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Diary of a tongue piercing

When I was seventeen, I wanted to get my tongue pierced. So I researched it, put some tongue bars in my wishlist at bodyjewelleryshop.com, went to a piercing studio and had my tongue checked. I was told I had too many veins. If I was pierced, I wouldn't stop bleeding. Broken hearted, I left the studio, emptied my wishlist at bodyjewelleryshop.com, and deleted my saved web pages. That should be the end of the story, yes? Well...no. Otherwise, this diary wouldn't exist. I got my tongue web pierced. I liked it, of course I did. The experience is on Bmezine ... read more

The long painfull road of my tongue.

Out of all piercings, the tongue is definatly my ultimate favourite. Even when I was allowed to get my first piercing, I was anoyed, because I was only allowed to get my navel done. But I suppose at that age, beggars can't be choosers. When I was fifteen, I came up with a plan I thaught just couldn't fail. After countless arguments with my Dad over not letting me get my tongue pierced, I gave him an ultimatum. Leave me get my tongue pierced or every Sunday I will pierce my ears myself until you let me. 'Fine' he said, ... read more

I can't eat for HOW long!?

Everyone loves a tongue piercing right? It's nice and discreet, unlikely to snag on anything (unless you're doing something really strange) and it gets the ladies wondering. Or maybe that last one's wishful thinking. I dithered quite some time about getting the piercing, basically because the prospect of going up to a week without proper food really put me off. In the end though I decided to take the plunge at a local piercing place, possibly because they were offering any non-genital piercing for the low, low price of £15. And not just because I'm giving them this awesome plug. ... read more

Finally my tongue

I've wanted my tongue pierced on and off since i was ten or so. It all started with my brother getting his tongue done, I seen it and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. My mom is all against piercings and tattoo's so of course she lectured me on how bad it was. But at seventeen I talked her into letting me get my belly button pierced. After that I knew there was no way she was going to let me get another piercing. I turned 18 a week ago, a day before my birthday I went ... read more

Tongue Web Piercing - Everyone Hates It, I Love It

Since moving to university everyone has been getting tattoos. I feel more original with out one so I would never get a tattoo done, but going with my friends every week to see theirs being done makes me so tempted. I decided I'd get a new piercing as I used to be really into piercings, but my parents were too strict and kept making me take them out. At first I was going to get a scaffold/industrial as I have always, always wanted one. I was talking to the female bartender at my campus pub and she was telling us ... read more

Tongue Web

In the middle of this past not-so-seasonal summer, a friend mentioned that she was interested in getting an industrial, and wondered if I could hook her up with a knowledgeable and safe piercer. I told her of a few reasonable places in the city where she could count on not getting HIV thrown into the deal for free, but I couldn't offer her any first hand experience, as I hadn't personally been pierced by any of them. I also mentioned that my own piercer, Dywer, is amazing and now works, although a good hike, not too far away. Because she ... read more

Lies! it DOES hurt!!

So basically, I'm sixteen years o;d (nearly seventeen) and I've been contemplating getting a new piercing for a while now. Nose? No, I don't have the most attractive nose ever, like I'd want to try attention to it. Lip? Ah, I find those vulgar and tacky and here, EVERYBODY here has them (I live in Italy, by the way, lip piercing are a common commodity). Belly? Heh, let's get that wash board stomach I've been 'working' on first, then we'll talk. So after days and weeks and months of pondering, I decided that a tongue piercing would be the best ... read more

You CAN play a brass instrument with a tongue piercing

I never wanted my tongue pierced. Actually, I was always scared to get it done. Cartilage, surface, microdermals...nothing like THAT scared me. But my tongue? Nu-uh. Stay away, please. Of course, eventually that all changed. I became fascinated with tongue piercings. Not the cheap, acrylic barbells I was used to seeing girls poke out in class, showing off to the boys and giggling like their brain had been pierced. No, I fell in love with pictures on BME of classy, metal tongue bars. I became obsessed. I had to have one. However, I am a trombone player. If I was ... read more

Tongue Web

My friends and I were going into Edinburgh yesterday (21.10.09) to take our friend Katy to get her lip pierced as an early birthday present. En route my other friend Catherine decided to get a new ear piercing and I was swithering over a tongue web. When we got to Tribal, Sarah was just leaving but the other piercer, Jared, who had never pierced me before but had pierced Catherine, was in. He was very friendly and was asking what we were interested in. I explained I was interested in getting my tongue web done, but I did not, under ... read more

Tongue Torture

Blame it on Scary Spice, but I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was a little girl. I held off most of my piercing plans in high school though because I cheered, and cheerleading plus piercings can be a dangerous combo (ask my ex-naval piercing). Naturally, when I graduated high school and my cheerleading days were behind me, I decided it was time to make up for lost time. I talked my friends into going with me to get pierced so I could finally get a tongue piercing. When I went into the shop, the lady working at the ... read more

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