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Tongue Adventures @ Visual Addiction

decided to get my tongue pierced about a year and a half ago but did not take the time to get it done until January 98. When I finally decided to get it done I called a place called Visual Addiction in Carlisle, PA. I go to Shippensburg University which is relatively close to Carlisle. In addition, my friend recommended them. Finally on a sleeting, horrible day, my roommate and my friend Robyn took the 20 minute drive to Visual Addiction. There I met Chad, the piercer. Chad was so mellow and quiet as he explained the process and showed ... read more

Tongue Story

My name is Tom I am 19 years old and live in California. I had wanted to get my tongue pierced for about 2 months, the only other piercings I have are my ears 3 in the left ear and 2 in the right and I did those my self. Well the big day arrived June 6th 1998, I went to the piercing parlor The Gauntlet in San Francisco (http://www.gauntlet.com), I went with my cousin, aunt and my mother came to watch. When we arrived we walked to the top of the stairs and I told the women what I ... read more

My tongue piercing story... from hell

y tongue piercing story isn't as gruesome, disgusting, or stupid as some other stories, but I thought it was cool and interesting. By the way, I'm a 15 year old, live in a small town in Michigan called Cadillac, I'm a complete freak, the school hates me, and I'm the only one in my school with it done (or any off the wall piercing at that). A week after christmas I asked my father to let me get my tongue pierced, for the 50th time, and on Tuesday, January 6th, 1998, he agreed. After some over-rejoicing I got to calling ... read more

15/f From Ct got her tongue pierced

ey...i'm 15/f from CT...and...ive had my tongue pierced for 3 weeks so far!! And I totally love it!!! Its sooo much fun 2 play with...and its healing up really good...I havent had any bad experiences with it...but heres how my tongue piercing experience was... OK...I went 2 the piercing place on a Saturday afternoon, it's was raining..incase u cared...so anywayz...i was sooo excited to get it done, ive been waitin since april to get it done, and it was june, so I was totally ready to get it done. I went into the piercing place, I really never been into ... read more

My Tongue Piercing @ Saint Sabrina's

h4>Pre-Piercing For the last 2 1/2 years I have wanted to get my tongue pierced. I thought it was really cool looking and would be awesome. 2 Weeks ago I decided it was time to get it done. I kinda ran the idea by my friends to see what they thought. Everyone thought I was a moron except for Becky (close friend of mine), she thought it was really cool. She wanted to get hers done too, but her previous boyfriend wouldn't let her (Interesting sidenote - her current boyfriend was *very* against the idea as well). So we both ... read more

self done tongue web piercings

k--its been awhile since I found BME and yes I have wanted to contribute but it was not until now that I felt like I should so it. So here goes nothing. It was last winter, snow on the ground, that i was sitting in a booth in a small fast food joint. I sat there sitting with some friends, everyone talking, and laughing. But as for myself I was relatively bored with the whole thing, so I started to think of future plans and of what I was to do for new years. So naturally my mind wandered on ... read more

"Another hole in your head?!" (off center)

her hole in your head?!" (off center) "Another hole in your head?!" This is my second submission to bme, and my fourth piercing.... Well... I got my first tounge pierceing over X-mas '97.... My eyebrow over easter... My Navel pierced shortly after... By this time, i COMPLETELY forgot what it was like ( or what I had to put up with) to get my tounge pierced... I loved my first one, and started thinking why not another one... Off i went to Marty's tattoo & pierceing in Wellsville Ohio... I had decided on an off center pierceing with a hoop..... read more

A freak in hick town gets his tongue peirced

h3>My tongue experience I am a 14 year old male and I live in Spotsylvania Va. I wear makeup to school(Eyebrow pencil,eyeliner,lipstick,nail polish...) and I used to have really long hair(dreadlocks).I am usually in black and wear the occasional pair of fishnets on my arms.Bondage jewelry is common on me too.Anyway,considering my geographical location you can imagine my appearance doesn't go over well with the locals (Rednecks,wifebeaters,alchoholics and police). Even with these things weighing heavily on me I decided to get my tongue peirced.Since my mom despises the way I look I made a compromise with her (a forced compromise).She ... read more

My Great Tongue Piercing Experience

am writing this story to help calm the fears of others who want to get this done. I am one of the biggest wimps that has ever lived and so when someone tells you to get your tongue pierced it doesn't hurt you can believe them. One day my friends Rob and Suzi and I were talking about getting something pierced. We were thinking about what we wanted to get. Rob had already did his navel so it was the girls turn to do something. Suzi wanted to get her nipple done for Rob (you know how husbands are) and ... read more

Only a week and doing fine!

met a guy recently that had his tongue pierced. It was so sexy and looked so cool. I started thinking of what it would be like to have my tongue pierced...I started to notice a lot of people that had it done. Most were younger than me, either teens or in their twenties. I am 31. I have always been "unusual" and like to be different from any of my friends. I asked a lot of people about their experiences with tongue piercing and read a lot about it on the web and in articles, trying to decide if it ... read more

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