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My Tongue Piercing Experience

ell, finally, after 3 years of wanting..actually obsessing, and begging my parents, on the 15th of September, I FINALLY got my tongue pierced. My mom agreed to do it because my dad was away on a business trip, and she didn't want him to know she was taking me. (Isn't my mommy deviant? haha) So that morning, I got up, and my mom brought me the phone book, and told me to pick out the place I wanted to go and give her the number. I found a place called, Expressions Body Piercing, and I decided on it. I took ... read more

my tongue piercing story

i've been reading the other accounts on this site from people who have gotten their tongues pierced, and although they were quite infomative, there were a couple of things that nobody really seemed to mention. so in order to inform prospective piercees (or perhaps those who are already pierced and possibly freaking out from this problem) i want to tell my story. i got my tongue pierced by chrissy at the wildflower in fayetteville, arkansas. (for those who have never been to fayetteville, we're a pretty liberal, laid-back college town. not your average po-dunk, we don't go around wearing overalls ... read more

Tongue Pierce by Adam @ The Wall

>Tongue Pierce by Adam @ The Wall I've been piercing mad for about a year and a half now, completely obsessed with pictures, procedural stories, anything and everything I could get my hands on. In three months I'd all but coated my ears with metal and healing holes, all of them done by my roommate at the time. A tragus, anti-tragus, two orbitals, rimmed lobes, so much that I had to learn to sleep with my hand cupped a special way so I wouldn't be putting pressure on my piercings as I slept. But after a while I came to ... read more

Tongue, Navel, and Lip

eah! I got it. I've got three new piercings for 8 weeks now and I love them! It was not so easy as normal, because I'm 16 Years old and this is a difficult age if you want to get pierced. I needed more than three month to convince my parents, specially my dad, that piercing are very normal these days and much fun for a girl of my age, too. I wanted to do my lip, tongue and the navel. July 24th was my day! I managed a date in a very good piercing studio in Munich (cutglass) in ... read more

If a Spice Girl can do it, so can I!

a, Just thought I'd submit my story... Umm...about a month ago I got it into my head to get my tongue pierced and decided to check out some info about it on the web. I found this website right away and started reading about other people's experiences. It was definitely a great source of information so I knew what to expect when I went to get it done. So i thought that I'd send in a short story about my own experience. First of all, I have to point out that upon first meeting me and/or seeing me, I don't ... read more

Lisa's Tongue piercing and Uh Oh Braces.

Not that long ago, about 4 weeks ago I got my Navel pierced. My mom was ok with that. She thought it was cute. But I decided this wasn't enough. I want my tongue pierced. My mom sorda warped my mind by saying it was discusting but the more and more I thought about it, the cooler and cooler it seamed. It was Sunday the 15 of August. I was to start school Monday 24. The 25th I get braces. So I started talking to my mom about it constantly!! When we went grocery shopping I would Point out people ... read more

Tongue Piercing @ Mainline

b>Thursday Sept 3 1998 I am a 18 male and have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for a while now....today was the day. I went to Mainline in Gainesville, GA (decent). I told them I wanted my tongue pierced and before I knew it I had already swished with Listerine and was in the chair with clamps on my tongue. Now the clamps did not hurt, didn't even feel those but the needle hurt a little, dont let anybody tell you they cant feel it because you can. It isn't like a Sharp pain, just an uncomfortable pain ... read more

16/M Tongue Piercing @ DNA + STRETCHING

bout 3 weeks after getting my frenum pierced I had the urge to get something else. Actually I've had the urge to get another piercing since the day I got my frenum. Finally, the day has come! I decided to do my tongue, why? Hell I don't know, something I could hide from my dad (mom doesn't mind) Plus I like attention and I'm sure this could possibly help. Day 1. I set up the appointment for about 10pm. I ate my last meal, Del Taco, mmmmm.. how good cheap mexican food tastes when you know it will be your ... read more

A Hole and a Half: My Tongue Web

font size=+1>Part One: A half I've always wondered about the magic number 18- to us Americans, it says FREEDOM more so than our flag! When you're eighteen, you can do anything you want, you can get better jobs, you can ride a bicycle without a helmet, you can buy things off tv, you can surf the naughtiest pages on the net (if you want to, that it :shrug:), or you could, um, get your tongue pierced. Yeah, right! That's pretty much (in a nutshell) what my mom said to me after I popped this newly-founded ritual question many teens seem ... read more

Tongue @ Rock Bizar

First of all, I apologise for any spelling or grammar error which may have found its way into this text. My first language is not English (it's French), so I'll do my best. Now, for the story. I grew up in a small town in the province of Quebec, Canada. A pretty typical town where someone can get stared at from someone just by looking a bit different. Anyway, I had a pretty uneventful childhood and pretty "normal" teenage years. But, all of that was about to change with me going to university. Ok, it did not change that much ... read more

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