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Was that my piercing or just the clamp?

I had never really been interested in piercings before, I had my ears pierced twice and then my friend Hayley Quinn got her cartilage done and that was it. I decided to get my cartilage done, my nose, my tongue and my navel. My Dad had his tongue pierced in the last few years and I was never really interested at all until Hayley introduced me to my love of piercings again.My Dad asked me one day if I would like to go and get my tongue pierced some time, just out of nowhere and I couldn't believe this was ... read more

My Amazing Tongue Piercing.

Like most alternative teenagers, at around the age of Thirteen I began wishing for body modifications. Sadly, being thirteen only opens the doors to ear piercing in Claire's accessories or occasionally, a cartilage piercing! Crazy! So I contented myself with two lobe piercing in each ear and the hope that in three years time I would be old enough to satisfy my lust. However just after my fifteenth birthday I could wait any longer and I decided on a tragus piercing. I'm not going to write much about it because this is meant to be a tongue experience page, but ... read more


This isn't meant to discourage anyone from getting a tongue piercing as I am still a fan of the piercing, but I think everybody who is considering getting one should read this first as it is a very real risk. I've been a fan of tongue piercings for a long time and I was getting that all too familiar "piercing itch" again after a few months had passed since the last time I got something new. The job I have doesn't allow facial piercings, and the only one I have is my left nostril. It's been healed up for long ... read more

My adorable/horrible tongue piercing

So I guess I can start by saying i`m young but in love with body piercings. My parents don't have any but if you walk around high school, you see tons of girls/guys with their lips,eyebrows,Monroe's, etc. and its hard NOT to fall in love. Ever since i was 11, I was obsessed with the tongue piercing because I saw it on a movie THIRTEEN. I started to come on BME and read stories which just made me want it even more, but I never thought about actually asking my parents because my dad is 100% strict! I started with ... read more

Tongue pierced and I didn't feel a thing!

My names Kate and I'm 16 years old. I've wanted a lot of piercings for a while now...especially my tongue. So far I have (or have had) 5 lower lob piercings, one cartilage (gone), 1 lip (gone too unfortunately) and most recently my tongue  So I got this done on the 2nd of June...which is yesterday so I can tell you whats been happening since then. So since I was near Barry Louvaines I decided to call up the place and ask the piercer if he would be able to do it for me (since last time I travelled ... read more

Long Awaited Web

I'd liked the look of a webbing for a while. Skip past this bit if you want. I had my tongue pierced a while ago. It wasn't a terrible experience but I came out of the studio [not really a studio but small tatt parlor] with a piercing that wasn't exactly straight. Infact it was badly off-centre. But a little too close to the centre to put another piercing by it. I had rusted into it, because I was told a while ago that I couldn't have my tongue done, I had turned to alternatives. Which concluded with the webbing. ... read more

Tongue Frenectomy for Tongue Piercing

How it all started I've been anticipating on the idea of getting my tongue pierced for a pretty long time. I've wanted it for years, and when I let the piercer examine my tongue, I was sadly disappointed with the news she gave me; my tongue web was in the way. I sort of knew it was big, when I stuck my tongue out, it would get stuck between my teeth and annoy the hell out of me. So I went home, un-pierced and kind of sad. Am I crazy? Then, as I asked around the options I had, I ... read more

I Was Terrified

About four months ago, I started complaining to my mom about how bad I wanted a tongue piercing. I had wanted one for sometime but had just started mentioning it, because my mom told me to stop complaining about it because "only sluts and whores get their tongue pierced to perform sexual acts of pleasure." It surprised me how little time it took for me to convince my mom to let me get it done. I was so happy to finally be getting a piercing that did not have to do with my ears. I called around to different tattoo ... read more

This is my experience of tongue piercing and stretching.

I had always loved the idea of one day having my tongue split, and I thought that getting it pierced and then stretching it would be a good way of starting off this process. I had been told that having a well healed large gauge piercing was good way to start a split. On a Saturday afternoon in January my friend Lucy and myself went up to ipswich on the train, I was quite nervous because it was the first piercing I was going to have done with a needle, I was also a little worried about the swelling side ... read more

Is that it?

I've always liked piercings, I had my ear pierced when I was 15 and I wanted to get more, but being from a small town it just wasn't possible to get any other piercings. I've moved around a bit since then, and I've had access to several different studios to get my piercings, but life kept getting in the way. My jobs wouldn't allow it, girlfriend was against it, you know how it is, we don't always get what we want and we can't always change that. But I recently moved to Fort McMurray again (like I said, I've moved ... read more

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