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beautiful freak

st for beauty began around the age of 12. As many other females were beginning their journey in to womanhood I seemed to stand-alone. I saw their power over the male gender increasing as I lost whatever "cute little girl" aspect I had to myself as I formed in to more of a "homely" young lady. By junior high all my old friends from childhood were now beautiful young women. As opposed to competing with their glowing looks I retreated in to a style more my own. Growing up in a posh, rich, white, suburban community, somewhat isolated from the ... read more

Painful, but worth it

been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for over a year, but it was never convenient. Job interviews were the main conflict. Piercings, as mainstream as they have become, are still not acceptable in the work force. The main issues frightening me were the pain factor, chance for infection or rejection, and how I would come across to people. My personality is pretty laid back and sweet. I'm soft spoken as a rule. I have no stereotypes of people with piercings, but I know there are those that do. Finally, settled into a job where piercings are allowed, I decided ... read more

The most painless experience of my life

ing you should know about me before you read this experience is that I am not a very wild person and I don't deal well with pain. Choosing to get my eyebrow pierced was probably the last thing any of my friends expected from me. I'm scared of bees and hornets because the thought of getting stung terrified me!!! I actually run away from stinging insects.....like I have a phobia or something. So how did I (the terrified one) come upon the idea of eyebrow piercing? Well,after some one said I might look good in one, I started contemplating the ... read more

Ow! Ow! Ow!...My poor eyebrow.

I know a lot of you would wonder WHY someone legally old enough to get a piercing didn't have it done professionally...Lets just say I am cheap and I didn't think it would hurt that bad or be too difficult,I had read about a few other people on here who did it themselves and didn't feel to much pain, so I thought I would go ahead try it out for myself. Well, I told my bestfriend the deal and I wanted her to help, she was skeptical...She kept telling me I shouldn't do it... but finally agreed..So we went to ... read more

may have been spur of the moment, but a very good decision

on a girly holiday with 6 of my best mates, apon stolling through Newquay one afternoon we came across a wicked little shop that also had a piercing studio in the back. Very intrigued we studied the catalogue of various facial and body piercings. Innocently I piped up "i have always like the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced...." I should have guessed it, before you could say "very large sharp needle" 6 squeals of delight and excitement rippled through the parlour and i was being pushed towards the metal adorned receptionist. I had no time to protest, let alone ... read more

The Zebra & My Eyebrow

been thinking about getting my eyebrow done for a while and since i had told some friends I was going to do it and didn't want them to think i was chicken or anything I finally decided to make the appointment. So I rang up and asked the price $55 for the piercing and $17.75 for the aftercare products (Australian $'s) and was told to come in in half an hour and since I was under 18 to bring my mother with me! Some of the stories in BME say about people having their friends go in with them but ... read more


it finally happened, my first "REAL" piercing. REJOICE! For my 16th birthday in August of 1999, my sister, Adrienne, offered to pay for me to get my eyebrow pierced, my 2nd most desired piercing (first one being center lip). She talked it over with my dad, and after hours of convincing, he finally agreed. (then it had to be cleared with my mother) It came up that she had money problems, so I had to wait... Finally, this last March of 2000, it was time... So we were on our way, and we stopped at the studio... The shop owner ... read more

My long-awaited eyebrow piercing

the urge to have my eyebrow pierced when I was 17 and saw another girl at my highschool who had it done. I thought it looked amazing. My mother was not so keen on the idea and told me that once I was out from under her roof I was free to do what I wanted to my body. Until then, no piercing if she had anything to do with it, which, of course, she didn't, but I didn't want to cause a war with her and so decided to wait 'til I moved out. I think, also, I was ... read more

My eyebrow experiences

p into the world of body piercing began with a simple desire to have my tongue pierced. I was attending university at the time and figured that being out from under my parents' wings would be a fine opportunity to spread my own wings and get something pierced. So, off I went to Nighthawk Tattoo and Gallery with my friends to get my tongue pierced. However, when I arrived I was very disappointed to discover that they didn't pierce tongues. It seems too many people have gotten them done and not taken care of them properly and gone back with ... read more

Months of torment pay off

nted my eyebrow pierced for as long as I could remember, unfortunately my family HATES the idea of piercings and tattoos. It took me over a year to convince my mom to let me get my tattoo, and at least six months for my tongue piercing. The eyebrow was actually the one she was against the most, but it was also the easiest to convince her to let me do. I think the more people see these types of things, the more accepting they are. We knew we were going to be in Seattle fairly soon for a wedding, so ... read more

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