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eyebrow piercing experience

I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for quite a while but I was too scared to get it pierced as I thought it would hurt (yes I know, I'm soft). I asked a few people who already had their eyebrow pierced about what to expect, how much it would hurt, how much it would cost etc. most of them said it hurt a bit but not as much as you would think. I was still worried about getting an eyebrow piercing though. However, one day when I was 15 I was walking around Manchester with my friend, feeling envious as ... read more

sugar we're going down... down to the piercing shop

Like everyone else on here I am a lover of piercings. My parents on the other hand weren't so thrilled with the idea. being only 13 at the time, I had to beg my parents to let me get my eyebrow pierced. It was the one thing i really really wanted. My mom was a lot easier to convince than my dad was. Eventually I talked both of them into it. Since I was under age, my local tattoo shop wouldn't do it. Luckily my dad was friends with the guy then owns' it. They made a deal that they ... read more

My First Piercing...other than ears.

Almost 3 years ago, on my 16th birthday, my mom took me to get my eyebrow pierced at Icon. I was ridiculously nervous, as it was my first piercing other than my ears, and I thought it was going to be extremely painful. I am a wuss though, my ears teared up before I even got there. Haha. I don't think I had ever been more nervous in my life, I can remember very well the tingling feeling in my stomach as we left our house, I now understand the meaning of "butterflies in my stomach". Well, when we got ... read more

First peircing

Being a young black male in Canada I often suffered an identity crisis within the culture I lived. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and went to school with again, the said above. Always feeling like the outcast but tried to fit in as best as I could. When I discovered hip hop I embraced it, this was my music. I began hanging around alot of other blacks and soon even among my own, I still felt like an outcast. I wasn't Jamaican , Dominican or from an island. I am a Canadian through and through. Me, my ... read more

Bridging The Gap

I first wanted to get my bridge done about a year and a half ago. Something about the piercing just seemed to call out to me. It's unique in so many ways and over all so beautiful, how could I not be captivated? At the time I had been a few months a way from the legal age and was debating what to get as my first facial piercing. It was the 'my job allows piercings so let's jump all over the thought' phase and I had my mind set on my bridge. I realize now that if plans fall ... read more

My First Real Piercing

OKay, so about a year and a half ago I decided I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. Well, I talked to my mom about the whole thing and of course she said NO!!! Well, I just asked her every once in awhile and then finally she said YES!!! I was so excited I couldn't wait! So the day she said yes I made her take me to the piercing place! Well on my way there I was getting scared! I was shaking so hard I couldn't stop. When we finally got there my mom was filling out all the ... read more

I think I am in love with my face...

As long as I have seen piercings, I have wanted my eyebrow pierced. I think it looks so.. I don't know, it looks amazing, and I always envisioned myself with one. So, last Thursday, almost a week ago, I finally decided to get one. As I said in my other story, I could never do any of these things when I was living at home and especially when I was under 18. So now that I am older, I have decided to take my life into my own hands with these matters, and get it done. My grandmother, whom I ... read more

First Piercing Experience

I was thirteen going on fourteen and I knew there was only one thing I wanted for my birthday: a standard eyebrow ring. My sister and I often talked about what kind of piercing we always wanted and while talking about it one day, my sister told me I should just flat out go to my mother and ask. Being the timid pre-teen I was, I was not sure of how my mother would react. On one hand, the piercing was relatively cheap and could always heal if I wanted to remove it. On the other hand, I'd be the ... read more

Bridge Piercing - the Fourth Hole in my Nose

Most of my previous piercings and piercing stretches have been self-done. These included 1/2" lobes, 4g lobes (second hole), 8g lobes (third hole), 8g tragus (left side), 14g right outer conch, 16g nostrils (both), 8g septum, and a 14g navel piercing. I also have three tattoos. I contemplated the bridge piercing for over five years before deciding it was finally time. I pinched the bridge of my nose and looked longingly into the mirror. I felt like the piercing "belonged" there. Something was clearly missing on my face. With a caliper and skinskribe marker, I began searching for the perfect ... read more

My first piercing

I have always loved getting piercings. I've pierced my own ears multiple times at the age of 13 I fell in love with the eyebrow piercing. My dad agreed to let me get it for my birthday, but neither of us having any experience in getting real piercings besides ears, we didn't realize we had to bring a birth certificate and had to turn around and go back home. It took my dad another year to bring me, but he finally did August before my freshman year in highschool. I brought my boyfriend Paul with me and I was so ... read more

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