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Deja Vu

day afternoon I went back to Tribal Ways to get my left eyebrow pierced. It was a really nice day, sunny and kinda warm. I was sort of tired but really excited and I drank lots of caffeinated beverages and listened to KMFDM on the way there. I was in a very good mood. So I strolled down Newbury St. and into Tribal Ways, where I waited in anticipation for my new piercing. I was told that Aaron, who'd done it the first time around, had left the studio, which made me kinda sad because he was pretty nice. So ... read more

My eyebrow equipment

MY EXPERIENCE: I had been wanting my eyebrow pierced ever since I had gotten my tattoo in April. So I asked my mom and surprisinly she was all for it. She actually said she thought it would look cute. I was psyched. We waited about a week and then we started to look around. I decided not to go to the place where I got my tattoo because it was not too clean and my tattoo is faded already and I just got it 6 months ago. We decided on Bay City. My mom got her first tattoo there and ... read more

The Eyebrow Ring: Another Stab at It

cond Stab: A few weeks ago, I had my first eyebrow ring reject. I got it on March 18, 2000. We fell in love. It was perfect. Six months of a little piece of metal in my eyebrow. Then....gone. :-( I was devastated. At the point when I lost it completely, it actually was not a ring but a straight barbell, which had hung in there for 3 glorious months only to systematically sag downward until the bottom ball nearly hit my eyelid. You could say I was in denial for quite some time. By the time I realized that ... read more

wasn't right the first time

s it would be fair to say that I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for almost 3 years. But with a mother like mine, that was only a fantasy. A couple of months after I turned 16, getting my eyebrow done became like an obsession. That's all I could think about, getting it pierced was like my life time achievement goal. Finally in March ('00) I went up to my mom and had a hole conversation about me getting it done,... after a long chat she finally agreed to let me do it, but she said it would be ... read more

My piercing in Mexico!

my little crazy story about my eyebrow piercing that I Got on my senior trip, try not to fall asleep. I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, On my senior tip and I really wanted to get my tongue pierced before I went but I wasn't able to, because I'm not 18. So when I first got down there a Friend of mine had got their eyebrow pierced, and I thought, I wouldn't get mine pierced down here. So I asked her if the place she got it pierced at was clean, and she said, "clean enough". I was still kind ... read more

Love Lost

years old, I had never even had my ears pierced. Pathetic, eh? I had recently moved to the big city from a VERY small town, and I quickly fell in love with city life. Especially how you can look however you want, and no one really cares. I had colored my hair on many occasions (2 years solid without my full head of hair being its original color) but other than that, everyone thought I was fairly normal. But let's face it, normal is BORING. I woke up one unusually early one Saturday, to find my roomates all still asleep. ... read more

12 is a bit young isn't it??

Well, it all started when I was 12 years old (6 years ago). I'm not exactly sure how I discovered the wonderful world of piercing, all I remember is that I wanted my eyebrow pierced more then anything I ever wanted before. Now my mom isn't the conservative type, or the strict type, but when I brought up the idea of piercing something other then my earlobes she said no and seemed to be very firm in that decision, (that's what she wanted me to believe anyway, hehe). After a very long 4 months of begging and pleading, she agreed. ... read more

It Sure Took Awhile.

ince the 5th grade, in a catholic elementary school, my mission in life was to dye my hair blue and get my nose and/or eyebrow pierced. Needless to say, I couldn't be too vocal about my goal, but luckily I had a group of friends who also wanted to dye their hair, and tossed around the idea of 'just how cool' it would be to have more than just holes in their ears. Since I knew I'd never accomplish what I had hoped for—at least not until I was older—I decided to just keep it to myself, and wait. As ... read more

beautiful freak

st for beauty began around the age of 12. As many other females were beginning their journey in to womanhood I seemed to stand-alone. I saw their power over the male gender increasing as I lost whatever "cute little girl" aspect I had to myself as I formed in to more of a "homely" young lady. By junior high all my old friends from childhood were now beautiful young women. As opposed to competing with their glowing looks I retreated in to a style more my own. Growing up in a posh, rich, white, suburban community, somewhat isolated from the ... read more

Painful, but worth it

been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for over a year, but it was never convenient. Job interviews were the main conflict. Piercings, as mainstream as they have become, are still not acceptable in the work force. The main issues frightening me were the pain factor, chance for infection or rejection, and how I would come across to people. My personality is pretty laid back and sweet. I'm soft spoken as a rule. I have no stereotypes of people with piercings, but I know there are those that do. Finally, settled into a job where piercings are allowed, I decided ... read more

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