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My Eyebrow Hurts....

am Olenka. I guess I am supposed to write about my eyebrow piercing. This experience was only one week ago, and frankly, one of the best experiences of my life. A bunch of my friends and I took a trip to New York City, and were wandering around not knowing what to do. So, we decided to check out one of those piercing places in NYC that we've heard so much about. We had a hard time choosing out of all the places around, but I chose one that I thought was great. There were a lot of people waiting ... read more

Me and my eyebrow!!!!!

have always wanted to get my eyebrow pierced ever since I was 11. I am 16 now and after 5 years of persistent begging I finally convinced my mother. Ever since I was little I was fascinated by body piercings and tattoos and I have always known I was going to get something done sooner or later. I got my ears pierced when I was 7 and really didn't care to much about them till I got to be around 11, when I wanted them pierced a 2nd time and even that, freaked my mom out. She is one of ... read more

Eyebrows R US

. Ever since I was in grade 7 about 11-12 years old I wanted an eyebrow piercing, my mother said yes I was very happy, so I told my cousins I was allowed and they somehow talked me out of it. Well about a month later when I asked my mother again she said NO!! I was so mad, but I thought maybe it was all for the best because my whole family was so old fashioned and would not have approved. So when I was about 15 I was still dying to get my eyebrow pierced so every day ... read more

I've got a piece of metal through my eyebrow...

en thinking about getting it done for about a year or so, but I had to surpress the urge due to my employer's dress code. It sucked. I hated working in a place where I had to wear uniform shirts and khakis every night, even if it DID get me free movie rentals... Then one weekend I got a call from a friend who was stranded hundreds of miles away in Kentucky, and needed me to come pick him up - I explained this to my boss, but he wouldn't give me the night off, so I just quit. Hey, ... read more

Me, My Love of Piercing, and My Fear of Needles.

re I am, off at college...what's the first thing I do? Find the nearest piercing studio. All throughout high school, I had been intrigued with the thought of piercing. I lived in a small town, where basically anything other than a hole or two in your ears was unheard of. My parents even gave me an ultimatum: "Get pierced, (even if it was a second hole in my lobes) and you're on your own in paying for college." Wonderful. However, I did finally get the answer of "When you're 18, it's your life, I guess." (Although it wasn't really addressed ... read more

Amazing experience

anted my eyebrow pierced for about 5 months, but my mum's really against it, but then again I always get my way! My dad told me in December that I could get it when I turned 17 (july) but it turned out he only said that so i'd maybe forget about it. I was looking at this site and then I finally made my choice to get it done. I had a long talk with my stubborn mother and told her that other peoples opinions mean nothing to me, i'm not doing this to impress anybody, I'm doing it for ... read more


t got interested in piercing last summer when my best friend and i had to part because of college. we gave ourselves frenums as a "best friend" charm type of thing. we had both previously decided to remain virgins until marriage (it's part of our faith as christians), so the frenums were kind of like a chastity reminder between us too. once a week or two had gone by, i started getting bored with having a 14ga barbell in my dick. i don't know; it just looked lonely,so i bought an 8ga needle and gave my first frenum a "companion". ... read more

I can't believe I did it!

lways thought that an eyebrow ring is like the dopest thing around but coming from an Asian society, having anything more than your lobes pierced will have you permanently placed in the "freaks" category. What is worse that I've never had anything pierced, not even my ears. When I turned 19 and finished with my A Levels, which meant that I was no longer bounded by any spastic school rules I went ahead with experimenting with ear piercing and stretching (okay so I am a late bloomer) Now that I was no longer a piercing virgin I thought it's time ... read more


like almost all people here. I have wanted to have my eyebrow pierced for quite sometime. But at first my eyebrow wasn't the only body part I wanted pierced, I also wanted my tongue and labret. Which my mom was totally against. So I settled with the eyebrow. Anywho I was happy with at least getting my eyebrow pierced. It was a start! I had to look in the phone book and call around. Because there is barely anything like a piercing place in this crappy little town. I finally found a place that was downtown. I phoned and asked ... read more

A small idea turned real

have always wanted an eyebrow ring for a whole year i wanted one. It was early Thursday and i realised I got my pay check from my minimum wage job. Hmm I thought to myself what can i do with my 80$. Then it dawned on me an eyebrow ring! So i went down to Wizards and made an appointment for after school. After I made my appointment at lunch the whole class after lunch was like torture. I kept thinking of getting my eyebrow ring. I couldn't take it . Then i thought of wow I wonder how much ... read more

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