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my precious tongue

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongsp.html"> saturday, may 8, 1999. i was at my boyfriend's that day. i wasn't planning on getting my tongue pierced that day. i'd wanted it for 5 years now - ever since i'd seen the first pierced tongue i've ever seen, but it wasn't planning on getting it done then. it's about 9:30 pm when we walk into the place. there's no one else in there when we go in and only two people come in while i'm deciding. he sits down and looks through a magazine and i look at some of the art on the walls. ... read more

my fabulous tongue piercing...

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongfab.html"> it was a while ago that i first found the wonderful world of piercing. i was very interested, but my mom, being the good, law-abiding, straight-edge woman she was, wouldn't hear of it. then, last summer? she let it go all to hell. heh. she got a tattoo. now, not any pretty, girlie-typical tattoo.... a cattle skull. so i figured, here was my loophole. my plan went into the works. she could no longer refuse my interests in piercings. i was thrilled. after much begging, pleading, yelling, crying, and more of the like, we settled it. well, ... read more

My WeB Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongwebn.html"> It all started when I wanted my tongue pierced, but due to my family could not have it done. However, I always look for alternatives and after looking around the site I found the tongue web pictures, I had a friend who had a ring in her webbing but had to remove it due to infection (she had done it as a self pierce).... But I found that a barbell could be used.. I loved it. I could be original, have something to amuse myself with, and conceal it from my parents. Living in Southern California, it ... read more

self tounge pierce age 14

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongs14.html"> I've been wanting to get my tounge pierced since i was in 7th grade, but i have those parents that no matter how many times you ask or how much you want it they wont give in if they dont like it. So i decided to go to the city were a friend of mine got his done. My cousin told me to wait till she had the moneyto get hers dont with me. We planned to get it done November 30,1998 but that morning she decided to not want to go with me and wait another ... read more

Wow, that hardly hurt at all - My tongue!

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongant.html"> P minus 1 day Having decided to get my tongue pierced a few weeks ago, I've been planning it for ages! I'd always wanted a piercing, but it had to be one I could hide at work! I've taken a week and half off work, bought a ton of soup, instant mash etc and after reading people's experiences here a load of Listerine, multi vitamins, pain killers and made loads of ice cubes. I also bought some Pineapple Bromelain tables, which apparently are a natural anti-inflammatory as I'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen. Was getting a bit ... read more

Tounge Twisted

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongtwst.html"> For the longest time I have thought about getting my tongue pierced. I was fascinated by piercing in "odd" places. Of course my Mom rejected the idea. It finally came time for my "sweet 16th" birthday. She asked me what I wanted, knowing she would get me pretty much anything...I said a tattoo or a tongue piercing. She said.."get serious." I acted all sad and played out a guilt trip on her. Wouldn't you know, it worked. I was so pumped about getting this done, I really didn't care where I got done at. (big mistake) So ... read more

Self Done Tongue Piercing/Pro-piercing tip of tongue

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongms.html"> After strongly thinking about it for a few days and listening to stories about "M.S." getting his tounge pierced, I decided to pierce my tounge in the middle. I went to this store called Budget Tapes and Records and bought a 12 guage needle for my 14 guage barbell. This is what the dude working there told me to do. Then I went to my friend "M.S."'s sisters house who was throwing a keg party. I asked her newly wed husband; who also had a tounge ring too, to pierce my tounge in the middle. He said ... read more

The metal thingie in my mouth

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongmt.html"> Heya! I spent a whole lotta time reading other peoples experiences before I got my tongue pierced and it was a *very* valuable tool in helping me make an informed and intelligent decision. It helped alot, so I'll send my story along in the hopes that it too can help people. I'm not really adding anything new here, just another persons perspective. I'm a male, 26 years old, who's wanted to get my tongue pierced for years, but a lack of motivation (and nuts) always held me in check...one morning last week, I woke up and said ... read more

Finally I've done it!

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990615/tongfina.html"> I've been fascinated with piercing for longer time already. Finally in the summer 96 I had my first real piercing - frenum (it was easy to pierce and fast to heal). In January 1998 I finally inserted CBR through the head of my penis - my PA which is now stretched to 12 or 10 gauge. Except of this two I had many temporary piercings in all the parts of my body (nose, septum, ear cartilage, eyebrow, lip, labret, nipple, navel, hafada and even apadravya). As I live in a conservative environment (and I'm a finance student), ... read more

tongue piercing at 15

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990515/tongue15.html"> I am a 16 year old male who lives in a small town. At the time of the below experience, I was 15. On with it: I can't exactly remember how I got into the whole piercing thing. I think it was when I very first heard of tongue piercing. I pretty much thought all other piercings were lame. I never wanted a tatoo. I mentioned to my father (I live with him only, the parents are divorced) several times which was really difficult. Every time I would muster up the courage to ask and he thought ... read more

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