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My septum and the piercing that relates to it

ly, a friend of my father asked me why the hell I got my septum pierced. I informed him that my nose just wasn't giving me the same thrill it once did, and the piercing was there to jazz it up a bit. He accepted this as a valid reason. My dad laughed at my comment, and claimed that I had the piercing to make me more "punk rock." I in turn laughed at my dad, because laughing is all one can really do when they hear their elderly parents grumbling about the punk rock. My parents seem to have ... read more

Band Aids must scare away customers

I was about a month before my 18th birthday thinking "What am I going to get pierced?" I had always had a fasination with piercings, but I had to wait until I was 18 to get anything done because my parents would not consent. Which I understood, it was their beliefs, but they also said that once I was 18 it was my body and they had no control. So anyways...I started to contemplate a tongue ring which I thought seemed so sexy. However, even though most people talk fine a few days after getting it done, knowing my luck ... read more

Birthday Septum

little backround information about me before you read about my experience. So, I've been getting non-ear piercings since I was 14, and currently have a labret, double tongue, both nipples, inverse navel and septum piercings. I have also had 2 nostril and 2 other navel piercings but decided to take them out. I have a habit of getting thing's pierced as a way to celebrate occasions, and for my Seventeenth birthday I was dead set on getting my cheeks pierced. I managed to get an appointment with a really good piercer in a city near where I live for the ... read more

low septem

had my septum pierced for about a year now, i was fifteen when i got it done, i had had few piercings but was very interested in the septum. I was kind of worried about other peoples reactions, i am not one to care about what people think but i wanted to get some feed back because i need a cash flow and thats not going to happen if people think i look too wierd. And as it turned out, every one i asked said that they get negative responses out of thier bosses. So i was a little skeptical ... read more

Crying during a septum piercing does not mean you're a baby

here's how it all took place. I'd been planning on getting my Septum pierced for a good while but had been putting it off for no real good reason other than I was lazy. Finally one day I decided "you know this is what I want and I have no reason not too" so I headed out the door with my roommate in tow to walk the 3 blocks to planet 3 piercing. First off let me tell you how much my piercer rocks. I had had a few piercings done by Joel before and let me tell you I'd ... read more

Secret Septum

can't believe I finally did it, today I had my septum pierced! I have always thought that on the right person, these piercings really look cute. They make the face look so symmetrical. I had my doubts though. I wasn't quite sure if it would suite me. I'm not new to the piercing fad, at the present moment I have three lobe piercings in each ear, both tragus's, my right Rook, a cartilage piercing in my left ear, my nose, my navel, my tongue and now my Septum. About three months ago I was deciding on whether to have my ... read more


little bit about me to start maybe. My name is Rob, I'm 29 years old and live in a lovely city called Stoke on Trent, in the heart of England. I am currently studying for a degree in astrophysics (yes really !) and one day hope to win a Nobel prize (ha ha). I am a relative newcomer to piercing although I have several "standard" ear piercings the first of which I had when I was 13. I have sat countless hours under the tattooists gun but piercing was one thing that never really clicked with me until recently. One ... read more

pierced twice:my septum

septum pierced when i was 18, as a present to myself for getting back into college. I had wanted a septum piercing since I was 15 but I never had the guts, settling for a short-lived nostril piercing. Now at 18, in my second semester of college, I figured that a septum piercing would be a good way to celebrate getting my life in order. I am usually indecisive about piercings, i can never decide exactly what i want but this time I just wanted to go ahead and get it done. I decided to go to a studio near ... read more

My nostril Peircing (done the wrong way!)

g my Nostril Pierced will be an experience I will never forget. It hurt for about one second when I got it done and that's all! But anyways onto my story, It was the weekend after my birthday and I wanted to get something pierced because my parents are so anti-holes in the face type of thing, heheh But I still begged them to let me get something pierced at first they said no but I kept bugging them for about 2 hours until they settled for the nostril to be pierced, I didn't care what kind of piercing it ... read more

The perfect piercing

a while now the piercing itch has been bugging me. I already have both nipples horizontally and vertically pierced as well as a navel project and 8 various ear piercings and tongue. And a collection of tattoos mostly done by my boyfriend Glenn Vail who works at Tattoo Deity. ( sorry for the shameless plug) Now the problem was my job is OK with my pink hair and visible tattoos but is very against visible piercings. Which totally doesn't make sense to me but hey whatever. And well since I like and need my job I needed to pierce something ... read more

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