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Who Would Have Guessed? I got my tongue pierced!!!

On friday of last week I decided to get my tongue pierced. I had been wanting a tongue piercing for a while, but I did not know how my parents or friends would react. Yes I am over 18 years old, but i am still financially dependant on my parents and upsetting them would not be good. I am not look like the type of person to go out and get pierced, but I did anyways. I do not think that it was an act of rebellion simply because i am content on how my life is right now. I ... read more

Aaron's Tongue Piercing Experience - Cool!!

i my name is Aaron and I'm 17 years old and live in Southern California. I've been wanting to get my tongue pierced since about July of this year (98). I was always intrigued by people with tongue piercings, as I didn't see it often and I would just be amazed at it. When I saw someone with one I would just wanna keep looking and say Show me Show me!! Then a lady came into the restaurant where I work and she had her tongue pierced. And she was a mom! I started asking her where I would go ... read more

News! 40 Year Old Pierces Tongue! Film at 11...

>News! 40 year old Pierces Tongue!!! Film at 11... As you have guessed, I am 40 and not your typical "mom" type lady. I have had tattoos for the last 20 years of my life-13collected now-and swore up and down the only piercings that I would have in my body would be my ears. I had a breast reduction and lift so didn't want to pierce my nips, and my belly is NOT the kind that really could use a piercing... Then I met my friend Suz who had many piercings and I thought "Could I really do this?" She ... read more


ell here is my tongue peircing experience. OKay, first i'll give you all some background info. Ive wanted my tongue peirced since last year. I had originally asked to get it peirced as my 14th bday present. But my parents totally rejected the idea, i cried and screamed and even threatened then to go to a place where they would do it underage. Anyways, after a year of trying to convince them i came up with this idea. So me and my parents decided to do the compromise thing. THe deal was, as long as it didnt affect my braces, ... read more

my tongue web piercing experience

'm a 16 year old female and i decided to get my tongue web pierced a few weeks ago. anyway, i decided i would share my story with you. ok, i wanted to get my tongue pierced the regular way but my parents wouldn't go for that. then i saw a tongue web pierce and i really liked it. so i decided nobody would notice that. so i went and got mine done. when i went to my piercer, he talked to me for a while and made me feel comfortable before we went through with the pierce. after that ... read more

self tongue piercings

I became interested in body modification, mainly piercing and tattooing, when I was abou 12 years old. I remember the first time I saw a pierced tongue. the chick on the real work got one and they showed her getting it done. from that day on I had always wanted my tongue pierced my only problem was that I was so young and my parents were so against it. So, obviously, tattoos were also out of the question. But, eversince that day I have been experimenting with usually safety pins, I guess you would call it play piercing. I would ... read more

tongue piercing story @ sparks

ell, I started thinking about getting my tongue pierced about a year ago, when my friend got hers done. I thought it looked really cool, and i could definitely imagine myself with it. Well finally, about 2 months ago, i decided I was definitely going to go through with it. The hard part was deciding when because of work and school. I thought it would be a major inconvenience but later i found out I was quite wrong. Anyway, I decided to go on a Wednesday to a place called Sparks in New Brunswick, NJ. My friend had gotten body ... read more

15 year old tongue: the story of my mouth

k well im 15 and i live in the most boring town in new jersey. almost everyone in this small town is a trendy, gossiping, wanna-be perfect loser. to say the least, they aren't exactly my kinda peepz. so newayz im a sophmore in high skool and i've wanted to get my tongue pierced since i was in sixth grade. last year five girls got their tongue's pierced and i thought it was pretty cool. the only thing keepin me from doing it was the "my parents would kill me" thing. now i couldnt careless what they think, but they ... read more

my latest act of rebellion...kinda

ok, i just wanted everyone to know about my latest piercing, which by the way i am EXTREMLY proud of. ok, a bit about moi..i'm a 15 year old female, from Great Falls VA, but i am influenced by the weirdos down in sterling, who i love to death. I go to langley HS, which MTV has recently snobbiest in the country...ahh the joys of living in fairfax County. ok, so anywho, i already had 10 peircings, in my ears, and my parents threatened to send me to catholic school if i put another one in my ears. (i've done ... read more

Here's my tongue piercing story :D

got my tongue pierced for the first time about a year ago. Within a day of having it done, it swelled up past the entire length of the 1" barbell that was in it, and was spurting bloody-pus-looking stuff. It was really scary, so I went to the emergency room and had them take out my long-awaited tongue piercing. I spent almost a whole year debating about wether or not to try a tongue piercing again. In the meantime, I got a 14 gauge septum piercing which healed beautifully. :) Finally, on July 19th, 1998, I decided I wanted to ... read more

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