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My Septum....FINALLY!

always loved piercings and this summer I received my first...a belly button. I was very happy with it but I wanted something more original and different since everybody and their mother has their belly pierced. I had always wanted my septum pierced. One- because it is a very cool looking piercing and Two-its unusual and I think its visually pleasing if done on the right face. Well...my parents are TOTALLY against piercings of any kind but I knew that if you were pierced with a septum retainer you could easily invert it and hide it in your nose. But me, ... read more

Cartilage hurt more!

aught the piercing bug. I love piercings and I sometimes find myself looking at pictures online for hours. I've seen people with their noses pierced before, but one day I saw a picture of a girl with a septum piercing on bme, and she looked great! The circular barbell she had in was beautiful. From that moment on I decided to get my septum pierced. After looking at the picture I ran into my bedroom to get a CBR without the bead. I thanked god for my eyebrow piercing and put the ring in my nose. I thought it looked ... read more

Finally A ring for a king

irst let me start off by saying I have been into piercing for about 2 years now. Im 16 and when I was 14 I saw the septum on a very beautiful woman. The first one I had seen in person. Other then that When I was 8 I saw several tribes on T.V. have large septums, bones and wood plugs were in place. Very beautiful it was. I have my eyebrow pierced and my tongue and a few small earrings so Im no stranger to being pierced. I saw the septum for the final time on bme and I ... read more

Mother-Daughter Piercing Extravaganza

weeks ago I had my left nostril pierced. I'd wanted a nose piercing since I was sixteen years old. When I was a teen Goth chick waaaay back in the late 80s, I'd sometimes superglue a bead to my nose before I went out to a party or a show. Piercings weren't big like they are now and if there was a professional piercing shop in my city, I certainly didn't know about it. I loved the attention I got when I'd wear the pretend nose stud. I remember going to a Depeche Mode concert (hee hee) in the summer ... read more

Migrated septum piercing.

ntly began a body piercing apprenticship at Skin Splurge , in Martinsburg, Wv. I had been thinking about a career in body piercing for a long time. I had performed many home piercings on myself, as well as many piercing for friends, which have all turned out very well. To me, my piecings are a part of my body. An extension of it. I am very comfortable with them. I decided that being a piercer was the best way for me to be comfortable with my career. It also seems like a good future. With all the piercings performed on ... read more

My Septum Experience

and merry meet, my name's Shelly (as you probably guessed from reading my name in the upper corner there), and if you're reading this, I'm assuming you are either A) wanting a septum piercing and are therefore researching it (good for you!!) and/or B) are interested in piercing experiences in general, so I will try to give both factual information on the procedure and information on my emotional and spiritual experience as well. First off, let me start by giving you some information about me. I am 23 and currently studying for my PhD. I am by no means *new* ... read more

Nose Teeth

hout my life I have always been intrigued by body modifications. A friend of mine introduced me to BME and I've been hooked since. I've gone through life wondering if I was weird for wanting to have jewelry in places other than my ears. I have admired and wanted a septum piercing for about 3 years now. Until recently I had not met anyone with this piercing. Then after getting involved with the rave culture I met many people with it and decided to finally stop waiting and to get it pierced. Unfortunately at this time my dad does not ... read more

My nostril, the epic

cision to have my nostril pierced was an easy one-- where I live, believe it or not, it's a really uncommon piercing. "Everyone and their borther" have eyebrow, navel, or labret piercings, but nostrils are pretty rarely punctured around here. I wanted a facial piercing that wasn't likely to interfere with my work, but would still be "different". The nostril was the obvious choice. Choosing the studio wasn't hard, either. I'd already had my navel piercing done by Melanie at Damage, Inc, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so I knew I'd go back to her. Unfortunately, the day I chose ... read more


3 years old now and it al started eleven years ago. my older sister who is five years older than me came walking together whit my sevenyears older sister in the to the house having got one piercing each trew of ther navel and my older litle ring trew her eyebrow and the oldest two nostril studs. i asked imeditley if i coot get a piercing trew my nose and navel to . my father sad somthing like" now way in hell" but my mother didn't sad that ad all . she said on your 12th birhtday if you still ... read more

My Nostril Piercing Experience

When I got my nose pierced I had just turned 15. it was sorta my birthday present. for months i was begging my parents ot let me get my tongue pierced. well, they said no. So i tried to think of something else to get pierced. I dont really have that much room left on my ears ( i have 10 piercings in each) and the only other thing that i can get done in there is my Tragus and anti-tragus (which im getting done next weekend) and my rook, which i dont really want done, but i know i ... read more

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