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Maybelline's Tongue Piercing

belline's Tongue Piercing Okay, for those of you who are reading this because you're debating getting your tongue pierced, I'm gonna start off by admitting that under most circumstances I'm a pretty big wuss. I always thought tongue piercing was awesome but I was positive I'd never have the guts to go through with it, & never even really considered it. I really wanted to get my bellybutton done, & I have no idea what made me just out of nowhere decide to get my tongue done instead. I just woke up one morning & decided that I would go ... read more


>"NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THROUGH THE PAIN!!!!" Well, let me tell you about my tongue piercing experience. To begin I'm 21 and I had been wanting to get my tongue done for a while now so my friend and I decided to get it done together. First we called some places. I wanted to go back to the place where I had my belly button done but the lady wasn't in so we just called around to some local tattoo parlors that also specialized in piercing. The week before I decided to get it done I had asked around ... read more

The day was January 1, 1999

Ok, Mommy, sit down.... Don't be mad, but I got my tongue pierced! Background: The day was January 1, 1999. I really wanted to get my tongue pierced, so I planned to go to the Jade Dragon in Chicago, Illinois. I am 23 and I just graduated form college and I start my real world job on January 18, so I was a bit scared to get this type of thing done so soon to when I had to start work, but I figured why not. You only live once, right? Before I did it, I researched a lot. I ... read more

My 2nd tongue piercing story

2nd tongue piercing story Last night I went down to Tattoo Ice in Dallas, TX to get my tongue pierced, again. I already have one piercing in my tongue that I got about six months ago, which I got at the same place. It was about 11:00pm by the time I got there and I took my friend with me since my car is wrecked. I had been telling my friends that I was going to get this done again for months and I just hadn't gotten around to it. I was slightly excited and a little nervous. Yes, I ... read more

"I wanna pierce my tongue, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine"

>"I wanna pierce my tongue, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine" Since hearing that popular song by the band, Harvey Danger, i have began wondering if he really has pierced his tongue. Because although the initial piercing isn't too bad, the next few days are a trip to hell and back. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love jello, ice cream, potato soup, and chocolate pudding but come on, after three days of this for lunch and dinner i wanna vomit all over that dumb cd! i know what you're thinking "why'd you do it then?" let me tell ... read more

my story on my tongue piercing

story on my tongue piercing Well I did it.. My sister got her tongue pierced last year sometime and since then I had wanted to get my done. But the thing was I was the BIGGEST chicken alive. Hell I don't even have my ear pierced. So I knew there was no way I could have handled getting my tongue done. ((That's what I thought anyway)) Feb 1st my sister came home and told me for my birthday she got me a seat to get my tongue done. Right when she told me that I got scared and my butterflies ... read more

~*~ Leslies Tongue Piercing Experience ~*~

Leslies Tongue Piercing Experience ~*~ I pierced my tongue on the 19th of June 1998. I have wanted to get it don't for awhile. I read every story about tongue piercings on BME which only made me what to get it pierced even more. I talked to my parents about it and my dad just wouldn't talk about it and my mother would yell. I told them all the facts. All the problems that could possibly happen, how i would take care of it but it didn't matter to them, they didn't think their 17 year old daughter needed a ... read more

A new hole in my head....my tongue piercing experience.

>A new hole in my head....my tongue piercing experience. I have wanted a tongue ring since I was about 15. I saw this guy at the mall that had piercings everywhere, the one that really got my attention was his tongue ring, it was huge! Atleast a 6ga but I remember it looked so cool, very erotic. At that time piercings (other then ears and nostrils) were not very popular and there wasn't anywhere in this rednecked town that did piercings so I didn't think much more about it, I just knew that one day I would get one. About ... read more

"my goofy tongue ring @ Primal Art"

goofy tongue ring @ Primal Art" I guess my whole story started about three years ago. I was watching the Brian Adams video for "a night to remember". There was a girl in it who had a tongue ring. I took one look at her and thought to myself "I have to get that done!" Wanting a tongue ring and actually getting a tongue ring were two very different things. See, I am a minor, twelve at the time, and there was no way my mother was going to let anyone stick a needle in her baby's tongue. So, I ... read more


>I FINALLY DID IT!!! Alright here's my story... I'm almost 19 years old and I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was 16. Also I live in a sort-of small town called Wausau (in Wisconsin) where people are pretty conservative. It was pretty clear after a lot of begging that I would have to wait until I was of legal age (if I would've gotten it done illegally, I know my mother would've made me take it out and then I would've been pissed). So anyways...my uncle asked me if I would house sit for him while he was ... read more

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