

'll start by saying i'm 20/male , this is my fifth piercing the other ones r on both my ear lobes , and i was really spooked by the fact of the pinch and all that(Don't let this be a obstacle 4 u , this piercing doesn't hurt)....... I was planning this by some long time , but the fact i was working i couldn't get it done. But by august 6 i was fired out of my job because the company i worked for closed. I said to myself the time has come, this is your opportunity and college ... read more

My eyebrow piercing experience at 13!

to start off, I've wanted my eybrow pierced for THE longest time! I would beg and beg and beg, but my Mom would never give in. Finally one day about a month ago I brought it up at the dinner table and had a big argument about it. So obviously the answer was NO in my Moms words. My Dad had no problem with it. So one day I covinced my aunt to talk her into letting me get it done...when I was 14. My Mom said OK, but when I was 14. So one day me and my Dad ... read more

My lucky lip piercing experience

e is Chris Jekyl (my DJ name). I live in Cannock in the middle of the UK. I am a student at Stafford college studying Media, and I'm also a DJ and play at local underground parties. I had had my eyebrow pierced (with a ring) about a year and a half before deciding that I wanted some more silverware. I was slightly nervous, because before I got my eyebrow done I had heard from others it was non-painful, simple procedure. But this time round, I didn't know anyone with there lip pierced, so I didn't know what to expect. ... read more

.phenobarbidoll's. fun fun fun 15th birthday present!

ty, yes, thats right. I finally got it done. After about 2 years of begging, I got it done. I got my eyebrow pierced. WOO! CHEER! okay, anyways. To the story. Y'see, I have been wanting an eyebrow piercing for god knows how long. surely, there's other piercings I have been wanting for a while, but nonetheless, I'll take what I can get. Sooo..after much begging, and sucking up to mi mum, she finally decided, yes, surely. She was really paranoid about cleanlisness and everything, and I was too, i don't exactly think a swollen eyebrow is very attractive. I ... read more


ed to get my eyebrow pierced because I thought it looked really cool. When I asked my mom if I could get it done (I am 15) she was shocked. This is because I am what most people consider a prep and this is something that no one would expect me to do (part of why I wanted to do it) You see I have always looked the same. I am going to be a junior in this year and I wanted something different. My grandmother almost had a heart attack after I told her. Next week I am going ... read more

a little conservative

never considered myself really into body mod. I liked what I saw on other people but never considered it on myself. I didn't have the interest really nor the funds. I mean I had my ear pierced when I was about 12. Kinda young for a guy. I was 18 before I got my next piecing. I was surprised to hear how young some people are when they get professional pierced. Good shops won't pierce minors for a few reasons. Of course there is the parent issue. My parents weren't exactly happy with the idea of body mod. Also cities ... read more

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