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Eyebrow piercing... it was spur of the moment

brow piercing was a weird one, I have to say. Spur of the moment, I was sitting in the pub, flicking thru Savage magazine, and I just suddenly decided to get my Eyebrow pierced. We knew a good piercer, about 5 minutes walk to where we were from, so we rang them first. However, the piercer, was not in that day. So, we eventually found ourselves ringing around various places in central london to see if we could find anywhere, that was close enough for us to travel to. (I had a train to catch the same day, so time ... read more

Self-eyebrow piercing

re is the wonderful story of my eyebrow piercing. I have been wanting my eyebrow pierced since about a year ago and I wanted it bad. My mother was a little skeptical when I brought the subject up, but after a little persuading, she gave in. So I saved up my money, $60 to be exact, and my Mom took me to a piercing and tattoo parlor about a half hour away in Connecticut has a pretty good reputation. I was pretty nervous even thought countless people had told me that it doesn't hurt. We went inside only to have ... read more

My Eyebrow Ring Story

had wanted to get a piercing for awhile but was never sure what. Finally I decided on an eyebrow ring. A girl who graduated from my school a few years ago had one, and she looked really good in it. I knew right away where to get it, I wanted to get it at the same place as I got my tattoo. I kinda knew the artists there, and I just liked the whole atmosphere of the place. Since I'm underage, my Mom phoned and told them that it was ok with her and that she'd send a note with ... read more

My eyebrow

wanted to get my tounge peirced since I was about 13. I've been asking my mom, and all she says is NO NO NO NO! Well, I finally managed to convince her for my 17th birthday. I had everything all planned out, picked a place, set a date, and I was SO PSYCHED! But as luck would have it, she chickened out on the tounge the day I was supposed to get it done. She asked me if there was anything else I would like to have done, since she couldn't bear the thought of her daughter with a tounge ... read more

Eyebrow Obsession Turns to Peircing...

started the first week of Septemer. I recollected my thoughts of what piercings I wanted and became more intrested in piercing my eyebrow. Everytime I looked in the mirror I imagined myself with it. I thought it'd look great! The next thing I knew I was nervously calling Next! to book my appointment secretly so my parents wouldn't know. I called booked my appointment for 5:30 on Sept. 5th then went on a mad scramble trying to find someone to come with me. First I called 'legs and had a nice chat with her then I called a few other ... read more

Painless Piercing!!

rday i finally worked up the guts to go and get my eyebrow pierced - After thinking about it for a LONG time. I had made my appointment for the afternoon - So the whole morning was spent killing time and worrying about how much it would hurt...I got to the studio and i think the orst moment of the experience was actually waiting in the waiting area to be called in. I could fl the butterflies in my stomach. All my nerves had gone by the time I sat down in the chair. Becky is really friendly and put ... read more

my home peircings

how to start, I soppose it should be at the beginning. I have always had an obsession with body modifications. Starting at about 6 years old, I would constantly bother my mom, begging to get my ear pierced. I am not sure what made this so desireable to me, but at the time my family was arround a lot of bikers, with their tatoos and piercings. Friends of my family from the indian reservation would also come around, and many of them had modifications too. About the time I turned 8 she finally gave in, and I recieved my first ... read more

My little EYEBROW piercing STORY! YES!!! :-)

eryone!!! I'm a 13 year old girl from CANADA!!!!! I am like in the best mood cuz I just got my eyebrow pierced! And it looks great! And I'm soo happy with it! Anyways! Guess I better go on with the story!! :-) For a long time, I've been like obsessed with piercings! It all started when I got my nose pierced back in January! I should have read more aobut it though, cuz I ended up going to this place that was more of a salon, and they pierced my nose with a gun! Believe me, that hurt like ... read more

MY eyebrow story...

n't a bad experience, but it wasn't a good one either! When I first discovered the eyebrow ring about five years ago, I actually thought it was discusting. I couldn't understand why anyone would put themselves through that pain on purpose. I remember thinking to myself how discusting it looked....but as time goes on, you realize that everything is done for a reason whether it's a tattoo or a piercing of some sort.... I'm a typical female 'jock' who suprisingly already had a tattoo before I decided I couldn't live without an eyebrow ring any longer....I'm not one to have ... read more

my 16g eyebrow barbell

ast two years of my life have been pretty turbulent. i'm not going to go into in now because i dont want to write it and you dont want to read it. when i turned 18 there was some serious shit going down, and i thought to mark the sort of rite of passage i was going through, i would get a piercing. i started with an outer-conch barbell. from then on anytime there was a large change in my life or any kind of milestone, i got a new piercing to mark the occasion. i consider each one a ... read more

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