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Nose piercing by ME

day was the most shittiest of shitty days EVER in this household, so I decided I'd just get away from it all, and went into my room, cranked up Slipknot, and lay on my bed. I can't do this for very long as it kinda gets boring... anyways! I got up, and sat in-front of my mirror, and toned my face. afterwards I looked at my face again, and thought 'I can't wait to get my eyebrow pierced!!!' - as I plan for it next week sometime. Anyways, I held a barbell up to my eyebrow and thought 'Hmmm is ... read more

Boring taxman - never!

only been on the Net for a brief while. I came across B M E more by luck than anything. I do not know many people with piercings, at least piercings other than the basic ear lobe variety. This is not (I hasten to add) because I'm "Billy no mates" but simply because the people I mix with don't care for them or work seems to get in the way. That's one reason why BME is so great. It's like having 200 mates who you can ask about a particular piercing experience - in my case a septum. I'm not ... read more

Thats does fit, I'll try another size! Story about my septum

thinking about getting a new piercing for about 2 months (as the entertainment value of my other piercings - labret, eyebrow and tongue had pretty much faded). Id seen the septum piercing many times before and kind of viewed it as a 'Hardcore piercing' but I liked the look of it non-theless. Also I liked its practicality due it being possible to 'hide it' with a retainer. Another good point about the septum is the fact that it is easily stretched which is something that appealed to me. My friend mentioned he was going to see 'Mr Van Dyke' at ... read more

My Parents are not very Observant

lly got my tongue pierced. I've been wanting it for about 2 years after seeing my friend get hers done. I've always wanted piercing, I tried to pierce my eyebrow about 4 years ago after seeing Daniel John from Silverchair had his done. I was probably about 16 then, this really did not work. About a year later I pierced my nose, accidentally really, I had a sharp earing and I just slowly pushed it through while talking on the phone. I kept it for about 4 days, then I got annoyed with it, the inside tickled my nose, my ... read more

30 minutes

g my septum pierced has been on my mind for quite some time. I had my nose pierced once before, last time was my left nostril. It was the text book example of how NOT to get a piercing done. I was 18, in my college dorm, I had my face pushed in to a pink satin pillow & I had a cork shoved up my nose. My friend was SLOWLY shoving a safety pin needle into my nose (sterilized by a lighter flame). It was EXTREMLY painful. Afterwards I had a silver earring hoop in my nose. Not surprisingly ... read more

I didn't even feel it! (Septum)

y, all of my other piercings were settling in. My nostril piercing (ever my constant bane) seemed to have decided to cooperate, the nipple was, for all intents and purposes, healed, and recovered from the jewelry change (switched to a straight barbell from a circular one), and only the piercings in my left ear (4 of them) were still in what I'd call the "actively healing" phase. Even those were calm and quite low maintenance, and so with my newest baby (vertical hood piercing) only a week old, I decided to go ahead with my plans for my tenth piercing; ... read more

And it only cost $207

9; I had my nose pierced a year and a half ago, but after having it pierced for seven months I had to take it out for a sports competition. By the time I was able to put the ring back in, the hole had healed enough that the ring wouldn't fit back in the piercing. I left it out and didn't think about getting it pierced again until around the time school started this year. I missed the piercing in my nose and went back to the studio where I normally get my piercings done. The girl who had ... read more

my first septum

wanted a piercing for a few years, I'd been deciding what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to get either my eyebrow, lip or septum pierced, but because of work, I never really made a serious thought as to actually going through with it and getting it done. None of my jobs have ever allowed visable piercings. I'd gotten tattoos in the past which are hidable and I love them. So my train of thought was if I can handle a tatty, I can handle a piercing. It would be my first piercing other than the 12 on my ... read more

I've got a giant booger up my nose!

so I got my vertical hood piercing about a month ago now, and not long afterwards decided I wanted another piercing. I knew pretty much straight away what I was going to have - I've had an interest in septum piercings for a few years now, but never had the courage to go through with it. My hood was healing beautifully, and seemed settled so I decided to get on with the septum piercing and booked my appointment for a Saturday afternoon. The receptionist at the studio said I didn't need an appointment but I asked him to pencil me ... read more

Septum Synopsis

ound: I'm a 26-year-old technical consultant living in Austin, Texas (the greatest place to live in the world – no kidding). My piercing history is relatively brief – I used to have my lobes (2 on each) and my right nostril (done with a gun, ouch); but now I proudly sport a 4 gauge titanium barbell through my tongue and my latest addition – a 12 gauge black niobium retainer through my septum. I have been contemplating this piercing for almost 3 months now. I have always thought that septum piercing was 'extreme' and never seriously considered having one, especially ... read more

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