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3rd time is a chram

ory of my eyebrow piercing was....well, not that long. I never really got into piercing until about 6 months ago. I just decided that an eyebrow piercing would look good and me and make my eyes (my best feature) stand out better. So one day, I was with my friends Matt and Bert and he decided to get either his eyebrow or lip pierced. So we went to this studio called "The Underground" to see how much it was, etc. At that place, it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you have a parent sign a form. ... read more

my bridge: pierced by larry

i brought it up to my mother about getting my bridge pierced when i was 16. she said no way. I nagged her and nagged her and she finally said, "well if your father agrees" i knew that would never happen. My parents are divorced but they still like to keep the parenting equal. During dinner one night when my father was over and i asked him. First he asked me what the fuck it was then he laughed at me and said no without even concitering it. He said it would be different if it was my eyebrow. i ... read more

Re-piercing my eyebrow...

e here about 7 months ago when I got an eyebrow piercing, and now that I had to re-pierce it, I thought I'd write again... I had to re-pierce my brow because it migrated, a lot - in fact, if I hadn't had it taken off I'm pretty sure I would've found it on the floor one day. When I noticed that the ring was almost out of the skin, I knew I had to go to the piercing parlor to get it re-pierced, but I kind of stalled it cos I was afraid they would tell me it couldn't ... read more

The Trials and Tribulations of a Boy and His Expression

ering yourself is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences you'll have in life. When you're fifteen life itself is a rather precarious mystery all of it's own. I remember falling in love with the idea of how two persons could speak their hearts and minds simply by looking at one another. My friend Mary told me that "One's eyes are the diamonds that attract others". She was 68 and I couldn't believe how much I believed in what she was saying to me. Then and there I decided that my eyes had a lot more to show about me ... read more

Wicked Wink

Rayven Here again! You may remember me from such Stories as "Silver Grin" in the tongue section.(I've been watching way too much Simpson reruns! LOL!) Well, Anyway, as you may have noticed in my other story, I mentioned getting an eyebrow piercing on the same day as my tongue piercing. So, Here for you're reading pleasure (or utter boredom!) is my other piercing story. After Carlin and Sarai finished my tongue piercing, Sarai showed me that she was throwing the needle used to pierce my tongue into a sharps container on a nearby shelf. Carlin then knelt down and pulled ... read more

Indoctrinating others by way of an eyebrow piercing

Resident Assistant at a college and because of my job, I am required to organize programs that are educational and then present them to the college students that live on campus. I have been into body piercing for a long time and I decided to give the students on campus a taste of what it was like. I have had my naval, nipples, tongue, lip, eyebrow, ears and septum pierced and enjoyed every single experience. I wanted to get my eyebrow redone, and since it wasn't a real bleeder of a piercing and not too personal, I decided to have ... read more

The Exploitation of Youth's Stupidity

ploitation of Youth's Stupidity What is it about rebellion that catches the eye of most every teen at some point in the adolescent adventure? Drinking, drugs, partying late night, piercings and tattoos - at seventeen, life in the suburbs of Long Island was stagnant at best. The only outlets for our so-called teenaged agnst was found in rebellion, and the activites constituting rebellion. Being a "good kid"-and I was undeniably so, honor student, cheerleader, officer on class council, the list goes on and on - there was no thought of vandalism, sex, extreme drugs, fighting, or just about anything that ... read more

Under the needle again...

a month and a half or so ago I had my navel pierced (I also have an experience about that posted, entitled "I can't believe I did it...My poor tummy"). It is healing quite well, no pain, irritation, or redness. Not long after my navel was pierced, I decided I wanted my eyebrow done too. My mother was going to get a tattoo so I decided to go along and have my eyebrow pierced. Tom, the piercer, said I needed to wait a while longer before I had it done because I would pay more attention to my eyebrow than ... read more

This is so cool and it didn't even hurt!

y everyone! So I gotta tell you about my eyebrow piercing experience! It is so cool, I love it! First of all I would like to recomend this to anyone who wnt to get their eyebrow pierced! Why I wanted to get it Pierced and How it Came about......... WHY? It is so cool! I really think it is pretty. I don't really like hoops all that much but I love barbells! I had been seeing alot of people on T.V. getting it done like Sisquo and Raymond (the dude who won that contest on MTV)! I thought theirs looked ... read more

My Eyebrow Piercing

first start out by saying that if you have an addictive personality, you might want to make sure that you want to get into piercing. The first time I asked my parents if I could get my eyebrow pierced, I told them that it wasn't going to become an "obsession", and that I wasn't going to get any more after this. Well, I'm not sure if I've ever lied so blatantly in my life. Anyway, here's the story... I'm a 16 yr. old male, living in Maine. About 3 months ago, for a reason unknown to myself, I started getting ... read more

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