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Nasallang Experience

rst off, I was a rather experienced piercee when I decided to get this done. I allready had twenty-something piercings and I lean towards quality, unusual piercings rather than just quantity. I have also done several piercings myself on others. I say this only to give some credibility to my experience and how it compares to other piercings. Well, I originally saw the nasallang pierce in an "In The Flesh Magazine", I read all about Cliff Cadavers newest creation and was instantly intrigued by it. Last year, I finally went out to get it. I new this would be a ... read more

that didn't hurt at all (nostril piercing)

ike most young'n's who write their stories here, I had to go through a series of begging my parents fo let me get my nose pierced since I'm 14. I went through the whole thing with my mom saying its not very feminine....blah blah blah. So after a few monthes my mom said I could get my nostril pierced (finally..i had wanted it done since March and it was now August). There were only 3 piercing studio's in the yellow pages so I called the 2 that were closest. I heard that one, Miraculous Creations, wasn't that good because they ... read more

Violating My Septum at ACME in Cincinnati, OH

l started about 8 months ago when i got my ears pierced , since then i have been hooked on body piercing. About a month ago i decided it was time to get another piercing but my dad is uncool with the whole piercing thing so i needed something i could hide; this left 3 options: 1)a genital piercing, 2)my tounge 3)or my septum. Well the first was way out of the question, the second is still a possibility, but the third was, what i thought, the best option. I have always been attracted to septum piercings, they are so ... read more

I did it myself

thought I would share my nose piercing experience with all of you. Who knows, maybe it will inspire someone to go and get it done. I don't think it is something that needs to be feared. I find that it is something I have enjoyed ever since it was done. I would definitely recommend getting your nose pierced if you are at all interested in it. I find that it is the least obtrusive piercing, besides the ear. It is also, in my opinion, one of the easiest piercings to remove if you feel it is not for you, once ... read more

Bridge at Snakeman's

e thing I've never gotten used to as a piercer is getting pierced myself. After a few abortive attempts at self piercing, where, to be brutally honest, I chickened out, I decided, with one exception, to find another piercer I could trust to do the job right, and take my body to them for poking holes in when the urge took me. I had to move to the DC area for other work recently, so started looking around to find a piercer for my bridge piercing. I'd been wanting one for quite a while, but the opportunity never presented itself. ... read more

The beauty of my Septum

the splender of my septum piercing. How beautiful it is to have a piercing that only you and your close friends know about. I have wanted this piercing for quite a while, but after I read about how symbolic one can really be.....that's when I was convinced. Symbolic, eh? Ok, first off I would to say that my parents are really really REALLY strict, and if they saw this in my nose, they would pull it out then kick me out. No joke. So why take the chance? That is where the symbolize comes into play. This piercing not only ... read more

my bloody nose

lways been the kind of person to impulsivly do things that i want to do. Several times i grew my hair long and then suddenly one day decided to shave it all off. Well now my little habit of changing my appearance has moved from hair to piercings. I started getting piercings about a year ago. I got 3 ear piercings then, then about a month ago came my tongue. Then shortly after that i pierced my ears a few more times myself. Then about two weeks ago i dicovered BME and that made me think about piercings in a ... read more


it hurt! i was talking to my friend thru icq today, and i asked her whether i should get a nose piercing or not, and she was like go for it, it will suit you. and I had been wanting a nose piercing for like EVER. so yeah anyways, i went to stinky fingers, the closest piercer so i told them i wanted a nose piercing, and they were like 'ok, show us some ID' and i showed them my student ID, and they told me 'no, you have to have a better ID, do you have your maryland ID' ... read more

My nose.

it was the 8 month mark for me and my boyfriend and we wanted to do something together, he had wanted to get his tongue pierced for a while and I had just asked permission to get my nose pierced and mom said okay and handed me $50. So we got in my car and drove to Groton to get something pierced. He went first, I was so convinced it was going to hurt, i mean this is one of the strongest muscles in the body he is just about to put a hole in not to mention his mom ... read more

Nostril piercings DO hurt!

here I am again! This is my fifth piercing experience (6th if you count the fact that my first navel piercing rejected & I had to get it redone!), which is my right nostril...I already have (in the order that they were done) my tongue, navel, both nipples, & now my poor right nostril! I really shouldn't say it that way because it doesn't hurt at all now (I just got it done 2 nights ago) but the actual piercing was a whole different thing...keep reading... I've wanted my nose pierced since I was like 14 (I am 28 now) ... read more

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