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Tongue piercing experience

>Tongue piercing experience For a week or so, my girlfriend and I were discussing getting our tongues pierced. She said she's wanted to do it for quite some time now, although I wasn't sure if I wanted to. However, I already have my septum and my left nipple pierced (as well as two earrings which don't count :-) and was looking for something else to pierce now. A few years back a friend got her tongue pierced and told me that it was pretty painless although the swelling that she went through was a real bitch. This is mostly what ... read more

pierced at last!

h3>Leading up to the Piercing I have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for SO long. I mean I have ALWAYS wanted my tongue pierced. Ever since my friend got her tongue pierced, I was hooked. I am under the age of 18, which means legally - no tongue ring without your folks. That definitely "killed the mood." My parents would never go for something like that! They cringed when I asked to get my belly button pierced! So, after careful planning, I sprung my idea upon my unsuspecting parents. "YOU WANT TO DO WHAT!?!?!?!" was the first reply. ... read more


Well lets see? My tongue pierced? Would it hurt? How would I eat? These are all of the questions that were running though my head as I took the ride down to the tattoo and piercing shop. But lets start from the beginning...... About a year ago, I came up with the idea to get my tongue pierced (It started when I heard from my buddy that it would be good for girls, and since I like that already, I got it done). Of course my mom was totally against it. But since I am a 24 year old male ... read more

My tongue piercing experience

Well, I have never written something like this in my life, so bear with me. First let me tell you all that I am only fifteen, and I still have a lot to experience in the field of piercings. It all started when I was a small child, when my brother who was seventeen at the time came home with his nipples pierced. I was the only person in the family not to shun him for any amount of time, mainly due to my age and that fact that I was very naive and open-minded. I can actually say now ... read more

my tongue piercing experience/net meeting :P

hree years ago, I remember seeing my classmate flash his new tongue ring in geometry class. After that, I was thinking that a tongue ring was pretty cool, looked neat, and I wanted to get one. Of course, the thought of getting one faded my mind, and instead over the years, I had gotten two tattoos (which didn't hurt at all when i got it :P). So, now that I'm visiting home from England (I attend University of Westminster in London), and after checking out the prices of getting things pierced back in the UK, I decided to get something ... read more

Eric's tounge peircing story

ell first off ill start by telling you that im a 16 year old ale from a small town in pennsylvania. Ive always been interested in peircings since i was a little boy. one day in the mall i say a boy with his ear peirced and asked my mom if i could get mine done, of coarse she said no. well years later when i turned 14 i asked again and finnally she said yes. Then i started seeing people with other things peirced. People with their eyebrows, noses, lips, and TOUNGES which i thought was the coolest. I ... read more

My Tongue piercing at 14

Well, I had wanted to get my tongue pierced for what seems forever. The reason why I didn't get it sooner? My mom.. She always said, "NO WAY IN HELL CAN YOU PUT A RING THROUGH YOUR TONGUE!!" Even though she did let me get my navel pierced when I was 13, tongue was out of the question... Then after about 6 months and showing here all the people that actually DO have them done I persuaded her to finally say ok. (I also got her to pay for it by offering to help with her school work) hehe so ... read more

my tongue piercing -- Yippee!!! :)

cannot even tell you how scared shitless I was of getting my tongue pierced. After a week of reading personal experiences and obsessing about it to my boyfriend and my friends, I decided that I had to have it. The only thing that was kind of stopping me was my fear of the pain, and of course, the parental units, but I wasn't too worried because Dad works in a different country and Mom is pretty oblivious most of the time. After reading every tongue piercing story on this website I felt pretty educated about what was going to happen ... read more

Tongue piercing @ Fingers

am twenty-two years old. One night when I was in Albuquerque NM, with my best friend Jenny I decided it was time to get my tongue pierced. I had been contemplating the idea a bit, but was not sure if I could actually go through with it. I knew that Jenny could do it because she has a really high tolerance for pain. I was trying to convince her to do it just so I could see how it was done first. She had to work the next day and little desire to do the piercing so she decided not ... read more

my new piercing

w piercing my new piercing I wanted to go out and get a tattoo on my 18th b-day. I looked around, but still wasn't really too confident in getting a tattoo. I felt too pressured getting it on my b-day even though it's something I've planned on for years now. I decided why not wait a couple more days. I decided to get something less permanent. like a tongue ring. I had really wanted one but I was afraid of my parents finding out. My mom warned me if I ever pierced or tattooed any part of my body I ... read more

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