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Monkey see, mokey do

ys had thought that eyebrow rings were cool looking, but never had thought about getting one... well until I got to meet my bestest best online friend Eli in real life for the very first time. She had come down to visit me for a week, and she had both her tongue and her eyebrow pierced. And I have no clue what it was about the eyebrow ring but I just fell in love with the way it looked on her and decided it would look super cool on me. And considering there were still nearly six months until my ... read more

almost never did it!

d my mom a year ago if I could get my eyebrow pierced when I noticed a lot of people with it pierced and I thought it looked really cool. My mom said no straight away as she doesn't like piercings. So I persisted for a year and kept going on and on at her. She finally gave in and said I could have it done about four months ago as she figured it was my body and said as long as I paid for it it was alright to get it done. So I decided to wait until we ... read more

My First Piercing

18th birthday (which was this past November), my best friend said that she was going to take me to get my eyebrow pierced. I had wanted it done for some time, but it was now or never. We made plans to go the next day. We got to the tattoo parlor about 2:00 p.m. (we skipped our last class) and we were shown to the "back room". It looked a little shady, okay, a lot shady, but I wanted to get it done. He donned his gloves, removed all the proper itemes from little cubby holes and the Autoclave. his ... read more

My Bloody Head

piercing experience has been extremely different from all my other experiences. What's surprising is that is wasn't others' reactions that I had to deal with this time; it was my own! Getting a facial piercing was a big deal to me. If I chose to get one, it would make a statement to the world. I couldn't hide it with hair or clothing, or try to hide it by keeping my mouth mostly closed while talking. If I chose to get a facial piercing, I could be facing a permanent scar on my face when or if I later removed ... read more

the day i pierced my eyebrow ..

Tyranny and im 18 yrs old I had always wanted to get "pierced" so i was sitting in my bedroom one night with a friend who had her tongue done who was also my lead guitarist at the time .. she had been pressing me to get something pierced anywayz for ourquote unquote "IMAGE" lol so finally after 2 hours of coaxing i decided that i was going to do it. So i told her that i would ... i didnt have a job at tht time or the $ 40.00 dollars to get it done with ............ so i ... read more


o start off I would like to say that BME totally rocks. I no longer feel alone in my quest for self-piercings. My newest successful piercing is my eyebrow. This is how it went down: several months ago I pierced my daughter's ears (when she was 3 weeks old). I made a homemade piercer with an injection needle. I had tried everything else and it just wouldn't work. I couldn't hold my body parts steady and jam a needle in them, you know. I pierced her ears with solid gold earrings. I have always pierced myself the same way, in ... read more

Nipple Nightmare

y can I suggest that all people reading this go and get your nipples pierced! And secondly can I suggest that you get it done professionally! It is really sore, and so if you can get anaesthetic cream! Also be prepared for some weird sensations for the rest of your life after it's done! The feeling in your nipples will be unbelievably hyper. It's an awsome thing, and well worth the troubles of the piercing! Go for it! I however opted for some fun with my mate Phil. He is a medical student and managed to get some medium gauge ... read more

lovely piece of metal

ngs are so addictive. I speak from personal experience. The only reason I don't have more is the matter of funding. Since I'm only 15, don't have a job or allowence, I rarely get any money, unless I save my lunch money. So, a couple weeks ago I got some money from a odd job that I did at school, and my first thought was "Get something pierced!" and since I've been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced for awhile, I decided to go for it. Plus I think that my eyes are one of my most magnificent attributes, and ... read more

my *report card* present

I'm going to try and make this a little different then any other experiences up here... but to tell you the truth- it was almost exactly like what I read. So, I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for about two years. I'm fifteen now and it took a long time for me to convince my parents to let me get it. When I turned fifteen, they said I could get it for my sixteenth birthday. Luckily, they changed their mind. I got straight A's for my freshmen year so my present was a hole in my eyebrow! Now, before I ... read more

Eyebrow piercing done by me

Hey everyone! I was 13 years old and had always been into body art. I also always wanted to change the way I looked, was never satisfied with how I was. I always thought I was too much like everyone else out there. I guess what I really wanted was attention, who doesn't. But then I was also depressed and because of I would change myself every way I could think of. I use to be a cutter then I would carve stuff into my skin. On my left ankle I carved in a Nirvana sign. Also on my right ... read more

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