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Is that it? Did you pierce it already?

wanted an eyebrow ring for a long time...forever, it had seemed like. However, one thing stood in my way: my parents. Since I was only 15 and wanted to go to a good sterile place, I would obviously need them to cooperate. I talked to them many a time, begging and pleading, but it was to no avail. However, when I opened the last of my Christmas presents, a certificate fell out that said, "This certificate entitles you, the bearer, to one eyebrow piercing courtesy of your father." I was psyched, and could hardly wait until I could go and ... read more

What Is Pez?

end (then boyfriend) and I take the train to Union Street to go to a hair salon so he can get a haircut. As we're walking up Union Street I see an extremely attractive guy with a labret piercing and a purple goatee walking down the street. I point him out to my friend. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I feel the strangest urge to get a piercing done. I tell Alex (the friend, the ex) about it and he's not to thrilled with the idea. I already had my tongue pierced and he had to drink himself ... read more

Man, I'm GLAD I did it!!!!

hought I'd share my experience...I'm 17 and female from Helsinki, Finland. I've only had my brow pierced for two months now, but it's healing great and I'm just DYING to get more piercings!!!! Me and my friend Anna had been thinking about getting something pierced for a long time (we only had our ears pierced, and they were getting crowded =). At first, we decided we'd get our noses done together - but then finally decided against it, since she has allergy and I get a bad flu every winter so it might not be a good idea... Then, I ... read more


ebrow as the second piercing for me. I had always loved the way they looked on people, as the first thing I look at on anyone is there eyes. I got my tongue done (you can find it somewhere in the tongue section..not sure where...I forgot what I titled it..Oops? I think it was some generic title "Reclaiming my body" or something..) 3 months ago. I debated for awhile if I would get my eyebrow pierced or bridge, so one day I decided to go and get both done. Great plan,right? Well,no. I go to House of Tattoo for the ... read more

"It's not that bad.. Just a little BAM and a little WHAM!"

first of all I want to give ya a little background on myself.. I'm a 14 year old female. I live in downtown Houston, where piercings are fairly normal, and although they still get some strange looks, are pretty much used to. I have two holes in each ear, and my tongue pierced. But back to my story.. I recently went to my dad's house in Mississippi for Thanksgiving break. Now I have to give my dad props.. he's pretty cool. He's a musician (go figure), which gives him an awesome personality, and he pretty much lets me do whatever ... read more

umm... isn't the top hole supposed to be ABOVE the eyebrow?

ember 8, 1999, 2 of my friends (Ben & Greg) and myself decided to do some shopping and grab something to eat at the mall. While we were eating, Greg and I started talking about me getting my eyebrow pierced, which we had been talking about a few nights earlier. Ben started laughing when Greg and I mentioned it, so I immediately decided not to go ahead with it, but then Ben said I would suit it more than any of our other friends so I decided to get it done. If I didn't, I would have been sitting at ... read more

I miss my eyebrow piercing!

been planning to get my eyebrow pierced for about 2 years. I only have my ears pierced a few times and a cartiledge piercing in my left ear. I knew I would have to get it after everyone telling me, "you'll never do that!" Well they were wrong. In august of 98 me and my friend traveled to wildwood, n.j. for the day with getting pierced in mind. My mom never said I could get it but her mom said she was allowed to get her belly button pierced. I was getting my eyebrow pierced NO MATTER WHAT!!! My friend ... read more

self piercing. if your going to do it, dont do it like this.

seventeen year old high school student who lately has been getting into alot of the punk subculture. from music to clothes. and I thought that I would pierce my eyebrow with a safety pin to sort of initiate myself into the subculture of punk, And since I often do things on whims, such as mohawk haircuts and self infliced scars, i felt that this was the sort of thing i should do. The whole experience was not a bad one, I learned from my mistakes(which were many) i also think that people should not pierce themselves unless they are willing ... read more


the people i work with said she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced. That got me thinking about my next piercing. I had gotten my tongue done a few months before, and the need for something new was eating at me. Who ever says this isn't addicting is full of it. I think the more you get, the quicker you want another one, because i am already looking into my next piercing. I looked at the eyebrow piercings on BME, and decided thats what i want. This other girl we work with got her ear done at this place called ... read more

Peircing #2

fifteen years old and Other than my ears my only peircing was my nose. I had wanted to get my eyebrow done for almost a year. But I had a few reasons why I didn't run to the peircers. For one thing I didn't have the money and also I knew my parents and my boyfriend didn't want me to. When i broke up with my boyfriend (for reasons other than the eyebrow thing) I decided I would get it done as a sort of new begining. And the parents weren't really a factor considering I didn't bother asking about ... read more

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