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Tongue Timed

During the three months leading up to my tongue piercing, I added an eyebrow, a tragus and an industrial to my then small body mod family. Like many body modders I've talked to, I gave the "oh, it's not so bad, it just bleeds and swells and interferes with my daily activity" answer to the perfunctory "Didn't that hurt?" question. And you know, they really weren't bad. Not to mention I thought they looked absolutely fabulous. I knew I had The Hunger. That sweet rush of needwantmusthaveohlookiethatscoolhowmuchokaypiercemenow that followed me wherever I went, especially when looking into my girlfriends mouth, ... read more

I love the hole in my tongue!

I had always wanted a tongue piercing but could never get up the nerve to do it. I did a lot of research and constantly came to this website to read other people's stories. As I read other people's tales I began to work up the nerve and thought 'hey if all these people can do it, so can I'. Also, it had gotten so common with so many people I know having it that I figured it couldn't be that bad. Finally, two summers ago I decided that I needed to do something fun and memorable. I decided to ... read more

Tongues, anyone?

I'd never really wanted a tongue piercing up until a few months ago. Really, I didn't see much appeal to them. Didn't find them attractive whatsoever and thought it would just not suit me. So that was alright, I went on without one though my (few)years of modifying- and proving basically anyone ever seeing me and the rest of my facial piercings wrong, in their assumptions that I would be the one to have my tongue pierced. It was actually BME's gallery that started the change in my mind of 'no' to 'maybe'. I'd seen venoms. Liked them quite a ... read more

Ice and Ibuprofen

I had been toying with the idea of a tongue piercing for years, but typically I'd always had some sort of excuse. Finally, a convenient time occurred, that being my A-Level study leave (using the term 'study' loosely here). I thought this was as good a time as any, as I could afford to be a social recluse for a few days while I mastered the art of speech with an abnormally large tongue. Of course I had heard all the horror stories, and been informed that I would probably get cancer/septicaemia/all manner of diseases. However I chose to ignore ... read more

This is my experience of tongue piercing and stretching.

I had always loved the idea of one day having my tongue split, and I thought that getting it pierced and then stretching it would be a good way of starting off this process. I had been told that having a well healed large gauge piercing was good way to start a split. On a Saturday afternoon in January my friend Lucy and myself went up to ipswich on the train, I was quite nervous because it was the first piercing I was going to have done with a needle, I was also a little worried about the swelling side ... read more

Is that it?

I've always liked piercings, I had my ear pierced when I was 15 and I wanted to get more, but being from a small town it just wasn't possible to get any other piercings. I've moved around a bit since then, and I've had access to several different studios to get my piercings, but life kept getting in the way. My jobs wouldn't allow it, girlfriend was against it, you know how it is, we don't always get what we want and we can't always change that. But I recently moved to Fort McMurray again (like I said, I've moved ... read more

painful - but very worth it!

My most recent piercing before this double center tongue piercing was done 8 years ago, so I was relying on advice of friends in the area about who to go to. I currently live in Michigan and came back to Rochester (my hometown) to go to Jason at Primitive Impressions, and I am so happy that I did. I had a very positive experience that was made even better by feeling like I could put my trust in this piercer and his studio, which is really important to me. I was even more impressed with the general atmosphere and attitude ... read more

"Frenny", my tongue web!

My love for piercings started about a year ago, when I pierced the cartilage on my left ear. Since then, I've added three more piercings to my ears, but wasn't allowed anything else anywhere else because of my parents. But I was itching to get pierced again, preferably somewhere where my parents couldn't see. And so, the idea of a tongue web piercing was born. I would have done it earlier, had time and money allowed it, but only two days ago, the opportunity presented itself. I ended up in Monkys after school with my small group of friends, since ... read more

Not as bad as you think.

About 50 minutes ago I got my tongue pierced. I already have my ears, bellybutton, labret and septum. Boy did they hurt. I am probably the biggest baby when it comes to piercings and needles, actually, anything that is supposed to be painful. This is my story about getting my tongue pierced, hopefully this helps make up anybody's mind who is having second thoughts about getting it done, or who is just interested. I spent a lot of my time looking at pictures and reading stories about this particular piercing before I got it done and they helped me make ... read more

Finally pierced my tongue!

I have been wanting to pierce my tongue since I was about 15 years old. I even visited local piercing shops to find out the details, but every time I brought the papers back home for my mom to sign, I was REJECTED! Each time I was getting more and more angry, so finally I just decided that I would do it when i turned 18. That didn't fly well with my mom. So a couple years later my birthday rolls around and I am totally pumped at the fact that I made an appointment for the piercing and was ... read more

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