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My eyebrow piecing experience, painless!

wanting by eyebrow pierced for 6 years(I'm 17 now) and fighting with my parents constantly about it, my mom finally gave in after a fight about it the day before. I was off from school and she called me from work saying I could get it pierced. I was SO happy, she finally gave in! My friend was also going to get it done, so she came to my house and we waited for my mom. When it came closer to the time, I started getting really scared. However after reading up on it for hours the night before I ... read more

The greatest high of all time

ince I was 16, I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. I knew that my mother would flip put if I came home with it pierced. I decided against it, but i never forgot about getting it done. I came to college and saw so many people with piercings. I decided to get it done. I had talked to my mother about it,and she was totally against it. When she was young she had gotten a tattoo. She hates it now, and wishes she never had gotten it. I just told her that this was different, it could be taken ... read more

Me and my eyebrow

been asking to get my eyebrow, belly button or tongue for awhile, but I was having my 16th birthday in a month and I wanted to get one for my present. Finally I decided on my eyebrow, so when I found out that a friend was getting it done for her birthday, I would have a reason to bring it up with my parents. Ok, my parents are strict and aren't the kind that let me go out and do whatever I want, so I expected the answer to be no. Well, my Mom didn't answer me right off so ... read more

Preppy girl gets pierced!

my eyebrow pierced about 2 months ago and I decided to write about my experience. I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for about 3 months and after weeks of begging my mom finally said yes. I had to wait a month until my sister came home for christmas break so she could take me. She had gotten her tongue and belly button pierced plus tattoos at Body Art so she recomended it to me so thats where I went. Well it seemed like forever but the day finally came. I was so excited all day at school that ... read more

My self-pierced eyebrow- 3's my lucky number!

of all, anyone interested in BodyMods at a young age knows quite well the agonizing anticipation of your first piercing, tattoo, etc. I have had a good idea of what piercings and tattoos I wanted since I was about 15. However, I have had many an obstacle to overcome. The biggest problem has been the laws in the United States that dictate that until I'm 18, I'm incapable of deciding what I can and can't do with my body. The second would be money concerns. Working 2 days a week at $7 an hour makes expenisive things like piercings near ... read more

No pain for this Morbid soul

y after a few years of wanting my eyebrow pierced I had it done. Truthfully I didn't want to get it because of it's newly found occurrence into mainstream culture. I wanted something different for myself. Maybe it wouldn't be so different in my Rivet-head/Goth lifestyle. To me it was a way of expression. Most of all I know I can tolerate the minute pain. Or any pain!(:::fake smile:::). That's what I though I would experience. Strangely, with getting a piercing, I felt that it would show my more risk taking, open-mindedness. Being it my first non-ear piercing. Finally the ... read more

my eyebrow is sore

I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for a while and a few of my friends told me how stupid I would look and shit like that, and then others tole me how sexy it was and that it would look tight. So, a few days ago I decided to go shopping around places here in Houston until I found one I liked. First there was the place called Liquid. Me and my roommate walked in and the first thing that happened was the girl behind the counter tried to sell us acid. Out the door we went. Second was ... read more

An eyebrow love story...

short version: I have always wanted an eyebrow piercing. I started talking to and consequently fell in love with a friend who is a big fan of piercings and we decided to get pierced together. I visited BME frequently and decided to get an eyebrow. We went and got it done and all was well and good. My eyebrow migrated out of my head. I am addicted to piercings. My "friend" is now my boyfriend of almost four months and we are blissfully happy. the longer version: In case you read the abbreviated story and still wanted to know more, ... read more

My sexy eyebrow

5/m a freshman in high school I like crazy things I have had my hair every color of the rainbow and I had been itching to get my eyebrow pierced for the longest time. After about a YEAR! (yes I said a year) of trying to convince my Mom (and after me piercing my own eyebrow a couple of times by my self) she finally let me go and have it done at a studio. The day I went to have it done was a Saturday we had gone out to my grandmas house and she was about 20 minutes ... read more

I was so nervous for nothing!!!!!

now thirteen. I have wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was eleven, but I never really bothered to ask my mom, because I figured she would just say no. When I finally asked her about eight months ago, she said yes...that was if we could find a place to do it. The towns around here are really small, and people around here don't really have body piercings or tattoos. About a month ago, I was talking about piercing my eyebrow, and she said she knew a guy that owned a body piercing and tattoo place, but she didn't know the ... read more

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