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my eyebrow

i was recently working in London,myself and my partner both decided to get a piercing done, myself an eyebrow and she decided on both her nipples.At first I was generally nervous about going and having it done as I had known people before who'd been pierced and the parts of their body had gone slightly septic, I didn't mention any of this to my partner as this would have put her off the idea right from the start. We had both saved up the money from our small wages over a period of the last few months, but neither of ... read more

Title? What title? Oh! This one!

e second week of October, I went to get my eyebrow done at the same place I had gotten my belly button done because I knew they were safe. It was the moddle of the day on a Saturday, and before when I went there in the middle of the say on a Saturday they were open. Well, they weren't this time, which throughly pissed me off, but I got over it and decided to get a recommendation from a friend on where to go. My friend Janie had gotten her nipples pierced and she told me to go to ... read more

My first....but not my last....

d I get pierced? Well...sometimes I really wish I had a logical, typical answer for this question. A while ago, I just felt the need to get pierced. I'm big into visualization and getting in tune with your body, so I looked in the mirror for a while and waited to see what I should get pierced. I kept envisioning an eyebrow piercing, so I decided that was the one. I decided to get pierced at Freak's because a: I know several people that got pierced there and were extremely happy with the results and the piercers and b: I ... read more

my first sign of rebellion...or so i thought...

hort and sweet. i'm the sort of girl who stays mainstream. however, i've always tried to be individualistic (you have to realise that an eyebrow piercing is not common place round my way... and in my family the only piercing's had are by my mother who has two holes in one ear... my parents have never allowed us to mutilate ourselves willingly!) and i told myself that when i started university i would get my eyebrow pierced (i have no other piercings to speak of, i'm 18... i can do what i like!). i didn't... ..but over the christmas break ... read more

My eyebrow!

been wanting to have my eyebrow pierced for about a year and a half. I was just going to wait until I turned 18 and get it done professionally, but I am young and stupid so I didn't wait. I had looked on the web for experiences and things to learn a bit more about it. So when I felt I was ready I went to this shop called the magical garden and bought a 18 gauge needle and curved barbell. I went home and chickened out. I talked to a few friends and asked them if they thought that ... read more

And i wont even go on a roller coaster.........

start off and say im 15(grrl), and pretty much the biggest wuss out there. I wont even go on a roller coaster cause im that pathetic, and 2 years ago i chickened out on getting my catilage pierced like 5 times! Ive been wanting my eyebrow pierced for about a year and a half, but never asked my parents till around July ('99), i asked to get it as a birthday present. But they took it as a joke and laughed at me. I wanted to get my brow pierced so bad that i started asking everyday. About 3 months ... read more

Oi! My eyebrow!

7, but I'd wanted to get my tongue pierced for the longest time, yet I was always worried about chipping my teeth, slurring my speech, etc. I decided I'd wait until I was 18 for my tongue, but I knew I wanted some cool facial piercing. I love the look of silver body jewelry, plus there are the added bonuses of stressing out your parents, showing off to your friends, and making your teachers go "Eek!" The night before, I had kind of pinched my brow a bit toget an idea of the sensation. I'd be told it was only ... read more

My Piercing/Tattoo experiences...Hey! That tickles!!!!

been wanting my eyebrow pierced for some time. I had previously pierced my right eyebrow on my own, with a sewing needle, which took about an hour and a half. It was such a pain in the butt to do, taking forever to get the needle half way through, and my arm practically going numb, but I loved it, and it looked great! Eventually though the skin there had thinned out and the ring looked like it was just stuck on my skin, so I reluctantly took it out. So when my best friend came home for the holidays I ... read more

Is that it? Did you pierce it already?

wanted an eyebrow ring for a long time...forever, it had seemed like. However, one thing stood in my way: my parents. Since I was only 15 and wanted to go to a good sterile place, I would obviously need them to cooperate. I talked to them many a time, begging and pleading, but it was to no avail. However, when I opened the last of my Christmas presents, a certificate fell out that said, "This certificate entitles you, the bearer, to one eyebrow piercing courtesy of your father." I was psyched, and could hardly wait until I could go and ... read more

What Is Pez?

end (then boyfriend) and I take the train to Union Street to go to a hair salon so he can get a haircut. As we're walking up Union Street I see an extremely attractive guy with a labret piercing and a purple goatee walking down the street. I point him out to my friend. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I feel the strangest urge to get a piercing done. I tell Alex (the friend, the ex) about it and he's not to thrilled with the idea. I already had my tongue pierced and he had to drink himself ... read more

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