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When I arrived at my piercing studio, it was originally for my best friend to have her cheek pierced for the second time. Unfortunately, John, the piercer, decided against it because of some important artery running through her face. Then, the inevitable happened; I didn't want to leave the place without having something done myself. I spoke to the apprentice at the counter for a long time and eventually came to the decision of an anti-eyebrow. John took me into the room to sit me down and talk about it. He really was such a comfort. He double, triple and ... read more

Boll*ck Brow

I say Boll*ck Brow because that's what my husband has decided to call me since getting my brow piercing done two days ago. He complained because we hadn't (apparently) talked it through. Well I thought that when I raised it weeks ago the fact that he didn't strongly object meant that he didn't mind. And since he doesn't seem to care what I do with my own money why should he care about what I do with my eyebrow? :-) I had been thinking about it for a while on and off. It took a party with a lot of ... read more

My first real piercing

It all started by wanting a simple nose ring since I was little. That nose ring turned into what i have today. I have my ear cartilage gauged to a 10 on both sides, and my DIY lobes (I dont recommed to anyone), so this was my first "real body piercing". After a long time of convincing my parents to let me get it done, my mom finally said it was ok for me to get my eyebrow pierced but she wasn't going to be the one going with me because she didn't want to see it happen to me. ... read more

I got tired of waiting.

I'm real familiar and comfortable with diy piercing...handling the pain, sterilization, etc. Prior to this I've done my ears 5 times with safety pins no problem =) (yea...shut up). The only thing that could use some work is my lack of proper needles, but whatever. A friend told me her boyfriend had piercing needles when I mentioned wanting my eyebrow done...but of course I couldn't wait for that. He's not exactly crazy about me anyhow since I'm in love with his girlfriend, so I figured it would be safer if I did it myself. Living around this part of ohio ... read more

First, But Not Last Facial Piercing

I have always wanted a body piercing. One day I would want my ear cartilage pierced and the next I would hate it. However, after a while I noticed that my mind never changed about wanting an eyebrow piercing. The school summer holidays were coming in a month so now was the time to beg my parents. I asked my mom and she said no. I asked my dad and he thought it was a ridiculous idea. This made me determined to get it, not as an act of rebellion but to prove the point that I really did want ... read more

The awesome eyebrow piercing.

Lets see, I am 15... I bet you could guess that I can be a little naïve sometimes but for a while now I have loved piercings and only one dude can do it for me. Since I am underage and my parents are too messed up to let me do it professionally. I go to the middle man. My good friend Collin. He pierced my cartilage a while back and that went fine so why not another one? After a ton of looking and pondering I narrowed it down to my eyebrow. I wanted a spiral but Collin said ... read more

R.I.P Eyebrow Piercing

So my experience started out like this... I was 15, almost 16, and wanting to get my eyebrow done for so long, but my mom kept saying no. I kept begging and begging, but it did nothing for me. It drove me crazy. I didn't understand why she wouldn't let me. It's my body and how I want to express myself. What should it matter to her, ya know? Well, one day me and my mom went to Ft.Lauderdale Beach. Just relaxing, walking around, looking at shops, when we came across this piercing place. Of course I started to bother ... read more

My First Real Piercing

So I got my left eyebrow pierced right at its peek about a year and a half ago, I consider it my first "real" piercing because I don't really think standard earlobe piercings are anything special. Well I first decided I wanted one in November/December of 2004, when I was twelve. As soon as I decided on it, it was all I could think about. My parents worn't okay with me getting one at first, but after a month of negociating and fighting, they said okay. I didn't want to be stupid and go get it at some place that ... read more

My First Eyebrow Piercing

I had been wanting a piercing for a long time, and finally I convinced my mother to let me get my eyebrow pierced. I was ecstatic. She had agreed about a week before the piercing was going to take place, so naturally I developed some anxiety, but anyhow, 1 week went by and It was time for the piercing. My mother drove me to a local piercing/tattoo parlor, that I knew ahead of time was sterile and a good environment. They're particular method of cleaning was an auto-clave. I got to the front counter and before we went in back ... read more

No, it doesn't go through the bone!

It was the summer before I became a freshmen in college. Just graduated from high school and having attended a school that didn't allow visible piercings, I really went crazy over the summer. As soon as I was out of the school doors, I got my eyebrow pierced. Soon after that, I got my nipples pierced. I also got a tattoo on the back of my neck. So, following that tradition, I really wanted to get something done before heading off to school. Call it a ceremonial piercing, if you will. I also really wanted to get another facial piercing. ... read more

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