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Liz (16) gets her tongue pierced

Okay, first, a little background. I am 16/female and I live in NY. I am EXACTLY the kinda straight-laced, intelligent, blonde haired blue eyed angel, babysitting, catholic school, girl next door, sweet as pie girl who does NOT get her tongue pierced. Maybe that is why i HAD to do it. Maybe it was rebellion. Who knows. What i do know, is that you only live once. Everyone has regrets...if this turns out to be one....then so be it..i will have learned from it. My parents said no way was i gonna get my tongue pierced (even after much begging ... read more

Dutch tongue piercing

>Dutch tongue piercing Hi, I'm Pieter and I'm 21 years old, live in the Netherlands, and my life's pretty average. About two years ago I got my first tattoo. It was one of those thing's I felt I had to do, no particulate reason, just this strong urge to get tattooed. Well since the blessed day I got injected with the well known tattoo virus I've been obsessed with this wonderful form of art. This obsession made me get a second tattoo and it made me buy tattoo magazines. Reading these magazines I stumbled onto some Internet addresses and I ... read more

Bad 2nd Tongue Piercing

lright, this story can be long and complicated or short and sweet, so I'll have to compromise a litte bit. the first time I had seen a tongue piercing was when I was 16 years old when my gurlfriends bestfriend got hers done. Ever since that day I wanted it done(and her). But there was a little problem to this fantasy, I was underage and there were certain laws that were in my way. So for a year I waited and waited to get my tongue pierced. Finally, my enior year, a lot of my friends were getting their tongue's ... read more

Melissa's Stimulating Tongue Piercing Experience

am a 21 year old, female college student at a small, private, Baptist college in Tennessee (Carson-Newman College). There are about 2000 people on this campus and as far as I know, only two of us have our tongues pierced. So to say the least, EVERYONE FREAKED OUT. I work at a day care with kids aged 9-13 and the kids all LOVE my new piercing and half of them want to get it done. My employer is not very happy at all. She asked me to take it out, I said NO. It's been three weeks and I still ... read more

Self done web

Hello I'm a seventeen year old male from Ontario Canada. Well I was exploring BME I came across a really cool piercing "The tongue Web Piercing" I had never seen it before but I know it was right for me(I wanted my Tongue done before but my mom said there is no way). With the web I would only show my friends and My parents would never Know !! It was on my mind for a while I phoned around to the four places that pierced in my town, and it was $50-70. One lady said she would do it ... read more

My self-done tongue piercing story

Well, let me just start out saying that I'm a 16 yr. old female, and I've wanted my tongue pierced since I first ever saw someone with it done, which was about 4 years ago. But, my parents where really against it-like most parents, they thought it was stupid, gross, etc., etc., etc. But, In late December, my friend told me about her doing her tongue piercing herself, and before than I never ever thought that was possible-well, I guess I thought It was possible, but, I never thought about doing it. After lots and lots of thought, (not to ... read more

I done it. . .AGAIN!

ast year around may i finally talked my mom into taking me to get my tongue pierced, i had just turned 17 in late april so there was still the age deal, so mom took me to a little shop in liverpool, NY called "tattoo depot" yeah real safe, no not really, it was a pretty shitty looking place, but since i was too excited to get it done i went ahead anyway, the Biker Chick took my into a little room, not as clea as i expected and told me to rinse with an entire CUP of listerine, not ... read more

14 and pierced

p> A little background: First of all, I had wanted my tongue pierced since about 12 years of age. Around my 13th b-day I finally got up the nerve to ask my mom if I could. (it was the perfect time cause all I had got for my b-day was money, and I'd have a better chance if I had the dollars to put up for the piercing) So I asked her, she bitched at me about infections and a whole bunch of other motherly stuff. Finally I gave up on her and decided when I had enough money again, ... read more

tongue piercing with a comparison to my PA experience

It was time . . . again. I nervously set out to get my second body piercing: my tongue. Though I had only pondered this piercing for about a week, I knew it was right for me. When I finally left work that Saturday afternoon I faced quite a drive to get to 23rd Street Body Piercing from my home. It was purely by luck that I managed to get there in time, 8:30 PM. My piercing was the last one they took that night. Jason told me all the information I would need to make an informed decision about ... read more

Crysania's 16-year old tongue and its "mutilation"

k, i'm addicted to piercing. this is how it all started... it started with my ears. my sister had seven total earrings, and being a younger sister, i wanted to do what my elder sibling had done. so when i was 11, i re-pierced my ears after they had grown back together from lack of wearing jewelry. i did it myself...and it wasn't so bad...i sat there and talked on the phone with my cousin while i did it... anyway...from that point, i did another 4 ear piercings myself... then, when pierced navels were really trendy...everyone in my eighth grade ... read more

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