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My "Outrageously Amazing" eyebrow piercing

sitting here at my computer browsing through BME like I usually do, when I thought to myself, 'gee, why don't I submit MY piercing experience?' Since BME motivated me to get my eyebrow pierced, I thought maybe my experience could encourage some individual out there to put holes in their head also. I'd always wanted my eyebrow pierced...god, how cliche is that? i think all the submitted experiences start off that way... but anywho, after a lot of inspiration from BME, I decided to go for it. Since I live in a small, isolated town, far from any REAL civilization, ... read more

eyebrow piercing

my eyebrow pierced about 5 months ago. I'm not sure why I didn't submit my story when I originally got it done, or why I'm doing it at all now considering my experience is just like the rest. Anyway, my fascination with eyebrow piercings all started at the age of 8. I saw someone walking down the street sporting a ring in his brow. My instant reaction was, "mom, I want one!" At that point I had already had my lobes pierced twice on each ear, so I was rather confused as to why my mom said no. I am ... read more

let's get poked!

Well, my story started three years ago, when I was thirteen. Like most of my friends, I had two or three ears studs in each ear. Some of my friends had their nostrils pierced at shops like Claire's, but someday, I decided I wanted something more special, something nobody I knew had (eyebrow piercings were not popular and teeny boppers had mostly only their belly button pierced in 1997 ). Unfortunately, eyebrow piercings are so common now... I'm really disapointed... First step: convince my dad... My father was absolutely against the idea of permitting any piercing on his thirteen years-old ... read more

Finally it happened

wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for about 3 years before I had actually gotten it done. My mom wasn't really against the whole idea of it, she figured that it was my body, so what the hell right? My dad on the other hand was completely against it. He thinks all piercings, besides your ears is disgusting. But thank the lord my parents are divorced, and I live with my mom. Anyways, I was only 15 when I had gotten it done. My friends had also wanted to get their eyebrows pierced, but none of their parents would let ... read more

my dream come true

y, after about 3 and a half years of begging and begging my parents since about 6th or 5th grade they finally said yes to me getting an eye brow piercing. I first saw an eye brow piercing when I was 13 at the mall and saw some Goth kid with one and now I was 16 and my parents finally gave into the endless hours of torture. My mother and father had heard all these different horror stories of people having a nerve hit with the needle and their face being paralyzed but I looked around on the Internet ... read more

I should get some friends or a new hobby...

all the piercings that I have retired, one of my favorites was my eyebrow. Sure, I missed the other ones too, especially my Madison, but my eyebrow was one that I thoroughly enjoyed having. Maybe because it was one of the first, I don't know, but I knew that I had to get it again. So there I was sitting around the house on Sunday afternoon, bored out of my skull. I had been feeling the urge to have something pierced, but I wasn't sure what. I got to thinking about the piercings that I had retired...my eyebrow, madison and ... read more

I didn't realise a piece of metal could mean so much.

y I got my eyebrow pierced was a day I'll never forget...I was never so happy in my life. Finally for once in my life I got what I wanted. I showed it off to everyone, and they all seemed to love it. I loved it more then anyone though. Weeks past, even months. I took great care of it, it looked awesome! It sort of grew on me, became a part of me. But it all came to a stop the day I was told I had to remove it. I knew it was coming, but not now. My ... read more

Braver Than I Thought

to share this experience with everyone because for me I am so happy with the way things turned out. First up let me start by saying - I am 29 years young, I have one child, apart from a few ear piercings that is about my limit with body art. For the longest time I have wanted to get my eyebrow pierced - but since having my daughter I have developed a low pain threshold & have a very queasy tummy. Anyway, on the few occassions that I visited Viccy Markets I always seen this guy in a converted 'ambulance' ... read more

Please tell me that's sweat; Not Blood!

unately, being spontaneous and addicted to piercing's can be a rather dangerous combination. I've managed to maintain some discretion about it though and have only my tongue and eye brow pierced. Although my sense of logic flew out the window when I woke up one morning and realized, yes this will be the day to have my eye brow pierced. Upon looking through my pocket, purse, couch and so on, I was broke, yet had about $3 dollars for this excursion. I had actually bought my ring a few weeks earlier because I thought if I had the ring, it ... read more

"You're not piercing me now, are you?"

out two months now I have been considering getting another piercing to accompany my navel and my (alas, former) tongue. However, my boyfriend (now ex) told me to remove my tongue and refused to let me pierce anything else because he thought I looked "skanky". Yeah, whatever. Well, after I had been in college for a week, he dumped me. So, I took advantage of this opportunity to begin all the body mods that I wanted. :) My friends and I had an afternoon off from school and I thought this was the perfect time for me to get my ... read more

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