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peoples! I'll just start by saying that I have the most sexiest eyebrow in the world! But more on that later......... Well i've only wanted my eyebrow pierced for about a week because i originaly wanted my tongue pierced. But my parents wouldn't let me (of course), so I settled for an eyebrow piercing. It was a lovely Autumn night with the leaves all falling from the trees (yeah right) when I was sitting in the lounge room with my mother, asking if I could get my tongue pierced (for the 50th time) when she said "just get something else ... read more

Piercing Adventure

been about 2 months since I wanted my eyebrow pierced, I came to this site to see more info. about the care and what you must go through to get it pierced and (if any pain occurs too) heh well my friend didnt think I would do it because he thinks I just 'talk'. well my other friend knew a place to get pierced without being 18 so i said thats cool as long as there professional. so on monday i scolded him to take me on monday and no more delays because i will be going back to school ... read more

Simple bar

ot quite sure why, but quite some long time ago I developed a strong impulse to alter myself. I'd started off with little things a good number of years ago. Small alterations in skin, such as minor cuts and scarring. Minor self-brandings. I once dipped a sewing needle in rubbing alcohol and put it fairly deep through the skin on my leg. It was left there for a good many hours but it was impractical so I pulled it out. I have been altering myself on the surface for years now (dyed hair, contacts, unconventional jewelry, etc etc etc) but ... read more

Des's Piercing Palooza(or How I got my Eyebrow pierced!)

rning of November 8th,1999,I woke up with one thing on my mind. "I'M 18!I can get my eyebrow pierced!" I had been waiting to do it for so long. My Mom was fine with it, But My dad told me the day that I turned 18, I could do whatever I wanted. So, out of bed I hopped, and got ready. I had 50 bucks, and was hoping that that was enough. We drove to the Black Widow. I went up to the guy behind the register and told him that it was my 18th birthday and that I wanted ... read more

I can't believe I got it done

I had been saying the whole way through being 17 that I wanted my tongue pierced. As usual my mother held her 'not till you are 18' rule. Anyway, once I had turned 18 I chickened out of the idea, I knew I wanted something done though. This was partly cause I wanted it and partly to help me over come my fear of needles. So, today, myself and one of my friends went to Camden - London. I had read up all about Cold Steel on the Internet and decided that it was the place to go. I researched ... read more

I can't believe she let me do it!

ice my friend and i were like 14 we always anted our eyebrows pierced but our mom would never let us. finally one day we begged our moms and i went with my friend to a near by tattoing parlor to get the piercibg done. we were so excited to finally get our eyebrows pierced i was a little scared of the thought of having a big needle pushed through my face, but everyone told me it didn't hurt at all and the pain was worse to pierce you ear, they were wrong it hurt so bad i bursted out ... read more

It REALLY Doesn't Hurt!

l you needle phobs who don't believe when people say it doesn't hurt, IT REALLY DOESN'T HURT! After giving birth three times, I figured I had it made at taking pain. But when it comes down to it, I really am a wuss when it comes to needles. If I watch when I'm getting blood taken, I'm liable to pass out. In my earl(ier) twenties, I decided to get my nose pierced. I got it done by a little Chinese dude in a head shop in San Fran, with an ear gun. DON'T, I repeat, DON'T do this! It can ... read more

Shallow Bridge with Protential Rejection

re shall I start : ) OK, I'm 16 and love piercings, I have my labret done and had my bridge done but took it out today, we'll get on to that in a moment. It all started in 1999 somewhere, I saw my fiends eyebrow piercing and thought "wow, I need to get something pierced" - I dont particularly like eyebrow piercings but thats not the point! So I got my labret done the day before new years eve (note: Toni's let me put on a spike initially, most good piercers will tell you wearing a ball and changing ... read more

I finally got an eyebrow ring!!

online and I was looking up Body Piercing and I came upon Bme. I decided to check it out because I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. I read up on the experiences and the healing etc. Bme turned out to be so helpful to me. All I had to do was convince my mother still so I could get it done cause you have to have an adult with you if your under 18 and I am only 17. Bme has been such a help for when ever I have a question I go on Bme and they ... read more

My Mom Finally Admitted, "It's Kinda Cute!"

day was, as it will hereafter be known, The Big Day. My appointment at Tribal Ways was for 3:00, and with a friend by my side, we set off down Newbury Street...well actually, we left Harvard Square late and got off the Copley T at exactly 3:00, realized the piercing place was waaaay down the other end of the street, and sprinted down Newbury Street, dodging tourists, dogs, and small children, as well as parking meters. Fortunately, my sweat-inducing journey to Tribal Ways had no further bearing on what would happen next-though I was afraid that due to being 5 ... read more

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