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Its worth it

OK so, I always thought the septum would be the last thing I'd get pierced, I always thought of it as a little absurd in a way and told myself I would never get it done. But as time when on, I found myself to love it, and soon I'd want to get it done so bad. I was supposed to get my eyebrow pierced for my 16th birthday, but as time went on I didn't get the chance to, so for my 17th birthday which had just pasted I decided on getting my septum pierced. Now where I live ... read more

Second nostril - your face is wonkier than you think.

My first nostril piercing, on the right, was done by myself when I was sixteen. I was, and still am a big fan of doing my own piercings, as long as I know I've got the resources and skill to do it in a sanitary manner with good results (don't do it if you don't have access to proper, sterilised piercing needles, etc.). I wanted to wear a ring in it eventually, and I like a slightly heavier look, so I chose to do the original piercing at 1.6mm. As I was still at school at the time I used ... read more

Its now or never

I guess I had been aware of wanting a septum piercing for a few years, but never really seriously considered getting one. Anyway, I could never have a piercing like that where I worked, its just not something anyone there would do! Then, in the space of a couple of days, I noticed two other fairly conservative looking people with beautiful looking septum rings. Its hard to describe why I liked them so much, they just seemed so perfectly centred and in proportion. I really wanted one! Then I met up with one of my friends at the pub one ... read more

really not as bad as you think!

Ok well this just happened yesterday {on the 22nd November 2008}, I wanted my nose pierced as my mum approved this and not a tongue piercing which is what I really wanted for a while now but just have to wait for my 18th so I took anything she would let me get. On the 20th of November I accompanied my friend jill to a piercing place that was about 45 minutes away called sharica's, which is not only a piercing place but also a sex shop. I wanted to get my nose done there and then but as I ... read more

"I Psyched Myself Out For THAT?" -- The Story Of My Septum

It's funny, really. Ever since I first got interested in body piercing (which was about 8 years ago, at age 13), I've been slightly turned off to the idea a septum piercing. Something about the way they looked just didn't rub me right. Now I'll admit that they look good on a lot of people, but I never really considered it as something I might personally do. Thus far, I've gotten navel, industrial, labret, tongue and nostril piercings. Though I no longer have my tongue or my labret, they were both wonderful experiences and I still fondly look back on ... read more

My Second (Third!) double nostril.

My Second Nostril! I've already written about my first nostril piercing, but I thought I'd talk about my second (technically third) nostril piercing as well. Now. I'd already had twinned nostril piercings at one point, lovely cute little things but unfortunately a month or so after I'd got the second hole done I'd developed the bastarding bump on the top of the hole. Needless to say I was gutted, I spent weeks trying to get it to calm down, sea salt soaks, babying it, tea tree compresses but nothing would make it go away. I wouldn't have minded too much, ... read more

Finally - a pretty nose piercing!

I've always thought nose piercings were cute - to be specific, the ones where you just have a small stone in the curve of the nostril (I know - unique, huh?). I don't really think the other ones are for me, but to each her own. In high school, several people I knew had ones, but my parents were dead-set against my getting one, so I sulked and forgot about it. For the next couple years, if somebody mentioned one, I would idly think about how I wished I could get that piercing, and then move on with my life. ... read more

My not-so-well-planned-out septum piercing.

I love piercings. Piercings, tattoos...anything of the sort. I've always been into it. They fascinate me, and I love seeing them on people. That's why I come here often - to see pictures of amazing piercings and tattoos that amaze me. So, I've wanted my septum pierced forever. Since getting my earlobes done long ago, I've always wanted more piercings, and so I started out slow - first a cartilage piercing in my left ear, then a nostril piercing done by a friend, one lip piercing in 2007, and one lip piercing earlier this year. I thought I was gonna ... read more


I have always wanted my septum pierced. When I first saw one I knew I wanted one, much to the chagrin of my parents and sister, who were still of the mind set that it is a "bull piercing". When I finally turned 18 I knew it was going to be my first piercing. A lot of my friends have septum piercings and when I asked them about it they all had different stories to tell. Some said it was the most painful piercing they have ever had and others said it felt like nothing. I was a bit worried ... read more

My Little Nose Screw

Lets start off by saying I never use to like nose piercings, I thought they were ridiculous and not very attractive. I had surgery on my nose about a year ago and I've felt like my nose doesn't look the same. Usually when I get a piercing, it comes out of the blue...oh I want my belly button pierced, my cartliege pierced...and this time it was no different. I wanted my nose pierced and I wanted it as soon as possible. My friend and I were talking about getting pierced and I told her I wanted my nose done and ... read more

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