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Words of advice from an irresponsible doctor

Hello! I have just recovered after a fairly gruelling tongue piercing experience which I would like to share to hopefully help other people get through it themselves! I'm 25, and I'm a junior doctor. This means I can't get any visible piercings or tattoos, my clothes have to be sensible, my hair natural-coloured. This drove me mad at first. How dare people say modifications would make someone less of a doctor! However, I am a lot more accepting of it now. Doctors have to gain the respect and trust of their patients; most of my patients are elderly and would ... read more

Tried the wisdom teeth diet, now trying the tongue piercing diet

So I'll start this off by saying that about 3 years ago, I swore to myself that I would never get a tongue piercing. They seemed too painful and just not worth it. But as I met some people who had them, they were little wussies and I figured well if these people can get it done, then so can I. So I had it all planned out as to where I was going to get it done, where I would get the money, etc. I'll just skip the whole part of how my parents would kick me out of ... read more

My tongue piercing

I had been contemplating to get my tongue pierced for some years. The thing that held me back wasn't necessarily the pain, but the fact that it wouldn't look good on me. I had read a lot of piercing experiences so I knew what I would be in for ,if the day would ever come I would walk into the piercing parlour. One faithful day I was having a drink in a local bar with some friends. The subject of piercings came up, and I said I'd been wanting to get my tongue done. A girlfriend of mine, who had ... read more

Learning about piercing studios the hard way.

I think this all started in around early April or so. I guess this story is one of the few times in life I've learned from a serious mistake. I guess I'll begin with explaining the situation to the best of my ability. Ever since I was oh, fifteen or so, I was fascinated with piercings of all kinds. I spent countless hours thinking to myself "I wonder what kind of piercing(s) I should get someday?" I was always browsing through pictures on web sites not unlike this one, wondering what each piercing would look like on me. Then there ... read more

Self done tongue piercing

Okay, first let me just say I am not recommending that you do a self tongue piercing. With that aside, here is my experience.. I got my tongue pierced two years ago. I absolutely loved it. I had it done professionally and took very good care of it. (My mom took me to go get it) Well only a few months later I lost one of the balls during the day while messing with it, and by the time I had the chance to get home, which was several hours later, my tongue had already grew over, and my beloved ... read more

NOTHING is classier than a chipmunk face and a lisp.

I pulled into the parking lot and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. After almost a year of waiting, I had finally decided to get it done. I was getting my tongue pierced. I usually went to Strange City on Whyte Ave, which is a shop I am very proud of having in my city. Today I had decided to check out a place that my friend told me she had gotten some of her piercings done at; she said it was pretty legit. When I went into Ritualistics I was greeted by a man at the ... read more

Tongue piercing and healing experience

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced for years, but I finally decided to do it in February 2009. I called and made an appointment two weeks ahead of time. When February 28th finally came I was really excited. My appointment was for 6:30 and I got there about 15 minutes early. They asked me to fill out a short form that basically said I didn't have any allergies and I knew the risks of the piercing. I had done a lot of research so I didn't need to read and consider everything on the sheet, I just read over ... read more

My Tongue and its Peircing

Tongue piercings first appealed to me when I went in with a friend to get her conch piercing and I started chatting to a girl waiting to get her own tongue done, she was so nervous but I was still there when she came out and it looked great. At the time I was only 15 (and a half) and had just got my eyebrow done so I didn't really think much on it. The a couple of months later I met a girl on a school trip who had her tongue done and it put the idea back in ... read more

My tongue-web piercing.

I've always loved piercings, but my parents hate them. I already have numerous ear piercings and stretchers, navel piercing and smiley, so I was looking for something discreet and easy to hide. I have a few friends who had pierced their own tongue-webs and they rejected, but I thought it would look good if done professionally, and it looked easy to hide. I researched people's experiences and the majority of people said it was a painless piercing so I wasn't too scared about getting it done. So last monday I went up town with my friend's to a piercer I ... read more

Perfect piercing.

So I'll start by saying my name is Kat. I'm sixteen years old and live in Syracuse. And my parents are 100 percent against piercing. Prior to getting my tongue pierced I had only had my ears done, with a gun unfortunately. The first holes when I was about 3 and the seconds when I was 10. After that my parents said I was done. They wouldn't even let me get my cartilage pierced. So I did it myself with no problems. And they didn't find out that for about two months. Since I obviously wouldn't stop there, about a ... read more

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