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My Tongue webbing

So. Being in college in this narrow-minded town permits me to get piercings with a substantial amount of looks. The other day, a woman was so rude...but that's included in my septum story. I was in college, and one of my mates came up to me and said that six of us was getting pierced, did I want to come with. That amount went down to four, then up to eleven, by the way. Sean's piercing studio loved us. Now, since I had 13 piercings at the time, located as: four in my lip (two top, two bottom) my nose ... read more

My new tongue

I'd wanted 2 centre tongue piercings for a while now, I just didn't have the money for them, and I wasn't prepared to go to a cheaper and probably less hygienic place. Finally, I knew when I was going to get the money, and I set a date. I woke up early one miserable Saturday morning, early because I was supposed to meet my friend in town, who was getting her tragus pierced.. However, she couldn't make it, but I had brought someone else along with me, who was thinking about a nostril piercing. I trekked up to the studio ... read more

Mon tongue web... les riques + quelques conseils (1ère expérience sur BME)

J'ai commencé à m'interresser aux piercings à l'age de 8 ans, précisément 2 mois aprés m'être fait percer mes lobes. J'ai lutté contre mon père pendan 4 ans pour me pour pouvoir me les faire percer pour la première fois, et je pense que c'est cette détermination qui m'a aidé à développé cette passion pour les piercings. J'en ai maintenant 15 et je suis très heureuse avec eux. Je ne pense pas que je vais écrire une expérience pour chacun de mes piercings, ça me paraît inutil mais bon... on verra. Je vais raconter l'histoire (ou plutot les histoires) de ... read more

Trying to find a suitable tongue eyelet

This is my ongoing experience to get a permanent hole through my tongue. I initially got my tongue pierced as soon as I got out of high school, roughly a year and a half ago. The reason I got it done was because I loved the culture behind BM but I didn't want any sort of piercings or tattoos that would look unprofessional. I still wanted to be able to get jobs at conservative places. I figured that a tongue piercing was (at least somewhat) hidden. I actually cannot remember where I got it done at but I was referred ... read more

DIY Tongue Web - Great Experience!

I think everyone who is into body modifications needs at least one abnormal piercing, tattoo, etc. I myself have had a few of these more uncommon piercings, although none of them lasted for a long time. So, for a little background information on my piercings. I have the standard double lobes, the second hole having closed up a while ago. Currently, my first hole has been stretched to a 0, going for a 00 soon. A while back I pierced my right nostril myself, and that wasn't one of my more bright ideas. Then came my first unique piercing; my ... read more

Tongue Piercing... Second time's a charm

It all started about 3 weeks ago when I decided that I wanted another piercing, and that I wanted to get my left nipple re-pierced after it had migrated out a year ago, for my birthday. I called around to a few friends and no one was able to go with me that day, so I actually planned it out with a friend to go on a Saturday morning. I've had several other piercings before this one but this was the first one that wasn't somewhere I thought I could clean easily and just not worry about. Nonetheless I gathered ... read more

Center tongue - common but not when it's yours!

This my experience of getting my tongue pierced. I'll skip all of the details about how long I waited before getting it, and why I wanted it etc. Suffice it to say, it took me a long while to take the plunge. The day arrived in July where I felt it was now or never. After a big lunch, I made my way to Perçage Esthétique in Montreal. Most of my piercings were done there, I really feel comfortable and in safe hands with them. The studio is always clean, the staff is nice and friendly and they really know ... read more

Tongue or no tongue ?

Well I'd always thought body piercings were horrible. Two of my friends had gone and gotten their tongues pierced at the age of 12 and I thought it was ridiculous. They came into school the next day and showed everyone and I immediately fell in love. I knew there would be no way that I'd be able to get it done even if I begged and pleaded as my dad is very old fashioned. I decided to leave it a while but in the time I left it I did much research on whether I'd be able to get it ... read more

Center tongue piercing at BodyMx Breda, The Netherlands

For some time now I had been thinking of getting a tongue piercing ever since I started noticing piercings more when stretching my lobes. It's sort of a facial piercing, but not in your face, and considering I work in health care (in peoples' homes, not a hospital) I wanted to not put my piercings too much in my clients views. They are mostly elderly, so I do want to take that into account a little. I started out with reading experience stories here on BME, and they sure varied a lot! People writing about how it didn't hurt a ... read more

The story of "that shiny object" in my mouth

Hi. So I'm here to tell you the story of my tongue ring. I got it pierced a little over 6 months ago, and I truly love this piercing. Its my favorite. It all started at the beginning of June. My husband, 2 friends, and I were at a hotel parting when the idea of getting tattooed popped into one of their heads. Thus me wanted to get my tongue pierced. I good friend of ours owned a shop up the road, so we made our way there at around 9 that night. He seeing us drunk and high, turned ... read more

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