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Kane's Tounge Thrashing Exp.

b>DAY1 Hi, my name is Kane Friesen, I live in Lubbock Texas and am a 16 year old male that attends Monterey High school (like anyone cares). Well, recently I got a girlfriend and one night on the phone (or was it in person? no matter) she told me how she always thought it would be really awesome to kiss a guy with a tounge ring. Hence, the next day I broke the 'ol Piggy bank and headed out to INKFLUENCE (1-806-744-TAT2) to get my tounge pierced. I showed up at the place (with my mom) and talked to the ... read more

A positive tongue experience!

img src="tongue2.jpg" align=right width=303 height=369> After reading all of the *NEW* negative tongue piercing experiences, I had to sit down and write a positive one. I must first of all say that I never go into a pierce blind, without reading about it, researching it to it's fullest extent. I do alot of question asking (posting) and a lot lurking on recs.art.bodyart, and of course who could forget BME! Some of those stories are horrifying, but to any of you out there considering a tongue piercing, those horror stories seem to be in the minority. I went into Tattoo Zoo ... read more

Mike 17's tongue piercing

nter>Mike 17's tongue piercing... Day 1 (1/30/98) Friday Hello my name is Mike and I am a 17 year old Jr. at Southern Regional High School in New Jersey. I have been wanting a tongue piercing for sometime now (about 6 days) and I think it is about time to get one. Day 1 (after school) It is about 4:30 PM and I am waiting on my friends Ray and George to come over. Ray has like 7 piercings. One in his brow, and the rest in his ears. He had a tongue piercing but he swallowed it when he ... read more

The Sad Tale of My Tongue (@ Southern Thunder)

er being unduly influenced by having read rec.arts.bodyart for a while, I decided to get my tongue pierced. After a little checking around, I decided to go to Southern Thunder to purchase the services of their resident piercer, Marty Kasteler. The piercing studio is a small room off of the main lobby, nicely private and quite clean. When I arrived, Marty had already had a busy morning and had run out of clean tools -- I had to wait around for a bit while he cleaned up and autoclaved some tools. I didn't mind; this was my first piercing ever, ... read more

bad tongue experience

About one month ago I got my tongue pierced. It was something that I had thought about for awhile, but not seriously, because I never drempt that I could go through with it. My friend picked me up and didn't tell me that we were going to get it done that day. We were just driving around town and she said that she wanted to stop at the new piercing place down town. We went into the stuido and she started with the 20 questions which I was greatfull for because I wouldn't have had the nerve to ask. Apparently ... read more

The Tongue...

I started having my body pierced at the beginning of 1997. First I had a frenum done... that was a trip because I had never even thought about having it done..or any piercing for that matter. I was just sitting at home at around 6:00pm and thought "hmm, I think I want my dick pierced". I told my wife, she was a bit astonished... but by 7:30, Bear, the piercer at Forbidden Fruit had shanked me. (BTW, I highly recommend Bear, he was the guy on the cover of Body Play just a bit ago with the rack). Then, about ... read more


begged and begged, and finally they gave in. My dad finally agreed to take me to get my tongue pierced. I'm 16 and they wont pierce minors in Arizona without an adult, and you cannot be under 16 to get pierced at HTC. I got my tongue pierced at HTC of Tempe on October 10th 1997. I did a lot of research on tongue piercing and other piercings, i do suggest this, because i wasn't nervous at all even when i was sitting in the chair. I first went in and signed all the papers and the woman picked out ... read more

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