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My Newest Piercing.

Okay so, I had been wanting my tongue pierced for quite a while but decided to gently ease my parents in to my piercing addiction, stretched my lobe, tragus and industrial. So they weren't all that surprised when I phoned them from my piercers. I had originally planned to go to Nirvana piercing studio just around the corner from GPS because my friend was going in for her microdermals but John was really sick and wasn't doing any lip or tongue piercings. My friend also realised she was ten pounds short so we decided to wait another week. Fast forward ... read more

Tongpiercing @ Dare2Wear [13.11.07]

In het weekend begon het langzaam tot me door te dringen. Het was inmiddels alweer halverwege november, dus is zou tijd zat hebben om een piercing te laten genezen vóór de tentamenperiode (een periode van weinig slaap en onregelmatig en slecht eten, dus niet super voor m'n weerstand). Ik had m'n mondelinge presentatie net gehad en hoefde dus een tijdje niet meer verplicht te spreken. Ik had als een van de weinigen het eerste tentamen gehaald (self-gift time!) en ik was zojuist door een vriend aan de kant gezet, dus "geen oraal contact" was opeens een veel minder groot bezwaar. ... read more


Disclaimer: I DO NOT advise that anyone else do their own piercing. As many people will tell you, you REALLY can have terrible things go wrong. I was just lucky that my whole face or mouth isn't paralyzed. I figured though that before piercings were done by "professionals" (NOT KNOCKING PIERCERS AT ALL!!)there were "un-professionals" and I figured I could handle it. This also isn't my first do it yourself piercing. If you are going to pierce anything yourself though the biggest thing and most important thing to remember is to keep EVERYTHING clean. Your mouth is already vulnerable to ... read more

My tongue

Ik ben al een tijdje geïnteresseerd in piercings, maar ik heb nooit de kans gehad om er eentje te laten zetten. Mijn ouders zijn tegen piercings, en zo heb ik er nooit eentje kunnen zetten. Tot ik op een gegeven moment begon na te denken over een tongpiercing. Die zouden mijn ouders niet zien, tenzij ik mijn mond wijd open zou doen of vreemd zou gaan praten. Van beide heb ik geen last, want ik doe mijn mond niet wijd open en ik ben bijna nooit thuis, dus hoeven mijn ouders me ook niet veel horen praten. Dus zo begon ... read more

Love my tongue ring

Ok, I should start off with a bit of background about myself! I'm 18 and have had a lot of piercing's in the past, I've had nose, belly button, ear lobes about 4 times and cartilage, 8 times! I also have a fairly low pain threshold. I had been thinking about getting my tongue pierced for about 2 years but was never able since my parents disapproved and said I had to wait until I was 18! So after a lot of humming and hawing, I decided I was going to get it done! But me being me, I kept ... read more

I Don't Need Your Venom

"WHY would you do something like that to yourself??" I'm sure there are a lot of you reading this who are also a bit too familiar with this statement. (Yes, statement, not question. Generally, the people asking don't really want to understand, they just want to express how they feel.) It's at this point where most of us would say it's who you are, it completes you, you wanted it... whatever your reason may be. A lot of those goggle-eyed onlookers will leave it there, with that look that says they'd rather stay baffled. But some of them persist. "But ... read more

Double Tongue Web

This is the story about my double tongue web piercing. I've always been such a huge fan of the pointless oral piercings like tongue webs, smilies and frownies. Of those three, my tongue web has been my favorite and the only one that's lasted an extended amount of time, hopefully forever. I initially pierced my tongue web about six or seven months ago. One of very few things I've actually dedicated myself to. I looked up every bit of information I could, got the needed supplies and the nicest jewelry I could find. After much frustration and more work than ... read more

Risks and other fun things

Every piercing comes with risks, as we all know. We read about other's experiences, we see all the risks, but we think "It'll never happen to me. I have a good piercer whom I trust/ I take care of my piercings/whatever" Unfortunately, it did happen to me despite the piercer I trust and the fact that I care for my piercings. And although it would be easy to blame the following events on an incompetent piercer, or an inconveniently small tongue web, I'll admit. I could've been smarter about everything. I could have realized sooner that this wasn't good. But ... read more

my first major piercing!!

Ever since I had my cartilage pierced I immediately knew I didn't want to stop there. I had a bunch of piercings like my nose, industrial, tragus, etc. done but I have always wanted to get my tongue pierced because lets face it.. i'm addicted to piercings. I was only 16 years old at the time and my parents said they would kick me out of the house if I ever came home with it done. I never believed them but I didn't really want to test them with that either. Some of my friends were able to hide their ... read more

Piercing #2, My Tongue Piercing Experience

After my first piercing which was a Prince Albert I thought it would be over for me, I got the piercing I wanted and that was it. Then when I explored more of BME, I was hooked and wanted to get more, and my major goal is to get my tongue split. Though research and talking to a former piercer I decided to get a tongue piercing in hopes of stretching out the hole in my tongue and prevent or limit re-growth. The major problem for me at the time was I was in school, yes I have a job ... read more

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