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Me an' my eyebrow

irst off I'll mention that I'm 15 and have my ear and eyebrow pierced. I went through a lot of trouble to get them done, and a lot more trouble taking care of my eyebrow (a bit of an odd story). It all started in the summer of 99, I had just started getting into really weird stuff concerning body modification and just image in general. I really liked body piercings, but also the look of colored hair and such, and that's how I started. My parents are the type of people that don't enjoy drawing attention to yourself in ... read more

New hole in my face

. for a long time now i have been thinking about letting someone stab me. and since yesterday was my eighteenth birthday, I decided to go ahead and do it. so... me and my friends brian and travis all stayed at my house tuesday night and watched fight club and went to bed at about 2. well at about 6 in the morning my mom and dad called from out of town, at 8 my grandma called, and at 10 someone else called... you know that after you're woken up so many times it's impossible to go back to sleep ... read more

Metal In My Face Makes Me Happy

'll just start off by saying that I have read ALOT of the stories here at BME and I am somewhat disappointed to see the mindset of a lot of the people who are having piercings done. I really don't want to sound arrogant or holier than thou, because I truly don't feel that I am better than ANYONE, but to me a piercing NEEDS to be about something more than just looking cool. It should be almost like an unliving extension of your body and personality. Something beyond the materialism that we have all been spoon-fed since birth.* Ok, ... read more

The Backwards Experience

read around, you'll know I just recently got my nose pierced at Masterpiece and had a relatively easy experience. I spend a lot of my time here, reading everyone's adventures, and it just makes me want to get more piercings. So I decided to get my tongue pierced. That idea lasted about two hours before I walked into Masterpiece and told Rob to do my eyebrow. Now, I've read from so many people on BME that the piercing didn't hurt, so I was really relaxed and calm about it. Of course, once the clamps went on, the room got really ... read more

Ah! I've been pierced!

y I thought, it was Friday morning and I had the day off from school. I asked my parents about a month ago and they said that in a month they'd let me get my eyebrow done. It wasn't something I just decided I wanted done, but I wanted it done, done now! Mom drove me down to the piercing place and we walked in. The tattoo artist showed me my options of jewelry, and told me about the procedure. He also said that the piercer guy wouldn't be there for another two hours. I was disappointed, I started to ... read more

My Purdy Hoop

I was about 10, I have always felt like I wasn't in the "in" crowd. I have felt kind of like I should "make up" for it, meaning that if they weren't going to like me, they were going to HAVE to look at me anyway. Even if it was just to call me a freak. I have never liked anyone other then me to inflict pain on me, other then me, so I have always pierced my ears myself, and just recently I have gotten my 7th hole. Until about a year ago I was more then happy with ... read more


parents give their kids money in return for good grades in school. Mine? They gave me piercings. Last year my dad promised me a tongue piercing because I passed 10th grade with A's and B's. But, I was only 15 at the time and my birthday isn't until August 25th, so I had to wait until the first day of my Junior year in high school to get my tongue pierced. That's okay. I got it done and I've had it now for about 10 months. I love it. I had always wanted to get my eyebrow pierced (I was ... read more

An adorable eyebrow piercing

ook back, I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for as long as I can remember. Even after months of pleading with my Mom when I was 16, I STILL wasn't allowed. So, when I turned 18, the anxiety finally got to me and I had to have it done! I had procrastinated it for so long, I'm a real chicken shit when it comes to needles, especially for shots or something, but eventually my want for this piercing outweighed my fears.so one day while I was hanging out with my cousin, I had some extra cash so I was like, ... read more

Me, myself, and my eyebrow.

will try not to make this as boring as all the others but it is a bit hard. Anyway I discovered the lovely eyebrow look about 4 or 5 months ago. I decided to research it and find out as much info as possible. I went to BME and read evey single experience and thought I could handle it. So I decided to confront my mom (since Im underage) and the minuet I told her she nearly shit a brick. She said no about a thousand times but I kept asking. She said that I had to be more responsible ... read more

Just a slight itch ! :o)

re, I had been thinking of getting my eyebrow pierced for some time. I never was a tatoo or piercing kind of guy. I mean i have some edge to a certain extent in my personnality but i'd never thought something like a piercing would change anything. My ears aren't even pierced cause i don't think it'd look good on me. But lately, as i like to observe people and above all the way they dress, i began to think an eyebrow ring would be a cool/sexy addition to my body and a good extension of my clothing style. Not ... read more

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