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Getting my brow done at 12!!!

Okay well I'll start by telling you about me. I'm 12/f from ont. and just about an hour ago I got my eyebrow pierced. It's Oct.11th. I decided on getting my brow pierced because when I got my cartilage done last November everyone liked it and say there going to get it done but so far only one person has. I like being an original I dress tacky and do my hair wierd and stuff. I actually wanted and still want my navel done but thought that it wouldn't be such a great Idea since I'm a swimmer. I was ... read more

I pierces it myself, and it was easy!

well I had never really been interested in body piercing until one day about a year ago I saw a college student get off the bus with his eyebrow pierced. It had to be a 14 or 16 guage barbell, I thought it looked so cool, he didn't look like a freak with it either, it looked really good. So recently I stumbeled across BME and was immidiatly interested in eyebrow piercing again.I read through ALL of the eyebrow piercing write-ups (just like you are doing now) and after reading them all I though, why have someone else jam a ... read more

Piercing, running, and endorphins

a couple of days ago, I got my eyebrow pierced--FINALLY. I've been wanting to get it peirced for a long, long time, but for some reason I kept wussing out, finding some kind of excuse not to get it done (parent disapproval, work disapproval, friends disapproval, lack of money, the fact that my eyebrows aren't very long, etc). I decided to finally get pierced after meeting a girl who had all these piercings, among them, these awesome bridge piercings, one vertical and one horizontal. Having been inspired, I felt that it was time to stop the bullshitting and get it ... read more

YES!! i did it myself!

e goes. I have my ears pierced 3 times and my nose done. I did them all myself. Well, after having just those for a little while, i got, well, kinda bored. So i decided to give myself another piercing. I thought about it alot as to where i'd pierce myself again but couldn't decide. Well, one day, i had got in an argument with my sister and i was pretty mad. Since i was so mad, i thought i'd relive some of my anger by piercing myself. So i went to the bathroom and got out my safety pin ... read more

Double Eyebrow Puncture

g that my first 'brow piercing was in the process of rejecting, I decided to get the other 'brow done as well. To make things interesting, I figured I'd make this one a double. My ex came along as the official photographer - not a practice normally tolerated by piercers, but we got special permission coz it was for some art school project he was doing. I decided on two SSS 16ga CBR's (how original), and we all headed upstairs to the piercing room. En route I warned Vanessa that she was gonna have to be patient since I was ... read more

Celestial's Eyebrow Piercing

n Soapbox * I would like to preface this experience by saying that piercings are not something to be copied. Yes, I know, anyone who gets a piercing is inevitably copying the originator of that particular piercing. What I mean, however, is going out and getting a piercing because, say, the lead singer of Korn (yuck!) has one. This may seem silly, but it bugs me to no end that some people feel the need to emulate those in the public eye, in order to be hip or trendy. In other words... be pierced because it is something that you ... read more

Washington Wuss gets pierced!!!

all started out when this fairy tale princess wanted more than anything in the world to get her nose pierced! But noooo. Mother dearest wouldnt allow that. So, 2 weeks before her 16th birthday (August 4th) She decided that her begging her mother for a nose ring was getting her nowhere. So she thought to herself Hmmm. what else could i get pierced that would look good, not hurt, and would still get peoples attention? "Tongue ring"? @shley asked her mother. Hahahaha cackled mother. "Belly Button ring"? @shley tried again. Hahahaha cackled mother again. "Ummm, Eyebrow"??? @shley asked without really ... read more

Didn't that hurt?

ays wanted to be different then the rest. I needed a way, and I had always wanted a piercing. But, I am a huge wuss when it comes to pain, so I wasn't sure what to do. Getting my ears pierced was no big deal, but anywhere else? I didn't know if I could handle it. Originally, I wanted my bellybutton pierced, but all of a sudden, it became the trendy thing to do, so I decided not to, because I was never really the trendy type. Almost half of the girls in the sophomore class (I'm 15) have it ... read more

I did it! Eyebrow with a safety pin!

ients (Or what I used to do my eyebrow) 1 Large safety pin (as close to 18ga as possible) 1 small cork 1 glass of Listerine 1 ice cube 1 traumatised best friend 1 18gauge 3/8inch Niobium CBR Procedure: (Ow! Ow! Ice is cold!!!!) Sterilise everything in listerine Hold Ice to eyebrow for approximately 10 minutes (this hurts!!!) mark the enter and exit wounds cork the exit wound push the safety pin through slide it down, remove the cork, and close it! Well, I've been reading around about general piercings for a couple years now, and being 17, it's almost ... read more

The Good, The Bad, And... ?

ere. Before I begin my 'story', I'd just like to say I'm doing this out of boredom, rather than some delusion that I'd be helping someone decide on a piercing, or for a BME Membership. So, with that, I being my tale. I was in grade ten at the time, and I'd been in the 'freak crowd' at school for some time. So, I decided I wanted to get a piercing. I already had both of my ears pierced (which I've yet to get stretched), but I discovered that I wanted something more. So, I expressed this 'sudden' interest to ... read more

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