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re i am in desparate need of another hole in my body. after hours upon countless hours of diligent research (surfing bme) i decided on a septum piercing. sure, it's one of the more painful piercing according to most people who already have them; but what the hell, you only live once and i guess i'm just a glutton for punishment. for a week or so i used my pointer finger and thumb to squeeze my septum as hard as i could to see if the actual piercing act would hurt. it didn't seem so bad with my fingers so ... read more

Less painful than having your eyebrows waxed!

my nose pierced is something I had been interested in since my sophomore year in Highschool. Back then, I only knew of one person who had their nose pierced and they'd had it awkwardly done with an ear-piercing gun. She had to wear regular post earrings in her nose and it was a big old mess, to put it mildly. Since I have seasonal, food and other wonderful allergies I was always concerned about being able to blow my nose / sneeze without discomfort and difficulty. With my luck, I'd accidentally snort the back off of the earring while sick, ... read more

Cute Grrrrrrly Septum????

what can I say, I have been MADLY obsessed with body mods since I was like 8 years old. I used to walk around our village with a Pocohontas dolls bracelet through my nose to look like a nostril ring - yeh, pathetic I know but c'mon I was 10. Then I went in2 a shop with it (this is where the touble starts) unfortunately I was blessed with an opinionated poison dwarf behind the counter. All I wanted was a packet of Chewing Gum, but I walked out with a whole lot more. The shop assistant - mentioning no ... read more

Baby blue bead septum

Story. I had been interested in piercings for some time, I never really considered one on myself though. A friend of mine and I were talking one day and he was talking about how much he wanted one of his nipples pierced, I told him that I really wanted a labrette. We talked a little while longer and we were getting pretty excited about the idea. We decided that we would get them done after exams (2 months away). He called me that night and asked me if I wanted to go after school tomorrow and get pierced, I searched ... read more

Square Dancing, Burritos and Dermal Punches

to have my septum pierced. Many moons ago I had a typical 14-gauge horseshoe in there, fitted so it could be hidden at work, but I lost it. I can't remember what show it was, I think Korn, but I got kicked in the face or something, and about two weeks later I had this huge pus-filled abscess in my nose. That was about the point I decided that I didn't like my septum, a choice I ended up regretting. I missed it so much after I took it out. After I took out my septum, I let it heal ... read more

My Own Septum

s is my second nose piercing, but my first septum. I have always been fascinated by the septum because it's considered one of the "hardcore" piercings. I have this extreme fetish with doing my own piercings, I've been doing my own and others for years...I decided that I needed a piercing that not too many people around here had, so septum was it. I don't like all the trendy piercings, the shock value goes down a lot when too many people have the same piercing. I didn't want to be one of those people who follow every trend there is. ... read more

Septum and stetches

let me start by saying that I have always found septums and bridges to be the most attractive piercings. I have always wanted to get a septum piercing but was reluctant to because I work at a library and they have a pretty strick dress code. Then I met a girl, Lisa, at a local goth club (Tyr)who had her septum pierced. She showed me her septum retainer and told me that I could hide it at work. I decided that I was going to get my septum done the next day. I set up an appointment with my favorite ... read more

pierced by my apprentice

e been training jen for a good while now, shes got most of the basic ones down well(lobes,navel,tongues,nipples..). So a kid we know came in and wanted his septum done, I told him that if he wouldn't mind, Jen would do it for the price of the jewlery, and that I wouldn't even let her do it if I didn't feel she was up to it, which I did. So that went wonderful, Jen has a really steady hand and has a very good bedside manner..the fucker was straight as an arrow. Amazingly enough, right after that, another septum came ... read more

My Parents are not very Observant

lly got my tongue pierced. I've been wanting it for about 2 years after seeing my friend get hers done. I've always wanted piercing, I tried to pierce my eyebrow about 4 years ago after seeing Daniel John from Silverchair had his done. I was probably about 16 then, this really did not work. About a year later I pierced my nose, accidentally really, I had a sharp earing and I just slowly pushed it through while talking on the phone. I kept it for about 4 days, then I got annoyed with it, the inside tickled my nose, my ... read more

30 minutes

g my septum pierced has been on my mind for quite some time. I had my nose pierced once before, last time was my left nostril. It was the text book example of how NOT to get a piercing done. I was 18, in my college dorm, I had my face pushed in to a pink satin pillow & I had a cork shoved up my nose. My friend was SLOWLY shoving a safety pin needle into my nose (sterilized by a lighter flame). It was EXTREMLY painful. Afterwards I had a silver earring hoop in my nose. Not surprisingly ... read more

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