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My Own Septum

s is my second nose piercing, but my first septum. I have always been fascinated by the septum because it's considered one of the "hardcore" piercings. I have this extreme fetish with doing my own piercings, I've been doing my own and others for years...I decided that I needed a piercing that not too many people around here had, so septum was it. I don't like all the trendy piercings, the shock value goes down a lot when too many people have the same piercing. I didn't want to be one of those people who follow every trend there is. ... read more

Septum and stetches

let me start by saying that I have always found septums and bridges to be the most attractive piercings. I have always wanted to get a septum piercing but was reluctant to because I work at a library and they have a pretty strick dress code. Then I met a girl, Lisa, at a local goth club (Tyr)who had her septum pierced. She showed me her septum retainer and told me that I could hide it at work. I decided that I was going to get my septum done the next day. I set up an appointment with my favorite ... read more

pierced by my apprentice

e been training jen for a good while now, shes got most of the basic ones down well(lobes,navel,tongues,nipples..). So a kid we know came in and wanted his septum done, I told him that if he wouldn't mind, Jen would do it for the price of the jewlery, and that I wouldn't even let her do it if I didn't feel she was up to it, which I did. So that went wonderful, Jen has a really steady hand and has a very good bedside manner..the fucker was straight as an arrow. Amazingly enough, right after that, another septum came ... read more

Oh hell yah

o start off, I'm thirteen, my mom is against piercings, and I love piercing. BEGGING: I had been asking my mom for about 6 months if I could get any piercing. It all started when I saw this dude on the corner of the street with a whole bunch of piercings. So I asked my mom if I could get my septum pierced. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "HELL NO". (Later she asked me what a septum was) That pissed me off. So then I started looking on the Internet for info. That's when I ... read more

Second Nostril Piercing

ad my left nostril pierced for years upon years. That one was done with a gun when I was 16, before I knew anything about piercing, but that's another story. (Luckily that piercing healed without complication.) I've always toyed with the idea of having an identical piercing on the opposite side of my nose, but I wasn't sure if it would look pleasing or if it would look silly. Actually I wanted nostril screws shaped like spikes so it would look as though my nose had been pierced straight through. (I have the average nostril screws--balls--and I actually like this ... read more

Finally, I got my nosed pierced!

een interested in piercing for a long time, but until I turned 14 I didn't even think to ask my family. I lived with my aunt and uncle then, and they are rather conservative. So when I was 14 almost 15, I moved in with my mom again, and asked can I get my nosed pierced. I think they look really good, and not too many people have them here. So I asked if it was cool and I was expecting a no, so she shocks me with a yes. I did research on nose piercing to see if I ... read more

My pain-free nose stud in the UK

reading many stories about piercings going wrong, and pain, and generally stories from American people, I decided I would ask the question: "Why must people have rings throught their nose?" Seeing as I live in the UK, I've found people over here have much better taste in piercing. Okay, so there's the odd freak. But in general, we know what we like and we like what we have. I'm 14, and most girls in our school have their nose done. But why must this be done with a needle? It means you can have a ring, but frankly, who wants ... read more

hole? what hole?

s it about septum piercing that is so unacceptable? I've had a total of about 20 piercing at one time or another and it's the only one I was not aloud to be in my parent's house. Like any other first paycheck of a job there are 2 things you have to do with it, with very little exceptions. A: Get fucked, drunk and blazed B: Get a hole or two So I got up that friday morning and went to work, I spent most of the day anticapating the new piercing I was about to get. At the time ... read more

Nose piercing by ME

day was the most shittiest of shitty days EVER in this household, so I decided I'd just get away from it all, and went into my room, cranked up Slipknot, and lay on my bed. I can't do this for very long as it kinda gets boring... anyways! I got up, and sat in-front of my mirror, and toned my face. afterwards I looked at my face again, and thought 'I can't wait to get my eyebrow pierced!!!' - as I plan for it next week sometime. Anyways, I held a barbell up to my eyebrow and thought 'Hmmm is ... read more

Boring taxman - never!

only been on the Net for a brief while. I came across B M E more by luck than anything. I do not know many people with piercings, at least piercings other than the basic ear lobe variety. This is not (I hasten to add) because I'm "Billy no mates" but simply because the people I mix with don't care for them or work seems to get in the way. That's one reason why BME is so great. It's like having 200 mates who you can ask about a particular piercing experience - in my case a septum. I'm not ... read more

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