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Raising Eyebrows at Work

decided, on a whim, to get my eyebrow pierced, I never in a million years thought it would cost me my job. I worked as an advertising copywriter, a fun job in a creative field filled with lots of eccentric people. And my company seemed very open-minded about these things. It was the kind of company where we went to amusement parks and ballgames and video arcades on the corporate dime, the kind of company where the best bar was an open one. In fact, at an after-hours party last spring the CEO himself approached me and asked to see ... read more

The purple haired one gets pierced

ory of my eyebrow piercing began like many others....with a dream - a dream of having a piece of metal jabbed into my body! A lot of my friends had their tongues pierced and I really wanted mine done but that was a no-no with my mom, she didn't like the idea of me having a piece of metal in my mouth 24-7. I wanted my lip pierced but I play the clarinet so that was also out of the question. So I began looking around at people for alternatives. The problem is I go to a pretty cool school ... read more

The unexpected piercing

14 when I first got exposed to the body piercing thing. Not many people at my school had any and none of my other friends had one. I started asking my parents when I saw all the body piercing shops in Myrtle Beach. Sure enough, just like they wouldn't let me cut my hair at the time, they said no. I kept asking and asking and asking, but sure enough, I got a no every time. Finally, this summer, I went to Northern Michigan to visit family and friends. One of my friends up there (who happens to be a ... read more


long time I had wanted to pierce something. I was thinking about a belly, tongue or an eyebrow piercing. So one day I was in my seventh grade class and a friend told me she thought I would look good with a brow ring. So I thought about it. I asked my step-mom one-day while she was walking through the kitchen and she said fine. My dad I had a little more trouble with. I finally convinced him, saying that I would pay for it. I finally found out all the information and went with my parents. Unfortunately I did ... read more

Grec's Tongue

all started when my cousin (queen Fefe) got her Belly button Pierced She got it pierced with a 12gauge Ring and I saw it and I that it was the shit.. So then I researched Eyebrow piercing cause i been wanting to get one for like ever so then I went to this place called macezines and got it done. After my eyebrow got rejected 3 times I said o fuck it and I meet this dude and he had his tongue pierced and I was like did that hurt so I thought I could take it because My eyebrow ... read more

Sad tale of the four-day eyebrow ring

finally got enough cash to pierce my eyebrow, i knew my parents wouldn't be too thrilled. But, as a headstrong teen, i decided to do it anyway. My friend Mary told me about this great piercer, Sam, whose piercees never bleed or hurt. Surprisingl, it was only $25. Some of my friends got their eyebrows pierced for 50 to 80 dollars. She got her tongue and lip pierced there, and she took me on monday, October 11, 1999. I was so scared that he would mess up and pierce the wrong place. My friend has one that is so far ... read more

eyebrow piercing.experience.tongue piercing experience

his is my wonderful story:I wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was about 9 so my mother and I argued about it for years. ( I live in New York and you would be surprised that there wasn`t alot of those piercings here)We agreed on getting it when i was 21 then i said i wanted it sooner so she said 18...Well my sister told my mom that it was either get my eyebrow pierced or my nose she screamed and we went to go get my eyebrow pierced(I`m 16)so it began...I had alot of questions like will it hurt ... read more

My Journey of Blood

rybody. I will try not to make this like all the other stories in this so you won't be bored, but forgive me if I do. Anyway, I just got my eyebrow pierced last week, and it was quite an interesting experience. I spent like three months coming on to the BME and staring at pictures of othere eybrow rings to make sure that i absolutley wanted one. Of course there was much to consider, such as the reaction I would get from all the closed minded idiots at my dumb school, and of course I did get a pretty ... read more

My second Piercing

I moved to Sunny Cali. I never pictured myself with a tattoo or a piercing but after a yr. and 5 months (1/97) I decided to get my boyfriend's name on my left breast. It was somewhat enjoyable, which kinda scared me. I didn't know he was actually tattooing me until I asked what was taking him so long to start. I guess I just went in thinking it was gonna be hella painful, but it wasn't at all. - I got my second tat (7/99) on the left side of my upper back. Even thought I wanted to get ... read more

Painless Piercing

w piercing was not a bad experience at all. It was something that I would probably do again If I had to. I saw my first eyebrow piercing about 2 years ago. I thought it was kind of wierd, but interesting at the same time. It really intreigued me. I asked myself why anybody would put themselves through that kind of pain on purpose. I started to think about what the piercing would look like on my eye. As time wore on I realized an eyebrow ring might do my face some justice. All things are done for a reason, ... read more

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