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Homedone Septum !

This experience is about my 16g septum, that was done by a, pretty much, apprentice piercer in my friends bedroom, the home of two dogs and a cat ;). I don't think anyone should have anything pierced the way my friend and I did. When I first saw a septum piercing when I was in about 5th or 6th grade, I've always wanted one. They looked so good, and the idea that I could actually look like Fernand the Bull excited me. I was about 12 or 13 then, and my parents would never have let me get one, they ... read more

Do septum piercings really have to hurt a lot?

I usually start experiences with explaining why did I choose to get the piercing in question. Well, in this case, I have no idea where did the idea come from. One day I just wanted it and I knew that I would get it soon. Having been a little disappointed in the piercing studio I went to previously, I was looking for a new reputable place to try. Zagyvai Gábor (iam:wyrd) has a really good reputation with a really impressive portfolio. I mailed him on IAM and soon we agreed on an appointment. When I woke up today, I couldn't ... read more

DIY septum done right!

DIY: do-it-yourself. That's not something I live by or enjoy hearing when it comes to piercing. I haven't done a "DIY" piercing on myself since I was 15, so why now? When I hear "DIY" or "self-done piercing" I think of teenagers puncturing their flesh with safety pins that have been "sterilized" by fire or alcohol. I never wanted to be like that, and never wanted to be grouped with that, so it's hard for me to say that my septum is "DIY". It's been about a year and a half since I got my septum pierced for the first ... read more

Big fuss over nothing

Back in September someone turned up in my class at college with their nose pierced. I thought it looked really nice but never really thought about getting it done myself until a month or so later. We were talking about piercings in a lesson and I decided that 2 in each lobe was boring and not enough for me. I decided against navel, as everyone had it, and nobody would see it as I rarely bare my stomach. In the end it was between helix and nose (nostril). I thought I had better ask my parents because although I was ... read more

a hellish battle for my nose stud *and combat tips for granulomas on nose piercings*

My nose was pierced for the first time last year, around mid Febuary. On the right nostril, the piercing was done at a professional studio. Already a keen bmezine reader, I made sure the studio was clean, and followed precise aftercare instructions for one week; until I (doped on sleep at 6am) raked a towel across my face after a shower and knocked the stud out. Now, for anyone who hasn't tried... trying to get a steel nose screw into a one-week old piercing is HARD. Especially if you're 15, half-asleep, panicking, bleeding everywhere and dealing with your first (voluntary ... read more

Why you shouldn't trust your friends to pierce you.

In the summer of last year, I finally talked myself into getting my septum pierced. I had found septum piercings to be interesting for a while, but I had no way of getting it done. I didn't want to do it myself because I wouldn't have even known where to begin ,so when the opportunity for someone "trained" to pierce me presented itself, I knew I couldn't turn it down. This aforementioned "trained professional" was actually a friend that had recently moved back into town and claimed he had went through and eight-week body piercing course. While I'm sure these ... read more

What are you doing with that needle?!

I got another piercing,I already have my madonna and 6 ear piercings (a few which I recently just reinserted after almost a year of not having anything in). My piercing choice of the day: a nose piercing! I spent about 2 weeks trying to convince my parents. My dad wasn't crazy about it. He's more straitlaced. My mom gave up trying to convince me otherwise. They kept making stupid jokes about it too, like when I sneeze blablabla. Anyways. I was totally pumped for it the whole week. Finally it was the weekend. I went to Far East Plaza (I ... read more

Septum Trooper.

A couple of years ago, I was seeing this pretty cool guy with quite a few interesting body mods. I really loved them, and had always wanted to have some as well. And although, back then, because of the family and community that I was raised in, I was pretty straight-edged and did not have many of my own mods; I still wanted to start things off as interestingly as I could; so I decided to get my septum pierced. My boyfriend at the time was friends with this really cool guy; Shane. He was outgoing, really fun, and had ... read more

Nostril Piercing Experience

About seven or eight months ago, I was in the bus on my way back home and seeing my reflection on the window made me think: "What a plain face, something is missing... a piercing would be nice... a nostril piercing!". I wasn't really serious at the beginning, since my parents (specially my dad) are a little conservative against piercings. A few weeks later, we were having dinner (me, my boyfriend and my parents) and I started making a conversation (about piercings, of course), I'll not transcript the whole thing here since it's too long and I don't really recall ... read more

my little nose sparkly!

My my my... I dont know where I should begin! Alright, here goes. I've loved all mods since I was just a small girl. I'm talking everything from scarification to piercings to tattoos and back again! This all coming from a girl who must be about 7, maybe even 6, at the time! I was born to be a little wierdo :) ! And I figured I wanted a nose ring very early on. At this point I'm scaring the living Shit out of my mother! Hahaha... That's not all though. I also have decided, so far, on: (Top to ... read more

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